This is how you look dazzling in luminous colors

Neon colours are DER Megatrend of the upcoming summer: Who it suits and how you can combine luminous colours from simple to striking

What do Kendall Jenner and Stefanie Giesinger have in common? Apart from a striking resemblance, it’s their preference for neon colours. And they’re both… DER Megatrend 2019.

If you’re thinking about flashy ’80s kitsch and the Love Parade, don’t worry. Neon today is far from that – properly styled, of course. You would like to try neon, but you don’t quite know how? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Where does the neon trend come from?

Originally from the 80s: During the new German wave, neon accessories could not be missing. A decade later, luminous colours have established themselves, especially in the techno scene. After the trend for electronic music slackened a little, the colours also became quieter. In the 2000s, neon made a small comeback before it was completely banned from the wardrobes – until now! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been showing up in all-over-neon-dresses since last year.

Sure: This is not for everyone. Nevertheless: What Kim wears usually becomes a trend and so it is this time too.

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Who does neon colours suit?

In principle everyone can wear neon! The art is not to be outshined by the luminous colours. Otherwise there is a danger that the complexion will look pale and pale – and you want to reap compliments for the beautiful outfit and not worried questions about your state of health. So make sure you match neon colours to your complexion. Light skin types are best suited to cooler neon colours, such as green or yellow. Darker skin types are best suited to practically all neon colours.

A strong neon pink or neon orange will make a darker skin tone particularly radiant.

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How do I style neon colours correctly?

Neon is much too shrill and only for party people? Certainly: The reputation of colours has suffered somewhat in the past decades. Fortunately, these times are over and the current street style photos prove it: …it’s worth giving the trend a chance.

For neon beginners

Those who initially want to slowly approach the bright colours or generally prefer it to be discreet, are best to start with neon-coloured accessories. Just a neon hair tie or a neon handbag is enough, and bang, your outfit immediately gains in radiance. You can keep the rest simple. This way, eye-catching accessories are grounded and the color comes out big without being too intrusive.

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For fashionistas

The turtleneck is an evergreen that has become an integral part of fashion – in classic black, grey or dark blue but somehow also quickly boring, isn’t it? Not in neon! Whoever scrolls attentively through his Insta-Feed has surely already noticed that especially the fashion influencers are totally into the It-Piece.

But the striking Turtleneck also has favourite piece qualities: Stylish and yet totally wearable! Due to thin materials you can wear it even on cooler summer days. Keep the outfit around it in muted colours so that the look is not too garish. An unbeatable combination are neon colours with Camel. In the evening a short skirt and high heels go well with the neon shirt.

For everyday life

Many shy away from bright colors at work or at university – for fear of being looked at crookedly. But that does not have to be the case: Neon colours usually enhance boring everyday combinations in a well-dosed way. A great office look is the combination of neon top and blazer. Jeans and sneakers go with it. Feminine becomes the outfit by emphasizing the waist with a belt. In this way, the fun colours enhance even the dreariest Monday.

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For the Festival

At this year’s Coachella Festival in California, one trend stood out in particular, in addition to the usual hippie outfits: Neon. Sure, at the festival it is allowed to be a little more conspicuous. So of course the light pen colours are right on cue! A neon top, combined with hot pants and boots – the 2019 festival outfit is ready!

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For party queens

Of course: parties and neon go together like lemon and tequila. It doesn’t take much for the perfect night out – the neon colour speaks for itself! Dress and high heels together with selected accessories create the unbeatable styling formula for the next long party night. But mesh and tube tops should rather stay where they belong: In the 90s. Otherwise the outfit can quickly look silly. Rather go for straight cuts. This creates a more mature look.

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Bright colours are simply fun! No matter whether you prefer it discreet or striking: Combined in the right way, neon colours can shine in a positive glow.