This really helps against enlarged pores

Do you have the feeling that your pores get bigger and bigger over time? The skin appears more uneven and especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, cheeks) more and more “small holes” appear?

Don’t be too critical of yourself. Even if it looks different on Instagram: Without a filter… ALLE Human pores. In the face alone there are about 300,000! Now before you test one cream after another and throw a pile of money out the window to solve the problem, you should read through this basic knowledge and the following tips against large pores. We’ll tell you why pores get bigger in the first place, which care products and treatments help against it and how to remove pores easily.

How effective are pore suction

Why do I even have pores?

Pores are the openings for the hair roots located in the subcutis? Sebum flows through the small channels, making the upper layer of skin and hair supple. In addition, sebum has an important protective function: it prevents the penetration of pathogens, bacteria and environmental pollution. Pores are therefore actually very useful.

And because you have fine hairs almost all over your body – except on mucous membranes, the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands – you also have pores everywhere. The reason why the small openings are more visible in some than others is their size.

How do large pores develop?

When you look around at your girlfriends, do you get the impression that some have more and others less large pores? That is absolutely correct! “Your skin type in particular determines the size of the pores. Oily and combination skin types tend to have larger pores”, says dermatologist Dr. Philipp M. Buck from the Goldbek Medical Clinic in Hamburg.

If this is accompanied by a cornification disorder, i.e. the skin does not repel dead scales quickly enough, the pores become sealed and the sebum cannot flow off”, explains the dermatologist.

First of all, blackheads are created. “These blackheads stretch the pores. If the impurities are not treated, the pores eventually stop contracting on their own.” You’ve got little mini-craters, and they’ll be unlucky for life. Damn!

The best tips against blackheads

Good to know: Sun, stress, cigarettes, alcohol and hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy and menopause, can additionally accelerate sebum production and promote cornification. So in times of stress, please avoid cigarettes and drinks and rather meditate for a while. And never go outside without sun protection!

However, too much sebum or a cornification disorder are not the only reasons for enlarged pores. “Natural skin aging also contributes to visibility: Flabby skin makes the pores more prominent. In addition, demodex mites can be responsible for large pores”. – Demo… What? “Demodex mites live in the pores of facial skin and can also permanently enlarge them,” says Dr. Buck. Don’t worry, these “pets” are usually harmless.

The right care for every skin type

How can large pores be reduced in size?

The bad news for everyone XXL -pores plagued: once overstretched, the pores do not retract into their original XS -Format back. But: With the right care and a good make-up they quickly look smaller. If you want to restore the pores to their original state, you have to see a dermatologist. Please read on!

Which products help against large pores?

There are many remedies and tinctures against large pores, but not all of them keep their promises. Dr. Buck says: “Most cosmetic products against large pores can only prevent further enlargement of the pores or conceal the existing pores. However, the effect is minimal and short-term.”

Promising long-term success Creams and serums with retinol Retinol is a very effective form of vitamin A. “Retinol can shrink the pores permanently, but clear results are only visible after about a year. That it is nevertheless well received is shown, for example, by the almost 500 positive Amazon reviews of this retinol cream (23 Euros at

How do I make pores smaller?

Dr. Buck knows how: “The most important thing is a thorough cleaning. It’s best to include a peeling in the routine. But for the sake of the environment and your health, the peeling should contain natural granules and no microplastics. Clarifying face masks, e.g. with clay, are also essential in preventing large pores. With all your care products you should make sure that they are “non-comedogenic”, i.e. that they do not additionally clog the pores”. And stay tuned!

Success doesn’t happen overnight – but if you care meticulously every morning and evening, you will soon be rewarded with more even skin.

“Another evaluation winner: Dead Sea Face Mask for finer pores (30 Euro at

The best beauty products from the drugstore

How do I make big pores go away?

The pores should become invisible immediately? Then make-up will help. The most important thing for this: the primer. Most of them work with silicones – by simply “filling up” the pores. The problem: these products can block the pores permanently and thus even enlarge the pores. That’s why it’s better to use a silicone-free alternative.

In the meantime, there are numerous free-of-primers available, for example from Kirchberger (30 euros at, which are just as effective and can be used every day without any problems.

After the primer comes the foundation. “Again, it’s best to use a silicone-free variant that doesn’t get stuck in the pores,” says Buck. It spreads better on the primer and adheres better. This creates the perfect illusion of pore-free skin. This cream foundation from Sante, for example, does not contain any silicones or paraffins (14 euros at

What’s up with the doctor?

Creams and make-up for large pores either only work until the next time you wash your face – or only after very long application. Medical treatments are particularly effective in combating large pores. Here the expert reveals the 5 best applications against large pores:

First fruit acid peeling: Cornifications are dissolved and the pores are intensively cleaned by the fruit acid – therefore ideally suited for skin type-related large pores!

Second microneedling: Especially suitable for scarred pores, such as acne. The skin is injured with small pinpricks to stimulate collagen production and skin renewal. Of course, microneedling is not for the faint-hearted – but the results are impressive!

3. fractional laser therapy: The upper layer of skin is ablated by the laser. Of course, this is not entirely painless. But it is still worth considering: the pores are guaranteed to shrink!

Four. Jetpeel: The treatment is completely painless: a water-gas mixture is blown through a tube onto the skin, thereby removing dead skin cells and cleaning the pores. More gentle than fruit acid and also suitable for rosacea sufferers and acne patients.

5. photobionic therapy: Irradiation with blue light triggers the natural repair process of the skin. This not only allows pores to recede, but also small wrinkles – perfect!

4 simple peeling recipes

Pores are completely natural and useful. If you think they are too big, there is a lot you can do about it. With our tips, the right care and suitable treatments, you can quickly get the problem under control.