Why women should not be against feminists

Excuse me, I have to go with feminism. Recently I have often come across something that leaves me speechless: namely women, especially from the so-called “mainstream”, who turn against feminists. The insult to “feminazis” by men is bad enough. But when women start out like that, and then say that these feminists probably don’t have enough sex, I really don’t understand the world anymore. Yes, exactly, me as a man. Look at me.

I’m wondering, and I’m sure all of you who feel it speaks to me..: If not even all women are basically for feminism, how will we ever convince men?

What’s so annoying about women’s soccer

Yes, feminism sometimes sucks. but there is no other way

Because encrusted structures are even more annoying. It may be that the choice of words and means of modern feminists is not to everyone’s taste. I too sometimes find it disconcerting when people publicly denounce and (pre-)condemn. This is often unpleasant and above all uncomfortable. But even if I don’t like the methods, most of the concerns make a lot of sense on closer inspection.

Whether sexual harassment, systematic linguistic belittling of women or non-recognition of their achievements: Most of the time, the discomfort created by the media faces a much older and much more serious structural problem, which without this alarm would get no attention at all. There the end justifies many a means.

Women against feminism – it’s like retail against Christmas

Or like an own goal with a run-up. What at first sounds like an “opinion” is ultimately a cut in the own flesh. Women who insult feminists behave a little like vaccination opponents* in their rejection: They rage against a principle that saves their own asses because of alleged damages or possible complications – but only because others try to do so.

Some benefit from the fact that large parts of society are immunized with vaccines, others from the fact that society has been vaccinated with feminism. All facets of equality that are part of everyday life today were fought for and won by feminists. And all the outstanding steps towards equality will not simply be served up on a silver platter. They too must be fought for, fought for and, yes: annoyed.

Even if’s annoying: Sometimes only loud protest helps against grievances. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Whether it is the right to one’s own body (abortion), the better position of single parents (mostly women), equal pay for men and women or equal representation on supervisory boards and other bodies: there is still nothing given by politics. Just look at the squabbling over § 219a. And we have not even talked about intersectional feminism, protection against violence and equality in health research.

Even if it seems unnecessary, feminism always fights for all women

Of course, there are women who “don’t need” feminists to stand up for them because they stand up for themselves. Because they “don’t need a quota” to assert themselves. Because they have a good job, a decent man (or woman) and everything they need to live. Yeah, well. But even these women should not have been allowed to vote before 1919 and until 1977 they had to ask their husbands for permission if they wanted to do a gainful job.

So you too can benefit from the achievements of the predecessors of today’s feminists.

They will also benefit from the successes of today’s feminists, even if it is just money. A practical example: price equality. Today, women often pay higher prices than men for various care products. Feminists rightly call this price discrimination, and many laugh about it. But if these very feminists enforce that the pink women’s razor is just as cheap as the blue men’s razor of the same design, everyone will gladly pay less, even women who say they don’t need feminism.

The same applies to VAT on tampons (currently the luxury rate of 19%) or even the issue of equal pay for men and women. It. Subject. All.

Equal Pay: Tips for the next salary interview Without feminism, life today would look very different, not better. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

In addition, no one should forget that there are many women who may not be as self-confident and satisfied, and often very much depend on someone to stand up for them. Who are happy to have the support. To those women who think they don’t need it, they can simply grant the support. There is no need to conjure up the great solidarity among women, it is simply a matter of being able to indulge.

You don’t have to do anything play it cool in an emergency

Don’t worry, no one here wants to raise you to be a hardcore fighter for women’s rights, storming press conferences with her naked, painted upper body. You also don’t have to applaud loudly when a feminist raises a topic that you are uncomfortable with. But no woman needs to start blaspheming “feminists” right away. Better listen to the women first, even if they are not role models for you.

No matter how different women and their lives are, there is one thing they all agree on, whether it is Women’s March or here at Women’s Health: Women deserve equal rights and equal participation. And this is exactly what feminists are fighting for.

No one should deny the raison d’être of feminism today. It is better to consider whether what feminists are demanding or denouncing has something to do with their own lives or could have something to do with them (it happens faster than you think). If not, just listen and leave the topic to those who are affected by it or who are affected by it. There are certainly a lot of them.