6 tips to sleep better in the heat

As beautiful as summer and sunshine are – the hot nights give many women a hard time. It is often impossible to think of falling asleep, instead you toss and turn in bed exhausted. There’s another way: With these tips for falling asleep on hot nights, you’ll find a relaxed night’s sleep despite the heat.

1. lukewarm showers make it easier to fall asleep in hot weather

Lower your body temperature before going to sleep. This is best done with a lukewarm shower. “Anyone who thinks that only a cold shower can provide the necessary relief for the night is mistaken,” says Ingo Fietze, head of the sleep medicine center at Charité Berlin.

The opposite is the case: because a cold shower causes the blood vessels to contract, the heat accumulates in the body – hot flushes are thus pre-programmed. Warm water, on the other hand, opens the poses so that excess body heat can escape.

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2. eliminate heat sources in the bedroom

Very important: Make sure you have the necessary cooling during the day and at night. Before you leave the apartment in the morning, you should darken the windows sufficiently to keep the heat out. Venetian blinds or tight curtains are suitable. Metal roller blinds also reflect the sun’s rays.

At night you can sleep with the window wide open. A wet sheet in front of the window provides an additional cooling effect. Also avoid electrical appliances in the bedroom that radiate additional heat. If available, make sure that heat sources such as lamps, laptops or TVs are actually switched off completely, not just on standby.

Bei Hitze sollen Schlafzimmer auch tagsüber dunkel sein Important for a good night’s sleep in the hot summer months: Keep rooms dark and cool during the day. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

3. before falling asleep keep your hands off sweets, alcohol and caffeine

Abstain from anything sweet, alcoholic or caffeinated before going to bed. The reason for this: circulation and metabolism are stimulated; sleep is then out of the question.

Better: Drink at least 2 to 3 litres a day, but nothing from the fridge. This has the opposite effect, as cold drinks really boost the body’s heat production. Warm teas in sleep-inducing ingredients such as valerian or lemon balm, on the other hand, help you fall asleep better.

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4. eating smart on hot summer nights

Don’t eat too heavy, so that you won’t feel uncomfortable when you fall asleep. On the other hand, protein-containing foods such as turkey, eggs or dairy products promote sleep. The body’s own amino acid tryptophane contained in these foods helps you fall asleep.

Lagern Sie Bettwäsche bei Hitze im Kühlschrank In cooled sheets it sleeps best in the heat and you wake up more rested. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

5. cool bed linen makes it easier to fall asleep in warm weather

The optimal temperature for sleeping is between 23 and 29 degrees. Fietze advises to either sleep without clothes or to wear nightwear made of natural fibres.

Important in hot weather: Drink properly and enough!

Another tip from the expert: “Since the greatest heat development takes place on the surface of the mattress, you should reach deeper into your wallet and invest in a high-quality mattress. This mattress dissipates heat and moisture better than a cheap mattress.

Tip: Put your bed linen in the fridge in the morning. If you get your bed well cooled just before going to bed, you will have a good start to the night.

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6. you sleep better after light exercise

Get enough exercise before bed. Those who fall into the sheets contented and exhausted sleep better. However, make sure that there are at least 2 hours between exercise and sleep, otherwise your circulation will be at full speed and you will not be able to rest.

During these two hours, however, you will also allow your eyes and head to rest. In other words: It is better not to bother with computers or mobile phones anymore, because the blue light of the displays has been proven to sabotage falling asleep.

Air out in the morning, darken during the day and take ice-cold bed linen from the fridge – the best conditions for a relaxed sleep. Add to this our tips for the hours before going to bed and you can face the night relaxed, despite the heat. Good night!