6 things that make our skin supple immediately

Skin tightens, flakes and itches? Well bravo! In addition, dry skin tends to wrinkle earlier. Reason enough to counteract with full throttle

“Dry” skin lacks moisture, we can imagine that much. Mostly, however, the sebaceous glands also produce too little fat. Therefore we have to help with the right care:

2. purity requirements

“In principle, the following applies to dry skin: shower as cool as possible, as short as possible and as seldom as possible, i.e. not several times a day”, says Dr. Axt-Gadermann from Hamburg. Instead of normal soap, it is better to use pH-neutral, moisturising shower gels or syndets. Dab carefully after showering. When removing make-up, do not use alcohol-based facial tonics, but rather a gentle cleansing milk.

6 Strategien gegen trockene Haut Antioxidants and carotene as in tomatoes, spinach and carrots make the skin soft © Yuliya Yafimik / Shutterstock.com

3. well lubricated

“Strongly refatting water-in-oil emulsions and fatty ointments are particularly suitable for dry coughs”, says Dr. Axt-Gadermann. Although creams are absorbed faster than ointments, the skin often feels dry again within ten minutes. Ointments penetrate deeper into the skin and have a significantly longer effect. Urea, evening primrose oil or linoleic acid, but also creams and ointments with almond, avocado or wheat germ oil supply fat and thus provide particularly intensive care.

Hyaluronic acid additionally binds moisture.

This helps with dry skin in winter

4. less is more

If the skin is not only dry but also sensitive, you should make sure that creams and other products do not contain any fragrances or preservatives: The less there is in them, the greater the chance that everything will be tolerated. Apply new creams only on the inside of the forearm and observe the area.

5. nice swimming

If you have dry skin, you don’t have to do without swimming, even if chlorinated water is not exactly a benefit for the skin. It is best to apply cream before swimming so that the skin is better protected in the water. After swimming, rinse off the chlorinated water and apply cream again. A good alternative are swimming pools that disinfect the water with other substances, such as ozone, rather than chlorine.

6. skin food

With the right food, they also care for the skin from the inside. The protein building material lysine in many types of fish, for example, strengthens the formation of collagen. The vitamin E in nuts destroys harmful radicals. Antioxidants and carotene, as in tomatoes, spinach and carrots, also make the skin soft.