This is the best make-up on the market

There is hardly any other beauty product that women place such high demands on as Foundation. For a make-up to be really convincing, it should cover impurities and conceal dark circles under the eyes, make the skin look more awake and fresh, moisturize it but not shiny – or even better, mattify it but not dry it out. The foundation is only really good if it looks as if you don’t have anything on it at all – just really great skin. Doesn’t work in reality anyway? Sure it does!

Our editorial team has tested itself across the make-up range, through drugstore make-ups and luxury foundations. Read here which products convinced our testers and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

For explanation: A product can earn a maximum of 5 stars per test category and in the worst case only one star. In the general overview below you will find the test results of all make-ups in comparison.

1st complexion idols Ultra Wear from Lancôme in the make-up test

The luxury foundation for 45 euros per 30ml promises 24-hour wearing comfort, high coverage and a natural finish. If’s works?

Lancôme Foundation in test: Does the product deliver what it promises?

Scarlett Schultze, fashion assistant has tested’s and says: “The make-up is very easy to apply thanks to the pump dispenser. The consistency is quite firm, if I rub it in my hands beforehand, it hardly gets any colour on my face. My tip: It’s better to apply three generous pump strokes directly to the forehead, nose and chin and blend the make-up to the outside with your fingers or a sponge – and in both cases almost blindly, because the colour bonds so well with the skin. Make-up edges?

Out of the question! Even the typical pasted covering feeling on the skin is eliminated. I wouldn’t have expected that with the firm consistency – wow! The result: completely natural. And the matte effect means I don’t have to re-powder all day.”

Conclusion: I’ll probably have to get used to the tough consistency, because the natural result and the great skin feeling make “Teint Idole Ultra Wear Make-up” an after-sale product for me.

Apply foundation like a professional

2. Skin Illusion Serum Foundation from Clarins in test

The manufacturer promises great things: “ The Skin Illusion Serum Foundation combines the texture of a serum with the perfect concentration of pigments – for an ultra-natural result. A few drops are enough. Non-greasy, easy to apply.” 30ml costs about 40 Euro.

Does Clarins make-up do what it promises in the test?

Our health editor Christine Naefeke has tried the make-up. Her opinion: “Had I read the package insert, I would have known that Clarins’ moisturizing foundation is a particularly fine-flowing serum and releases fewer drops from the pipette the first time. In fact, even a small amount is enough to achieve an effect that convinces me: the easily spreadable foundation feels like a very good moisturizer.

Although I applied it by hand and not with a make-up sponge, I quickly achieve an even, fresh look, which makes small pimples disappear and the skin still looks completely natural. For a real evening make-up the coverage could be a little stronger, but for everyday use I find it great. The Foundation also survived the 20-minute bike ride to work well. I’d buy it again!”

Conclusion: For me the best make-up I have tested for a long time and definitely a post-purchase product. Even if it is quite expensive…

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3. Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation by Max Factor

According to the manufacturer, the product combines primer, concealer and foundation in one product. For a flawless complexion – all day long. 30ml cost 10 Euro. How good the make-up really is, you can read here

Can the Max Factor Make-up convince in the test?

Gülsah Sakar, fashion intern says: “I admit it: I’m actually really into luxury make-up, but still try out a cheap product every now and then. But so far I haven’t found a product that can keep up… As I said: so far! The Max Factor Foundation really surprised me. Especially because of the perfect consistency: not too tough, not too liquid, just really creamy. This makes the make-up easy to spread with your fingers. I don’t need brushes or sponges. My pores disappear as if by magic.

Perfect, so you really don’t need primer. The coverage is good, but not too strong! The result looks natural – and lasts all day. Also the skin feeling is good. I can feel that I’m wearing foundation, but it’s not uncomfortably heavy.

Conclusion: Price/performance? Top! I think the make-up is great for everyday life. But my skin is quite pure anyway. With stronger pimples you probably still need a concealer, even if it should already be integrated.

The right care for every skin type

4th L’Oréal Paris Perfect Match Make-up on test

The make-up promises a flawless complexion. The creamy formula should blend effortlessly with the skin and cover evenly. 30ml cost about 9 Euro. I wonder if it is also the perfect match for our tester?

Does the L’Oréal Make-up do what it promises?

Susan Kesselring, online intern tried it. Her test result: “As I have a quickly greasy skin, make-up should not be too rich and should cover impurities well. I can only confirm the manufacturer’s promises. The coverage is very good and the complexion still looks natural. The make-up can be applied very well and has a pleasant texture. The skin feels well moisturized, but unfortunately it also shines again quite quickly. I definitely have to apply a powder to the T-zone afterwards.

For women with rather dry skin this is probably unnecessary.”

Conclusion: A good foundation, but one that is a bit too rich for me. That’s why I would recommend it especially to people with dry skin or to those who always re-powder anyway.

5. the Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation from Benefit

According to the manufacturer, the light foundation gives an even complexion and, like a soft-focus agent, visually compensates for small blemishes. The natural, matt finish should look like nothing but skin – and feel like it. 30ml of “Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation” from Benefit cost about 30 euros.

