What you need for a green beauty lifestyle

More and more women want a sustainable lifestyle. A good start: Change your beauty routine. We’ll tell you how Beauty & Bath becomes cleaner

More and more people want to lead a sustainable life. But how is that possible without too much change and dislocation? Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are recognising the signs of the times and adapting their product ranges accordingly.

Sustainability in beauty has long been more than a trend

Of course, the green wave is now spilling over into the beauty scene and thus also into your bathroom. Not only small labels but also large companies are adding sustainable care products to their range.

Because it makes so much sense and often not at all expensive, we show you in our Special possibilities how to care for your appearance in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, this time you get everything you need for a green beauty lifestyle in our Guide To Beauty.

The own care routine can be trimmed to eco in many places

We tell you how to get your bathroom plastic-free, how to make natural cosmetics with a few simple steps and ingredients yourself and how you can also do good for the environment when using make-up.

All contributions to the “Guide to Beauty: Green Special” are collected here. Have fun reading and even more fun trying it out!