This is what happens when you’re not wearing a bra

Is there a new topless movement? Hashtags like #nobra or #freethenipple are conquering the internet, women are demanding: Away with the BH s! What may sound like absolute freedom and acceptance of one’s own body to some, only triggers fear of pain and possibly less attractive sagging breasts to others.

Is there any truth in this fear? What really happens when you go to the BH …to give up? Are your breasts sagging or can they even get firmer? We have asked an expert to shed light on this.

Many women feel without BH more comfortable – but wonder if they are threatened with sagging breasts. © Ricwithe /

How is the breast structured?

First of all it might be helpful to visualize the structure of the bosom. “The mammary glands in the breast are surrounded by fatty and connective tissue,” explains Carolin Fenger, senior physician at the Women’s Hospital in the Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg.

Behind the tissue is the pectoral muscle, and it is surrounded by soft skin. Ultimately, the BH this tissue in place. What this does is ultimately difficult to research because it is different for every woman.

How is a “sagging bosom” created?

One of the main fears that women face every day BH is the one before “sagging breasts.” You can throw that term out with the trash. It’s a very ugly word for a very natural process. It is quite normal that with increasing age, connective tissue and skin lose their elasticity and wear out. “This is a completely natural aging process that begins around the age of 35,” explains Professor Christian Schem from the Hamburg Mamma Center.

Which is true: This effect can be accelerated by exposure. Think of it as a pigtail gum: An old one is less tight than a new one, and one you use often is worn out than an unused one. Your fabric is similar. “Especially during pregnancy or weight change, the tissue is particularly stressed,” says the doctor. Both the skin and the tissue sometimes do not contract completely afterwards and the breasts become flabbier.

Do the breasts become firmer through training?

No. Of course, it can’t hurt to keep your chest muscles in shape. But you won’t be able to stop the sagging process. “The pectoral muscles do not surround the whole breast, but lie behind it. Fat and connective tissue cannot be trained in this way,” explains Schem.

4 simple tips against sagging breasts

If the breasts are removed without BH tighter?

Can the BH even cause the breast tissue to sag? French physician Jean-Denis Rouillon came to exactly this conclusion in a long-term study. But it turned out that the study mainly involved young, slim women with small breasts, i.e. those who probably never have to worry about gravity anyway.

Rouillon itself admits that pregnant women, overweight or older women do not want to BH should be avoided. The size and weight of the breasts are always decisive for the change in their appearance.

If you are under 30, you can often give your bust a little freedom. © George Rudy /

Can BH s be harmful?

BH s can be annoying, pinching and pinching, but can they also be dangerous? Do they perhaps even increase the risk of breast cancer or poor posture? “A well-fitting BH is not related to any disease,” said Fenger. That a BH about breast cancer is a rumor.

The emphasis, however, is on “sitting well”. Incorrectly seated BH s may well cause you to adopt an incorrect posture, especially if your breasts are larger. Especially with a sports-BH you should definitely make sure that it does not fit too tight despite good support and also wicks away sweat well. “Otherwise the skin may redden and even become fungal,” warns the doctor.

During the breastfeeding period, the doctor recommends in any case BH because the tissue there changes very much. It is best to consult your doctor, because if the BH is too tight, this can lead to sore nipples or milk congestion.

That’s why breasts can hurt

What are the advantages of a BH s?

Since strain on the tissue can promote its wearing out, it is already possible that wearing a well-fitting BH s has a positive effect there. But since these processes are, as I said, very individual and proceed differently with every woman, a BH also no guarantee for eternally firm breasts.

For some women, it is certainly also a matter of habit: If you have BH feel more comfortable, wear one. And if you think a nice BH just looks pretty, that’s all the more reason.

Can I see a BH give up?

First of all, if you don’t have BH you don’t have to. No one can tell you what to do with your body or what it should look like. “But it’s hard to predict whether your breasts will become saggy because each breast is very different,” explains Schem. He mentions the following factors that can affect the firmness of the breasts:

  1. The cup size
    Larger breasts are heavier than smaller ones, so they have to withstand more. “Due to this heavy load, the supporting tissue loses its elasticity much faster than with lighter breasts,” says the doctor. It does not matter whether your breasts are naturally large or whether you have had a breast enlargement.
  2. Your genes
    The genetic predisposition can also influence the strength of the tissue.

