You can expect these 9 fitness trends in 2020

Not only do you have New Year’s resolutions – the fitness community also has a lot of plans. The most important plan is to inspire even more people to take up the sport with new trends and imaginative modifications of familiar ideas.

The focus is increasingly on the individual – and the balance between body and mind. Here is an overview of the most important new developments in the fitness scene:

1st Fitness Trend 2020: High Intensity Interval Training is becoming increasingly varied

HIIT everyone knows by now. But by 2020, you can look forward to more and more HIIT -hybrids such as athleticflow. With the mix of High Intensity Interval Training and Yoga, the cardiovascular system is stimulated to burn fat, and flexibility and balance are trained in a 60-minute training session.

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2. regeneration and healthy sleep become more important

Next year, sport will no longer be so strongly performance-oriented. In 2020, fitness enthusiasts will leave the higher-faster-further mentality behind and pay more attention to the recovery phases between training sessions.

Mindfulness is the key word! This includes above all healthy sleep. Because if your sleep rhythm gets out of sync, it has a direct effect on your performance during sports. But good nutrition, regular massages and physio check-ups are also part of it.

3. fitness trends 2020: functional training

Functional training has long been popular with many athletes – but in 2020 the combination of pulling, lifting and squatting will become even more important. The training is therefore fully aimed at strengthening the body.

But endurance also plays an important role in functional training. Next year, competitions in the field of functional training will also become even bigger. Hyrox and CrossFit competitions spur hobby athletes on to extremely strenuous workouts – but which are also great fun!

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4. diversity is a must

What will become increasingly apparent in 2020 is the desire for diversity. Just strength training? Just running? Only yoga? That was once. Many athletes want to combine several sports in their weekly training schedules to have more variety and a more holistic workout.

You want that too? Then this trend is playing into your hands – because studios are also adapting to it. In the coming year it will become more and more normal for fitness studios to offer everything from swimming pools to sauna, functional training, yoga and meditation. The customer is simply queen!

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5. fitness trends 2020: bodyweight training

Training with your own body weight will be more in focus again in 2020. We like that, because you don’t need equipment, a gym or money for this trend.

In other words: excuses are 2019, 2020 will be taken off. The good thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can determine the intensity yourself depending on your fitness level. So everyone trains according to their own ability.

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6. fitspiration remains an integral part of your social feeds

Whether you like it or not – the “fitness influencers” will not go away (for the time being). And also your friends share more and more #workoutroutines and #fitnessgoals in their timeline. You are annoyed by that? Loosen up!

Think of it as motivation and use the incentive of your community to reach your goals faster. Or simply show without any thoughts of performance how well you are doing when and because you are doing sports – performance is not everything.

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7. Fitness Trends 2020: Workouts and training plans become more individual

In 2020, fitness will become personal – because among the fitness trends is the well-known personal training. Today, you determine your V-O2-Max, your 1 Rep-Max in the basic exercises and learn more about muscle fibre composition, your genes and how all these factors influence your fitness. Workouts and training plans for various goals can be found everywhere, ideally tailored to your personal wishes and needs.

Instead of being satisfied with off-the-peg workouts, personal trainers will tailor your own plan to suit your individual needs and preferences. Of course, you will find this with us as well: The best way to see it is in our new Coaching Zone.

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8. 2020 you not only train your body, but especially your head

Another aspect of fitness and health that will become more and more important in the coming year in research is how you can train your brain to perform even better in sports. Scientists are gaining a better understanding of how the brain and psyche react to movement.

9. mental health is becoming increasingly important in training

It’s great that you train your body and your brain, but what if your mind needs relaxation and focus? Here’s another mega-trend: Meditation will become mainstream in the fitness world in 2020.

Get ready for even more mindful movement and meditation-based training. You will be surprised how much more energy you have when you are in the here and now with your head and thoughts. This way you can concentrate your strength and focus on your fitness goals.

Fitness Trends 2020: This comes from the USA

Glide Fit (workouts on a board floating on water), Barre, Jivamukti Yoga and Crossfit: The biggest fitness trends will again come from far away countries in 2020 USA .

But that’s no problem at all, because German studios adapt the trends from the states superfastly and offer the new sports in many cities as early as 2020. Why not try something new next year?

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Clothing and apps: These are the fitness trends for 2020

When it comes to clothes and gadgets, both wearables and smart clothes are a big issue. From simple pedometers and fitness watches to sensors built into your clothes that monitor your training, the new year has it all.

The market is dominated by the big tech companies like Apple or Garmin, but start-ups are also making their way onto the mass market. This will make it easier for hobby athletes to evaluate the 2020 training and to optimize the training even more easily. So you can look forward to a mega-strong fitness year in 2020.

In summary, you will probably listen more to your own body in Sport 2020, combine different types of training in new ways and integrate virtual fitness offers more into your everyday life. These trends can be used as a great inspiration for your own fitness intentions.

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