Win Eucerin face care sets worth a total of EUR 300

Eucerin raffles among all participants of the Advent calendar on WOMENSHEALTH .de five facial care sets with a total value of 300 Euro

Christmas means: wrinkles minus, charisma plus! A good skin feeling in every phase of life and every age? This is also a question of the right care. Because every skin has its own special needs and at the latest when the first 20 lines and wrinkles begin to appear at the end of the year, it becomes more demanding and signals to us: I need more now. There are many anti-age creams, but which one suits me best? Because the “one fits all” principle simply doesn’t work in skin care.

Every skin is different and needs individual care.

Eucerin is an expert for dermocosmetics and has the claim to preserve the health and beauty of the skin and offers with HYALURON-FILLER series the personal care that fits individually. The care products help to bring personal beauty to life – with the right active ingredient for every skin need, the exclusive PLUS 1.

because in the HYALURON-FILLER series from Eucerin contains high-quality long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid – which binds moisture in the upper and deeper skin layers – as well as other skin care substances such as saponin.

HYALURON plus is “MEIN PLUS 1”, my personal team player, who perfectly fulfils my skin needs – in every phase of life – because we feel most comfortable when our skin is healthy and radiantly beautiful.

The pampering packages each contain two of the new Eucerin Anti-Age Christmas sets with HYALURON-FILLER Day and night care. So nothing stands in the way of a fresh start to the new year with beautiful skin.

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