With these tips, sex is fun even in hot weather

Of course, you also want to have sex at higher temperatures. There’s only one problem: With every movement you make, you start sweating. The idea of laying skin to skin with another, equally warm body in a bed, possibly under a blanket, makes you gasp for air. Too hot!

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We will show you how to enjoy sex in spite of the summer heat and keep a cool head.

Why do I want to when it’s so hot?

The crazy thing is that the paralyzing summer heat can increase the desire for sex. Spring fever should actually be called summer fever, because that’s when it reaches its peak. The biological basis for this is very simple: happiness hormones make you want to have sex more. In addition, the heat increases the blood circulation in the body – also in the sexual organs. The penis and vagina are therefore more sensitive and easier to excite.

Now how do you put the two together: the paralyzing and the arousing effects of heat? Well, let’s say… Here are our seven coolest tips for sex in hot weather:

What is the ideal position for sex in hot weather?

Of course you will sweat during sex in every position, and not only in summer. In order not to let this get too out of hand, you should avoid sex positions where you have a lot of skin contact, such as the missionary. The body contact and the strong friction create even more heat.

Also not good: too much effort. That’s why standing sex is not a good idea. Because it puts too much strain on the cardiovascular system – exception: in the shower. You should also refrain from too much ramming sex before it gets into your blood circulation. It is better to melt slowly and enjoyably (in the truest sense of the word).

The rule for hot sex is: Avoid too much effort, no matter what kind. © Estrada Anton / Shutterstock.com

But there are definitely positions that are more comfortable than others when it is very warm. Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, andrologist and sexologist from Munich, recommends spoon, puppy and rider positions. “The temperature and heart rate remain low.” You can also try the rider’s position sideways or backwards, but here too: Slowly! Avoid sweaty contortions in any case, slow movements are more loving anyway.

Which bed linen is ideal for sex in summer?

The thick feather blanket should be banned from the bedroom in the summer months anyway, it is much too warm. Even supposedly cooling fabrics are not always the right choice: “Satin may cool the skin, but as a synthetic fibre it does not conduct sweat as well,” warns expert Potempa.

In real linen bedding it is much more comfortable: It also has a cooling effect, but there is no lake of sweat forming underneath you in bed. Another cool idea: fold the sheets and put them in the freezer beforehand!

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What should I eat before summer sex?

Basically nothing too heavy, it just makes you tired and lethargic. By the way, do you know why people in hot countries eat spicy food so often? Because spices and ingredients such as chili cool the body from the inside. The capsaicin present in the spicy pod promotes the formation of sweat, and that cools. And by the way: chilli also stimulates the blood circulation, which in turn increases the excitability of the genitals.

Where is the optimal place for sex in hot weather?

Even if it is basically most comfortable in bed: at such high temperatures it gets quite warm there, a cooler place might be better. Possible alternatives: The cool tile floor in the kitchen, in the shower or maybe in the basement. “Wherever heat doesn’t get to you or hardly gets to you, you can let off steam,” says Potempa (author of What you’d better not know about sex).

By the way, the bathroom is an interesting place for heat sex anyway, there are many possibilities to cool down in between. Sets the water in the shower or bath only lukewarm. This refreshes better than very cold water, because the cold shock makes your body produce even more heat.

Maybe if you have sex in high temperatures, find a cooler place like the kitchen… © Estrada Anton / Shutterstock.com

What is the best place for outdoor sex?

Your home feels like an oven? Then outdoor sex would still be an option. No, of course not in the blazing sun! Why don’t the two of you go on a little bike ride and find a shady spot along the way? “There are many lonely, secluded places to discover by bike to make yourself comfortable,” advises Berlin author Mia Ming (Seitensprünge). This works in the forest or by a lake, but preferably in the shade.

In any case, pack a large bath towel or bed sheet! And make sure that nobody is around, some people might feel disturbed by your lust.

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Should heat-sex pauses be avoided?

Absolutely! If the sweat won’t stop running, you should take a rest. If you still have strength left, treat yourself to a few gentle strokes – in the heat these are much more pleasant than strong touching.

You can also gently blow each other over the body wet with sweat, which cools and arouses. Another exciting idea: dribble water with a straw onto the skin of your loved one and let him or her pamper you in such a cooling way!

If it becomes too strenuous in the heat, just take a little break from sex. © Estrada Anton / Shutterstock.com

What’s the coolest thrill of lovemaking in summer?

Almost anything cold can provide refreshment during summer sex – and be very pleasurable. Why don’t you experiment with ice cubes, frozen fruit from the fridge or cold drinks that you let run over each other’s skin (better without sugar – too sticky).

Attention: With ice-cold substances you should rather leave his penis out of the game, otherwise erection problems can easily occur. Another idea: Cool kisses. Take an ice cube in your mouth and kiss him deeply. In doing so, you push the ice from mouth to mouth. This not only cools, but also trains your tongue skills and turns you on completely!

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Daylight savings time is slow sex time! If you are overcome with lust in summer, you should not take it too wildly. Make love in positions that require little effort, take more frequent breaks and have cool refreshments ready!