This will make your life more sustainable and beautiful

More and more people are interested in a sustainable lifestyle. We tell you what you can do to live more environmentally consciously without giving up everything

Sustainability is everywhere. The storm and rush of the young Fridays for Future demos, the steady, now massive rise of the Greens, or: The issue of environmental protection has reached the middle of society. For a long time now it has been about more than the climate, hurricanes, droughts and the melting of the poles.

It is about us, about our everyday life, about plastic and plastic waste in our seas, about our food, our clothes and cosmetics. Reason enough to take a closer look at the sustainable lifestyle in our Green Special.

On the following pages you will find tips for a more environmentally conscious life, but especially for sustainable consumption. Because the most important thing that every single person can do is to make sure that their own good life is not at the expense of nature and the climate.