5 clear signs of overtraining

Sometimes we just try too hard. Bitterly, as many of us are, we want to get the maximum out of all possible areas of life and often fall on our noses miserably. This is just as true at work as it is in sports. Whether the goal is to lose weight, to tone up the body, or simply to increase the level of fitness – sometimes we want it all at once and don’t realize that we are harming ourselves in the process.

Below are 5 sure signs that you’d better put the Kettlebell aside and replace it with a cocktail in your hand:

1. the sore muscles do not go away

A little pain here and there, that’s perfectly normal if you regularly do the full workout program. But if you notice a tormenting, recurring pain in the same place, you should be able to hear it. This is what Dalton Wong, personal trainer and author says: “You probably don’t take enough breaks. Our muscles and joints need time to fill in the mini-fissures that occur during exercise,” he says. “If you don’t give them this time, your workouts are no longer effective,” the expert explains.

What you can do: Take deliberate breaks. At least twice a week, especially if you’re a fitness freak. Give yourself a sports massage once in a while on your days off. This increases mobility and reduces pain and unpleasant stinging.

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2. you lose the smile

Sounds trivial, but it is like this: During training you should (almost) always be able to smile. If you are not able to smile at least 80 percent of the time during training, you are probably pushing your body too much, says Dr. Jordan Metzl, US -Sports physician and author. “If you can’t smile at all anymore, it usually means that you have crossed your feel-good threshold and are doing more bad than good to yourself,” the expert says.

What you can do: Reduce the intensity until you notice that the corners of your mouth can move upwards again without problems.

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3. you regularly get side stitches

Unpleasant side stinging is a sign that you have reached your maximum performance, says Metzl. “It means that the extra muscles you need to breathe – the oblique abdominal muscles and intercostal muscles – are overloaded,” he says.

What you can do: If the side sting overtakes you while walking, slow down a bit or walk a bit, Metzl says. Try to breathe in deeply through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. If you want, you can easily press your hands on the painful area until the stinging weakens. But mainly you should concentrate on regular breathing to get rid of the annoying stinging.

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4. your competitive zeal suffers

“Although exercise is often associated with a decrease in depression and anxiety, overtraining can cause you to become mentally exhausted or more quickly irritable and have mood swings,” says John Rowley, personal trainer, wellness director at the International Sports Science Association (ISSA ). “Many athletes also lose part of their competitive edge,” says Rowley.

So if you find yourself taking a sh**** attitude when your training partner is suddenly much better than you, you should rethink your training routine.

What you can do: “Record your mood after each workout in a diary,” Rowley suggests. Or simply use a note app on your smartphone.

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5. They are always thirsty

If you feel that you will never be able to quench your thirst, this is a clear case of dehydration.

What you can do: The solution is obvious, drink plenty of water. However, especially in high humidity and heat, you should also keep your electrolyte balance under control. How much liquid you need depends on many factors (age, weight, sleeping habits, how active you are). The Institute of Medicine recommends that women drink about 2.2 litres a day.

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