Detox water homemade

Drinking water is healthy, clear – pure but also rather boring. Our tip: Detox water (or “fruit infused water”) brings taste to the glass and is very easy to make

Detoxing is a trend! Whether with juices, tea or special detox cures: there are many ways to “detox” and recharge the empty cell batteries. Homemade detox water can support you in the process and, above all, helps you to drink a lot during the cure.

Detox 2.0: Detox recipes that really make you full

But the fruity water with taste is also suitable for all those who are looking for a healthy UND look for a tasty alternative to normal (and tasteless) water. Of course you don’t necessarily have to detoxify to enjoy the “fruit infused water”. The colourful thirst quenchers are not only tasty but also look great. You can combine the ingredients for your fruit water as you wish, everything that tastes good is allowed.

With these 6 tips, the detox treatment is successful

Infused water: Our top combinations for water with taste

  1. lemon + mint + cucumber + water
  2. Berries + basil + water
  3. watermelon + kiwi + strawberries + water
  4. Raspberries + lemon + water
  5. mango + cucumber + ginger + water

Our tip: If you also want to enjoy your fresh vitamin water to go, you can do so without any problems thanks to special bottles with fruit insert. You can get the practical parts for example here:

The classic variations like lemon with mint & co. are too boring for you? Then you might like these extraordinary combinations:

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