When you tell him he better shut up

The times when a man’s word made the world stand still are long gone. Most men know that, too, and are coping well with it. But there are still a few remnants from times gone by, sayings from the shallows of the Macker’s Box, which make the old world order flash again. We have collected 5 of these gems and present them to you here and also tell you right away how you should deal with them.

Of course not everything should be eaten as hot as it is cooked. But some so-called trifles can cause trouble that has accumulated for a long time. Because then it is about more than just one word. It’s about respect. And you should get it.

The most annoying manly sayings and how you respond to them

“Come on, have a drink with me just once!”

The situation: He just won’t stop asking you out. And you’ve told him repeatedly that you’re not interested. And you’re wondering: Who does he think he is, not leaving you alone? Yeah, okay, there are movies where the guy succeeds with this stubborn trick and then turns out to be really cute. But life isn’t a Hollywood flick and you’ll have had your reasons for turning the guy down on his first try. And the second.

What sucks: The mere fact that he does not respect this, that he simply ignores your decision and keeps pushing, is a reason to send him into the desert. Especially because his request already shows that he can imagine himself to be on this one date. He just doesn’t want to be turned down, he doesn’t want to be exposed, he wants to win and you are the prize. He doesn’t care how that makes you feel.

And how you feel now, too, because of course it’s not a good feeling to have to turn someone down again and again.

What you say: “No,” of course. And if he still won’t let up, you point out in a friendly but firm way that this is already stalking what he is doing. But don’t feel guilty. It’s okay to send him away, even for the third or fourth time. In love there is no room for push-up methods.

“Give me a smile.”

The situation: You’re annoyed, you’ve had a stressful day, and you have more days like this coming. In other words, you’ve earned your bad mood. And then this guy comes up to you and starts in with this macho, flirtatious limbo crap.

What sucks: That ignorance. It’s some crude mix of harmony addiction and omnipotence fantasy that makes men say such stupid things to women. This masculine notion of being able to give orders to make people feel good – wonderful. Don’t. There are so many things that can make you smile, and maybe there are even things that he could say right now (for example, “Look, I bought you your favorite drink. Three times!”). But you can’t smile DIENSTANWEISUNG !

By the way: In the USA the call “Smile more!” has long been regarded as sexist macho behavior, because it tends to be said by chauvinists to women, because they look so much prettier when smiling. But women are not there to make the world look nicer for men!

What you say: l “II smile when you “re gone. I promise.” And if he doesn’t leave in three seconds, you leave.

Maybe he doesn’t understand why you don’t want to hear some of it anymore. Explain it to him. © GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com

“Why don’t you come with us? You’ll love it.”

The situation: You’ve already said 5 times that you don’t feel like going to this weird event with soccer playing robots or the bearded hairstyle contest, but he just keeps coming back with it.

What sucks: Yeah, it’s another one of those persuasion things. But this time you two are more intimate, and that actually makes it worse. Shouldn’t he understand and accept that you know what you want and don’t want? Well, better than him, anyway. Why doesn’t he let you decide? Why does he think he can make it for you? You’re an adult, you’re open-minded, you’re not stupid.

What you say: “If you really want to surprise me with something, blindfold me and kidnap’ take me in a limousine to a candlelight dinner at the best Italian restaurant in town. “Or something else that I am sure MAG . But don’t try to talk me into something I’ve declared I don’t want to do.

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“Trust me.

The situation: He’s up to something, he doesn’t say what – and then he comes up with this saying.

What sucks: At the latest when one of the main characters in a film says this sentence, the audience knows: You can’t trust him. Let’s go! And even if life is not a film – in this case the rule is transferable. This saying is – quite contrary to its sound – simply the bankruptcy of trustworthiness. Anyone who says this sentence has no more arguments and instead asks the question of trust like some outworn, counted down head of government.

Or else he cannot openly explain his true motives because he is hiding something from you, and that is precisely why he is not worth your trust.

What you say: “Tell me why I should trust you and where.” If he drops this line more often, not only shouldn’t you follow him on this – you should distrust him on principle. (Exception: He wants to blindfold you to take you to a picnic. Well, everything not so easy).

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“Don’t take it so seriously, it was a joke!”

The situation: He said something stupid, spiteful or disgusting and now he’s acting as if it’s not his saying that’s the problem, but that you don’t have a sense of humor.

What sucks: Yeah, women want men who make them laugh. Yeah, that’s why he has to joke around. But this transparent re-labeling of a statement in retrospect, because it was obviously not well received, is something else. He wants to get out of an act that he could solve differently – but in a way that many men can’t get out of their mouths: He could just apologize. He could say, “Sorry, that was stupid.”

What you say: No matter how – make it clear to him that he would be better off making the apology in the future. And not for accusing you of lacking humor just because he can’t control his mouth.

And if he is offended now, promise him that you will never make fun of his colorful shirts again either. © GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com

“Don’t be a baby.”

What he says: Whether on the white-water slide, at a disgusting speciality meal or in bed: Often, when you don’t want something, he’ll say it to you with a grinning uncle’s face.

What sucks: Nerves are not an expression at all. This sentence is the end of everything. Whoever comes with it can leave. It is not your job to live up to his idea of a wild, daring or experimental woman. And even if you basically enjoy crossing the border, you still decide when, how and where it happens. This saying should always have the exact opposite effect on you.

What you say: “It’s my decision what I do, and if there’s something I don’t want to do, it’s not ‘queuing’ it’s a clarification. Get it? Stick to it or go play by yourself.”

Of course, wishes can be expressed between a man and a woman, and especially in a relationship they can be fulfilled. But some demands go too far, some loose phrases are in fact outrageous. Many sayings are demands you do not have to meet. You should keep your distance and do your own thing.