With super sets to a super body

Sometimes things have to happen fast. If you want to see results soon, despite little time in the gym, you have only one reliable option: super sets! One thing, however, right from the start: Super set training may conjure up super results, but it is also super sweaty.

Definition: What is Superset Training?

With this training method, a set always consists of two different exercises, which are done directly one after the other without a break. At the end of the first exercise, the second follows immediately.

What are the benefits of super substitute training?

What’s the point of skipping the breaks? Super sets have 3 decisive advantages:

1. super set for fat burning

“The great advantage of super sets is the stronger stimulus on the muscle metabolism,” says Wolfgang Unsöld, head coach of the YPSI Stuttgart and author of the book “Dein beste Training” (riva-Verlag, for 15 Euro). In plain language: Due to the missing break times, fat burning is running at full speed. With super sets you can do more exercises than usual within a set time frame. Because: “The higher the training volume, the more fat you burn”, the expert explains.

How to benefit from the afterburning effect With super sets you can do more exercises than usual during your regular training time. © SG SHOT / Shutterstock.com

2. super substitute training saves time

Strength training is usually relatively time-consuming due to the many breaks. Since the Super Replacement Method only takes half the time, you can complete your gym session before work or during your lunch break. On top of that, you get beautifully defined muscles because the exercises that follow on directly from each other usually train different muscle fibres.

3. super sets push your muscles to the limit

Supersets are very well suited to fully utilise a specific muscle group. If you opt for synergistic training, i.e. combining two exercises per set for the same muscle group, you can push them to their limits. Alternatively, you can combine exercises for the muscular opponents (antagonists) in one set and thus demand more muscle groups in one training session.

What do I have to pay attention to during the Superset Training?

With super sets the training becomes more intensive, which is especially interesting for advanced players. If you have mastered all the exercises, you can fully concentrate on the intensity of the training and really work out. It is always amazing how much strength a seemingly totally exhausted muscle can still develop when you demand a different movement from it.

Nevertheless, even less experienced strength athletes can benefit from super substitute units: You will get a better body feeling and learn which muscles work together and which work against each other. However, you should start with a low weight and do the exercises slowly to avoid injuries. Your body is not yet able to cope with the extreme loads of this training – and as you get more tired, your coordination ability deteriorates, making it difficult to perform the exercises correctly.

So approach this intensive workout very carefully.

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Your training plan for the super substitute training

Are you ready to let your fitness take another leap forward? Then we have 3 super set training plans here, each with a different focus. (Note: “max.” always means as many repetitions or as long as possible)

1. training plan for antagonistic super sets

With the antagonistic method you always load two opponents per set.

2. training plan for a circuit training

With the circle method, different parts of the body are worked on directly one after the other.

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3. Training plan for synergistic super substitute training

With this method, the same muscle group is trained by two different exercises that follow on directly from each other.

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Conclusion: This training is a great set for your fitness! In the super set training you combine 2 exercises and perform them without a break. This double-decker principle makes your strength training more intensive and shorter at the same time.