Top dressed: The 6 most beautiful summer tops

What would the summer be without pretty tops? With no other garment can you set such specific accents. But which designs are actually trendy right now? That much is already revealed: Neck holders, back necklines and bandeau tops are definitely among them. Now you are spoilt for choice: which of these 6 trendy tops is your favourite?

1. backless tops look subtly sexy

A beautiful back can also be delightful. Sorry, I had to do that. Because as trite as it may sound: a back neckline is subtly sexy and less obvious than a deep décolleté.

Of course, you need the right BH . Because nothing is more unattractive than sparkling underwear. Models without a back piece are perfect. How do they hold? With adhesive straps directly on the chest.

If you want, you can BH of course you can also simply leave out completely. So nothing stands in the way of a view on your back. Unless you have long hair. It’s best to tie it up so that the back décolleté is shown off to its best advantage.

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2. gathered belly tops with frills

Skin-tight crop tops are still in peak season this summer. Models with ruffles and gathers are particularly hip – preferably in the trend colour white.

The tight Raff-Tops can be combined to long jeans, hot pants, to the Maxi- and Mini-Rock. It is only important that the bottom part is cut high-waist. With hip jeans the look simply looks a little too naked.

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3. summer spaghetti straps are back

If there’s one rule in fashion, it’s this: Everything, really everything, comes back sometime! At the moment it is spaghetti tops. Exactly, the tops with the wafer-thin straps that are as narrow as the pasta of the same name. Did you have them on back in the 2000s?

However, this does not mean the skin-tight underwear models made of cotton stretch, but rather slightly wider cut tops made of fine materials such as silk and lace.

The way you wear them? Now in summer solo with jeans, shorts or a skirt. When it gets a bit fresher over a T-shirt and in autumn finally under a chubby knitted cardigan. Because the thin straps don’t cover anything, this is also the right BH asked. Strapless models are perfect. The more invisible the underwear, the more elegant the outfit looks.

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4. neckholder tops direct the gaze to the shoulders

Neckholder tops are available either high-necked up to the neck, so that only shoulders and arms are exposed, but also with a low neckline. The former have a more sporty look, but can also be worn in the office during the day with a blazer over them. The second ones are definitely only something for the evening.

Whichever option you choose, the shoulders, neck and upper arms are emphasized in one way or another. And depending on how low the halterneck is cut, the décolleté will naturally also come into focus. You probably already guessed it: Visible BH -porters are a no-go here too. How convenient that there are also special halter neckBH s there – they are guaranteed to remain undercover.

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5. in short: bra-tops require combination talent

Granted, even tighter, and these tops would be underwear. On the catwalks of the fashion metropolises, however, it is precisely these mini-tops that are seen particularly often. And for once, the designers are showing how they can be combined in a truly wearable way – like this: with particularly high-cut trousers and skirts, the majority of the belly remains covered.

Are you still too naked? Then why don’t you just put on a loosely knotted blouse or a blazer over it? Sure, a bralette’s too risqué for the office, even in this station wagon. But it’s a great look for going out with and I’m sure you’ll get lots of compliments.

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6th Strapless bandeau tops are making a comeback this summer

Another returnee from the 2000s. Tube-tops, also known as bandeau-tops. Many names for one and the same thing: skintight, strapless tops that you just pull over your head. Perfect is the noughties retro look in a combination with trendy hair clips and wide flared jeans.

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So, what is your top trend in tops? If you can’t make up your mind with so much choice, just shop them all. The money is always well invested. Because a glance at the fashion shows for next season shows …you’ll still be dressed for 2020 in our six summer tops.