This is the new Nike Joyride Run Flyknit

The newest access in the house of Nike doesn’t really look that spectacular when viewed from above. The stretchy flyknit material and the bootie construction for easy slip-in are very stylish, but we already know them from other models.

What makes the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit one of the most interesting new releases of the 2019 athletic shoe year is hidden in the sole: A new technology.

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Comfortable Flyknit-Upper and the striking sole make the Joyride Run a style sneaker © Manufacturer

A shoe like a jump in the ball pool

Because many thousands of small balls are stored there and wait for their use. With every movement, they adapt individually to the shape of the foot and thus cushion the step particularly comfortably. So a step in the Joyride Run is like jumping into a ball pool. This method of cushioning is called Joyride. The now introduced Joyride Run Flyknit is the first shoe where it is used.

Loose pellets in a shoe – this has never been seen before in this size. The well-known BOOST -sole from Adidas (for example in the UltraBOOST 19) is also based on small beads, but these are welded together before they get under the shoe.

No manufacturer has ever used loose beads on a large scale before – especially because it took a lot of development work to find the optimal distribution and density of the individual filled cushions in the sole, as Nike describes the creation of its new highlight model.

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Four cushions with loose beads are embedded in the Joyride sole © Manufacturer

What makes the Joyride sole so special?

“The advantage of the many small beads is the particularly soft running impression that is created when the beads are distributed as they appear,” says Urs Weber, running shoe expert at our sister magazine RUNNER’S WORLD . Especially sportswomen, who have had problems with their shoes so far and wish for a more comfortable model, should therefore keep an eye on the Joyride Run.

But the Joyride Run also has the potential to establish itself not only in the running scene, but also to conquer a place on the shelves of sneaker fans. After all, Nike remains true to a proven concept here: As with the Air models, the cushioning technology is visible on the outside. With the wide, curved sole and the tight-fitting upper, the Joyride Run serves many current trends.

And how is the joyride run now?

Shoe expert Urs Weber set off on the day of the launch for a first “Joyride” in the Joyride Run. This is his first impression:

The joyride runs soft, very soft. There is hardly any other running shoe with which one lands so softly and then changes into such a soft rolling feeling. It doesn’t matter whether you first touch down with the heel or the metatarsus, or even with the forefoot. The feeling when you put your foot on is always extremely soft – as if you were stepping into a very high-pile carpet, which gently catches you and then sinks in deeply.

After the first few meters of walking, I no longer feel the clear bounce felt when standing – the heel is higher than the forefoot. This may also be an effect of the small balls squeezing together.

At the same time, there are probably very few shoes currently available that allow the foot so much freedom when rolling – both in longitudinal and lateral movement. Here it reminds me of the Nike Lunar Epic Flyknit, which was introduced in 2016, and which I noticed back then for exactly this quality. The Flyknit is a shoe that gives the foot maximum freedom of movement (in this respect it is comparable to Nike Free), no matter what speed.

Whereby the shoe actually rather invites to a quiet jogging tempo. A faster pace is also possible, but thanks to the flexibility of the entire shoe construction, it doesn’t fit the character of the shoe.

In this respect I agree with the placement and characterization of Nike: The shoe is suitable for rest days, or rather for running days where you want to treat your feet to a day of pampering, where it’s not about speed and certainly not about the length of the run, but for example for a relaxing easy-jog, a shake-out run or for running out after a day of competition. Note: Unlike other current Nike models, such as the Pegasus 36, the Flyknit is rather small.

However, this is compensated by the very stretchy Flyknit upper material. And: The white midsole material, in which the four ball cushions are embedded, seems very sensitive to me. The shoe is not designed for rough use. Rather for very clean asphalt use.”

This is the new Nike Joyride 2:33 Min.

The Joyride Run goes on sale on August 15

The Joyride Run is the very first model to use the ball sole. After its market launch in mid-August, further models are to be added, such as an exclusive women’s shoe and a children’s model.

Price expected: 180 Euro
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