What men hate on Valentine’s Day – and how it’s still going to be a lot of fun

Valentine’s Day is a classic in the category: “The opposite of good is well meant”. It’s supposed to be a day of love, but a lot of people hate it. It can be considered the perfect example of a pseudo-festival day massively pushed by the consumer goods industry, which is supposed to boost sales of bouquets of flowers, chocolate hearts and other kitsch, but otherwise stands for nothing. And because there is usually nothing else going on during this time of the year, it still works.

Why is there even a Valentine’s Day?

Well, well. It’s hard to say. It’s not even clear what exactly is being celebrated on this day. It is said that the custom goes back to Saint Valentine, Bishop of Terni, who in the 3rd century, despite an imperial ban, is said to have married lovers in a Christian ceremony, giving them flowers from his own garden. For this he was beheaded. But this is not really proven, rather a kind of legend. Pope Gelasius introduced the corresponding day of remembrance on 14 February in 469.

But in 1969 the date was cancelled again. The Catholic Church also knows two or maybe even three St. Valentines.

That’s a nicer way to say “I love you!”

So it is a church day of remembrance, which not even the church holds on to and of which it is not quite clear whose is being commemorated. Probably it is about a man whose head was cut off by the emperor because he gave flowers to couples. Romantic, right? Oh yes: the kitschy construct celebrated today probably goes back to a poem from the 14th century, but it may have been misinterpreted. It’s all very confusing.

Of course you should give yourself hearts, but not out of chocolate! © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib / Shutterstock.com

Why are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Ha-ha, good question. At one point, everyone thought it was a cute idea to have a lovers’ day. Really started’s with ValentineŽs Day as you know it, in the 15th century, with greeting cards. Since then, the banging of more and more gifts, ValentineŽs cards, poems, flowers, chocolate, has been growing immensely.

The Valentine’s pressure came mainly from England and the USA and from there, after the Second World War, to Germany, where the florist and confectionery industry gratefully took up the subject and, through massive advertising expenditure, drove it into its current thoroughly commercialised form. Even more than Christmas, Valentine’s Day is now a holiday that has been cleansed of any original content (which it never really had), so that NOCH more incentives to buy fit in.

What do men want for Valentine’s Day?

For him to stop. That he’ll go away. That St. Valentine (one of the three) resurrects and turns to humanity via the Internet by video and says: “I didn’t want any of this. Stop it, stop it!” And: “I don’t even like chocolate!” You mean, what kind of chocolate? GESCHENKE want men? All right, okay, here’s some gift ideas, but only under protest.

Why do men hate Valentine’s Day?

Haven’t you figured that out yet? Well, okay, then again: Because it is an artificially inflated consumer construct. Because it is only about buying things that men don’t have much to do with anyway (flowers, chocolate hearts). And, of course, because Valentine’s Day is another date in their calendar when they have to do something that doesn’t make sense to them.

What are alternatives for Valentine’s Day gifts?

Good question. Important question. First of all, you can make it clear to your husband that you would like to receive flowers from him from time to time. Then you could easily do without them on 14 February, hehehe. In general, you can move the mating hyperactivity away from the Valentines and do your own thing.

In other words: Instead of bowing to pressure and celebrating a holiday on which there is nothing to celebrate except full coffers, why not make your own holiday? One who WIRKLICH what has to do with love, especially your own.

The great thing about the idea is that you can do it on 14 February, but you can also do it on any other day. Here are a few suggestions for love feasts that you can celebrate in twos:

To do something together is much more important for love than gifts. © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib / Shutterstock.com The best Valentine’s Day gifts for men

1. the 24-hour-in-bed day

Everyone says this so often and yet only does it when they are sick. Why don’t you just really stay in bed all day or at least with the blanket on the couch? Cuddling, talking, watching TV, more cuddling – there’s a lot going on. And it’s the perfect couple bonding.

What men WIRKLICH think about cuddling

2nd wish-fulfillment day

Instead of wondering what he might want for Valentine’s Day or what you can do to make him happy, just let him say it himself. And then it’s your turn, then it’s his again. Alternately, you tell each other what you want and the other person fulfils it. Of course, this all has to be within the realm of reality, since neither of you is a lamp ghost. (And as men are like that, he will surely want to turn the game towards sex, so you should clarify beforehand where the limits are).

What men like about sex

3. the serial binge day

You’ve always wanted to do that: Binge-watch your favorite TV shows together all day. You’ve always wanted to do that? Okay, well, pick one of the other suggestions.

Healthy ones TV -Snacks

Of course, flowers and gifts are great, but why let others set the date? © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib / Shutterstock.com

4. joint cheat day

No, I don’t want you to cheat on each other. It’s about Cheat-Day in the nutritional sense, i.e. with all concentration on healthy and balanced nutrition, eat everything you feel like eating – fast food, sweets, everything (okay, chocolate hearts if necessary). That’s even more fun when you’re together!

5th Show-off Bling-bling Day

Before he puts a lot of money into any useless gifts for you and you for him, you’d better throw together and invest in a day of luxury and enjoyment: Dress up, champagne in the Castle Café, 4-course menu in the luxury restaurant, followed by drinks and cocktails in the hippest designer bar in town. Yay!

No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day, be sure to consider your own needs and wishes. Spend the day with your loved one and do something good for yourself. Most of the time you don’t even have to spend money on it, because love and time together are free.