Training online: 6 online fitness studios on test

As we all know, there is always something: the weather is too hot or too bad, the time is too short, the gym is too full or its opening hours are impractical. There are a thousand excuses for not going to the gym.

Those days are over thanks to the internet, because your professionally guided workout is now available 24/7 for you to do at home. Training around the clock with online fitness studios – I have tested the 6 best portals myself.

Online fitness platforms under test

In most online fitness studios the process is super simple. All you have to do is register, answer a few questions about your body and fitness level, and you’ll be provided with workouts.

Whether you need equipment depends on the selected program. From experience, you only need a mat and a few dumbbells (1-2 kg). Then you can already start your workout at home.

Online fitness in comparison: We have done the test

Gymondo One

That’s how much it costs: From 6,99 Euro per month (with annual subscription)

That’s right: The giant among the online studios has a hard time with me at first – I like more personal, smaller studios. But after the initial reluctance, I actually start to rave. Not least because I have to create a fitness profile here before I start, where basic data such as height, weight, etc. are queried.

Plus: Each video display clearly shows how many calories I consume and which parts of the body are particularly stressed. From 11 to 70 minutes, there is everything to get the heart going – even martial arts. The only drawback is that there is not enough food.

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2. freeletics

That’s how much it costs: from 6,67 Euro per month (with annual subscription)

That’s right: This app promises me DAS most effective bodyweight training. But not only that, the training also adapts individually to my schedule, my fitness level and my goals. Workouts offers me the app in a duration of 5 to 30 minutes. Having no time is really no excuse here, 5 minutes are always enough.

Probably the biggest plus point of Freeletics is the community: More than 37 million (!) athletes* use the app and make themselves strong with it. An absolute motivation push! The workouts are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are based on classics like crunches and burpees.

Thanks to online fitness studios, your workouts are available to you at home 24/7 © LightField Studios /

3. asana rebel

That’s how much it costs: From 4.91 euros per month (with annual subscription)

That’s right: The app promises “Yoga and Fitness” – sounds good at first. According to the manufacturer, 10 million people worldwide are already using the app, that’s what convinces me. As a long-time yoga fan, I decide to do a 30-minute yoga workout in my hotel room on a business trip. And indeed, despite my good fitness, I really start to sweat. Not bad!

At the end there is even a Cool Down with relaxation phase. The app is quite expensive, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it for everyone who wants to have well guided and nicely demonstrated workouts.

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4. fitness room

That’s how much it costs: From 9,90 Euro per month (with yearly subscription), the first week is free

That’s right: This online studio is specially made for women. The site is kept simple, the trainers are all female and professionals – the look is already convincing. The layout is clearly arranged: The training videos are divided into 3 levels of difficulty, via the icons “Top Courses”, “New Courses” and “Sports” I can find everything my sporty ambitious heart desires.

My profile shows me progress, and even if the girlfriend comes to visit, that is no reason to shut down the laptop: She’s on the Best-Friends-Partner-Workout. An asterisked award goes to’s for the recipes and tips on nutrition. Top!

5th Tint Yoga

That’s how much it costs: $20.83 per month (with annual subscription)

That’s right: Tint Yoga is like an online yoga studio where the best international yoga teachers teach. Yoga teachers from Asia, Europe and the USA – this is where everybody comes together. TINT stands for “there is no try” and the platform does justice to this attitude. Only (small) reservations: Most of the programs are in English, and the level is more advanced.

Whether you need equipment depends on the selected program. Experience shows that all you need is a mat and a few dumbbells (1-2 kg), © LightField Studios /

6. pur life

That’s how much it costs: free of charge, which premium access gives’s from 8,25 Euro per month (with annual subscription)

That’s right: The name “pure live” would be more appropriate, because here there are actually live transmissions of the fitness courses with a course overview like in a real studio. Very motivated people join in with a webcam on their own screen. Doctors and nutrition experts are also available at any time.

That all sounds cool at first, but unfortunately there is a lack of technology. The picture and sound quality of the transmission leaves a lot to be desired. Besides, the annoying music gets on my nerves after a few minutes – even the inserted calorie counter doesn’t help. Nice idea, optics and implementation are not my thing at all and also not up-to-date.

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Conclusion: Every online fitness studio has its own charm. Depending on your requirements and wishes, you will surely find a suitable offer. Maybe you just have to try 1 or 2.

J Now it’s your turn! So roll out the mat and test your own personal home workout. As of today there are no excuses. Each of the tested portals offers a wide range of workouts, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

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