Does the Benefit Make-up keep its promises?

Our fashion intern Gülsah Sakar tested the make-up. Her field report: “The packaging is sooo pretty – but unfortunately also a bit impractical. When I opened the cap for the first time, a large amount of the make-up spilled on me. That’s annoying considering the rather high price, but quickly forgotten. Because once you know it, it won’t happen again. Contents: The foundation, which by the way is as liquid as a serum, can be applied with the fingers really well.

I don’t get along so well with a sponge because it simply absorbs most of it and hardly any make-up ends up on my face. But who cares, if it works so well with the fingers. The make-up dries quickly, the skin feels good and hardly shines at all. Even after several hours, I don’t have to powder my forehead and nose – I usually do! The covering power is medium. Pimples and dark circles disappear, but the skin still looks natural.

I also really like the integrated sun protection factor 15, which is enough for my everyday life”.

Conclusion: Impractical packaging, great content – and that of course outweighs the other. For me a good make-up, which I can definitely recommend.

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6. make-up in the test: Total Control Drop Foundation by NYX

According to the manufacturer, the “Total Control Drop Foundation” can be NYX adapt their opacity to all requirements – this is ensured by the pipette, which enables ultra-precise dosing. The finish should be matt and velvety. A small 13ml bottle costs about 15 euros.

Social media editor Elina has published the NYX I tried make-up. She is thrilled: “The first plus is for the colour! I have tested the lightest shade – and it is really light. With other brands, the lightest shade is usually already too dark for me. Women who are pale by nature will understand me. Also great: The liquid serum make-up is very easy to dispense thanks to the pipette. So I can also vary the coverage according to taste and day shape. 1-2 drops result in a thin, subtle layer.

Twice the amount is really good coverage. Or a second layer. You can also layer the make-up well. No matter how much I take: The foundation is so light that the skin never feels clotted. The finish is rather matt and stays that way all day long. I don’t need to reapply the powder. By the way: You can apply the foundation easily with your fingers or with a sponge.

Conclusion: The product delivers exactly what the manufacturer promises: full control over the opacity and a matt finish. For me the perfect make-up for rather oily skin!

7. 3 in 1 Easy Match Make-up from Manhattan in the Make-up Test

Manhattan promises a l e irect, oil-free make-up that adapts perfectly to the skin tone. Soft-focus powder helps to visually reduce dark circles and redness, for a poreless, natural finish. 30ml cost about 8 Euro.

Social media editor Elina has tested’s Her result: “Thanks to the pump dispenser, the foundation is extremely easy to dose and quick to apply. It works best with the fingers. My sponge simply soaked up the make-up. That’s good to know: One fine layer is enough for medium coverage. If you want it to cover properly, you need a lot. But the pores are virtually invisible, redness and slight dark circles under the eyes as well. For pimples I need an additional concealer.

Great: The skin doesn’t feel made up, even with a large amount. The finish is neither matt nor shiny, but simply looks like skin – great! Proof? My boyfriend didn’t notice that I was wearing make-up. Does that count? I also think it’s great that the make-up contains skin care ingredients such as vitamin E and a sun protection factor of 20.

Conclusion: A super make-up for everyday life for women who do not have problem skin. If you want to cover more or make up a dramatic evening look, the coverage could certainly be a little stronger.

8th field report about #instaperfect make-up from Essence

The manufacturer Essence promises a waterproof make-up with a strong matt effect. It should be easy to lay, i.e. it should be possible to apply it in several layers to maximise coverage – for the perfect selfie complexion. 30 ml costs about 4 euros.

Can the #instaperfect make-up do what it promises?

Fashion intern Paulina Sonnenschein tried it out. She says: “The make-up is the most liquid variant in our test, almost watery – but in a positive sense. This makes it extremely easy to apply and it feels pleasantly light on the skin – almost like unmade-up. The light pigmentation evens out unevenness. The covering power is not sufficient for pimples. But you can easily apply a second coat. I still need concealer anyway.

Although you have to use a relatively large amount of product per pass to achieve a visible effect, even with two layers the skin does not feel pasted up. I used a brush to apply the make-up in the following way: Just put a blob on your hand, pick up the make-up with the brush, spread it over your face and blend it with the fingertip of your index finger, done!”.

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Conclusion: A very discreet make-up that is easy to apply and feels pleasantly light. All in all a great product, especially for the small price.

We have test winners…

… …two of them. Both the make-up of NYX as well as the Foundation of Clarins scored 4.6 of 5 possible stars, almost the full score. But even cheaper make-ups performed well in our test: Max Factor came in third, closely followed by L’Oréal and Manhattan. The foundations of Lancôme, Benefit and Essence also did well in our make-up test and are definitely recommendable.

Here is an overview of all tested make-ups. A click on product brings you to the current best price!

Which foundation is perfect for you naturally depends on your skin type and what you want from a foundation. Test our favourites for yourself and then decide which make-up is best for you.