    “If the tissue is softer at one point of the body, it probably is softer at other points as well,” said Schem. Pinch the skin on your arm or thigh: Is the tissue firm or soft? If it is rather soft and stretchy, you are probably more prone to sagging breasts.

  3. Your lifestyle
    How strong your connective tissue is also depends on how healthy you live. If you do sport, eat a balanced diet and drink a lot, you do something good for your tissue.

    On the other hand, no exercise, smoking or poor nutrition will make even the firmest body weak.

  4. Your age
    Over time, your body loses its elasticity. This is a completely natural process, but it can lead to wrinkles or even a sagging bust. If you are under 30, however, you only have to worry a little about the pitfalls of gravity.
  5. You have children
    Actually, your only reason for having breasts is so you can feed a child.

    That’s why they grow during pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding. Afterwards they sometimes don’t contract completely. So during this time you should definitely BH If you’re going to wear a helmet, it’s best to check with your doctor as well.

How to find the right BH for your breast shape

“In the end, women usually have a pretty good sense of whether or not BH need or not,” explains Schem. If you are without BH If you are in pain and feel physically uncomfortable, then wear one. But especially if you have smaller breasts and are still under 30, you can give your bust a little freedom.

What are the alternatives to BH s?

Concrete-hard, uncomfortable push-ups were yesterday. Fashion today has produced a huge range of different tops, so there is something for every woman. If you still don’t dare BH to leave out completely, you can, for example, use a non-iron, padded model. Or you could try a soft bustier with minimal support.

If you want it to be a little more sensual, you can look for bralettes made of lace. Or you can wear your favourite bikini in the summer even in everyday life. Just give it a try, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it.

On you can buy the bustier bestseller by Schiesser.

A playful and sensual bustier is also available at from Only.

Soft, non-iron bustiers provide only minimal support, but are good alternatives to BH . © dturphoto /

Can I go without BH Exercise?

More likely no. If you have come to the conclusion that you should renounce the bra, try it without – with exactly this one exception: “During sport, the breasts are subjected to much greater strain than in everyday life, even with smaller sizes,” warns Fenger.

Particularly in sports where you have to jog or jump, you should therefore definitely have a sports-BH wear. Otherwise, your bust can hurt quickly and the connective tissue will be severely strained by the strain.

What happens if BH leave out?

You’re toying with the idea that BH but you’re not quite ready to leave home yet? Don’t worry. All the women who have started doing that feel that way. Here are some of your typical thoughts and how you can handle it:

  • “All will see”
    It may seem to you at first as if everyone is staring at these unusual swaying things, but this impression is deceptive. In fact, most people don’t really care what shape your breasts are in.
  • “Then you see everything”
    Many women are especially afraid of visible nipples. Sometimes they do shine out under soft fabric, but the others don’t mind at all. But if you don’t want to expose yourself like that, there are special Nipple patch or padded bustiers. And there’s nothing under a big sweater anyway.
  • “That doesn’t look nice”
    The individual breast shape is as different as a fingerprint. And they are all beautiful. Even the pointed ones, those with large or small nipples and the asymmetrical ones. You still don’t feel comfortable in your skin? Then feel yourself with BH -models that have a more natural shape, but still keep everything in place.
  • “I can’t go to work like this”
    This, in turn, can actually be a legitimate concern for some jobs. If the working atmosphere is rather formal or you have a lot of customer contact, you should have a comfortable BH wear. After work, you’ll be “free” in every sense of the word.
  • “That must hurt”
    Maybe, but not necessarily. Just give it a try: Do the next week’s shopping without BH and see if there’s any pain with this slight movement. If so, you should get a BH -model that provides enough support but is still comfortable. If the nipples chafe, you can put on soft cotton tops.

There are many good reasons for and against the brassiere, but you should know that you don’t need BH to have beautiful breasts. Just try out a few variations in your free time, because in the end it’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with.