With these 9 motivation tips, sport after work is no problem

That tiresome question that often haunts you after work: fitness or television? Sports or sofa? Cardio or couch? Of course you know: It’s a great feeling after exercise. It is rather the before that causes the most trouble.

When, after a hard day at work, the sofa and your favorite TV show call your name, it would be so nice to just skip the workout. But then again, this great feeling after exercise is missing, and your guilty conscience torments you. These tips will ensure that you didn’t pack your gym bag this morning for nothing:

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1. keep an eye on your sports goals

Seriously ask yourself the question: Why are you doing this to yourself, all this training? Write down your answers. Having goals is great, but writing them down is even better. Especially if you place the note in a place where you can see it often: as a note on the office monitor or as a photo on the phone display. It reminds you on hard days why you keep going to sports.

Whether you’re learning to do handstands, losing a few pounds or building strength, a written reminder keeps motivation high.

2. plan sports dates with yourself

Experience shows: If you plan training days in advance (preferably in your mobile calendar, see below), you will skip workout less often. It is best to plan in advance every week on which days you will go to the gym or on the running track and what exactly you want to train. After each workout, tick off every single point. That gives you a good feeling.

The more concrete your training plan, the sooner you will go through with the training – even after work. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

3. let me remind you

Once the training plan is set, you activate the reminder in your smartphone calendar. The small signal one hour before the training appointment reminds you of your training goal and prevents you from “forgetting” a training because there was once again soooo much to do.

4. breakfast always right

The preparation for a good training in the evening starts in the first hours of the day. A good breakfast helps your body to get through the day well and ensures that you still have enough energy for training in the evening. (This is of course no reason to skip lunch).

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5. always have a pre-workout snack with you

Even with a good breakfast and lunch, a little chicken can attack you in the evening. So that this empty-bellied feeling doesn’t drive you to the fridge at home, make sure: 45 minutes before exercise after work, a healthy snack will provide you with the necessary power.

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6. wear your sports clothes while still at work

Okay, this may be a tip for the hardcore sports truant, but it’s a very effective one: if you get into the habit of changing before you leave your workplace, you reduce the risk of changing your mind on the way.

Sometimes you have to play a little trick on your inner bastard. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

7. meet your friends after work for sports

Social event sounds better than gym class, right? No problem! Instead of meeting up with your friends for an after-work party, plan an after-work workout together. During a sweaty fitness class you won’t be able to exchange ideas, but there will be time for a dinner together and the latest gossip afterwards. And nothing motivates you to exercise better than a few buddies who join in (and who don’t want to let you down).

8. remember that movement is also good for the head

You don’t have any clearly defined sports goals? Fortunately, there is much more to this than just physical fitness. You have a new project coming up soon, where you want to show full commitment? Your week is incredibly exhausting and you can hardly concentrate? All the more reason not to skip practice. Sport calms the mind and improves brain function. So if you want to shine at work with particularly creative ideas, you’ll do your head just right with a little exercise.

Sport clears your head and helps you get ahead on the job. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

9. do sports after work that you enjoy

Last but not least: Workouts can and should be challenging, but not annoying! If you torture yourself every week in a class you don’t like or you really want to do a training program you don’t like, it is clear that you would rather skip the training. Instead, plan your after-work workout around the sport you actually enjoy. That way, you will go more regularly and exercise after work will become a habit more easily.

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After-work sport is a benefit, even if the beginning is often tough. Anyone who sits in the office all day should do sport now and then in the evening, otherwise there is a risk of lack of exercise – and that is really unhealthy in the long run. However, don’t see training as an additional burden, but as a way to compensate. You’ll see how quickly the stress will fall away from you thanks to exercise.

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