This is how you can save a lot of money when shopping on the web

Shopping is great, no question. But you can certainly do without the annoying search for a parking space and endless queues in front of changing rooms with horrible light and the sex, right?

Fortunately, you can also just ALLES comfortably from the couch on the Internet. Which is where the problem starts: The supply is endless and every shop has different prices. How can you keep track of all this and find the best deal? Quite simply, with these 11 saving tips:

1. newsletter subscribers save on shopping

Almost every online shop wants to encourage you to sign up for the newsletter and thus seduce you to buy again and again. But there is also something in it for you: Usually’s gives a discount coupon – sometimes with up to 20 percent – for the first purchase after registration. And even after that, discount codes flutter into the mailbox of newsletter subscribers from time to time.

Those who fear a flood of spam messages simply create a second e-mail address especially for such deal messages. You can then always retrieve the messages before you want to order something. This way you take all discounts with you, but are spared annoying advertising in everyday life.

Mit Rabatt-Coupons sparen Sie beim Online-Shoppen massig Geld Google first: Maybe you will find a discount coupon! © Juliette Leufke /

2. you can save a lot of money in mid-season sales

Sounds trite, but make sure you keep an eye on the sales! The goods in the shops are being replaced more and more frequently. As a result, there are no longer just the classic summer and winter sales, but also numerous “mid-season sales”. The trick is that there is no fixed timing for these mid-season discounts. Each shop reduces at different times.

This is another reason why it is worth subscribing to newsletters and following your favorite shops at Instagram. This way you will never miss when the sale starts. Nice side effect: Some shops send a link for the sale area to their newsletter subscribers 24 hours before the big percentages start. This gives them the chance to find the best bargains before the big rush.

3. discount coupons google brings percentages

No sale and no discount coupon in the mailbox? Then it’s not all evening yet. Just google your favourite shops with the addition “coupon” or “voucher code”. The search engine will then spit out Internet pages such as “Coupon Pony”, “Coupon Collector” and “Savings World”. The principle of the websites is always the same. They all offer an overview of which shops are currently running which discount campaigns.

It is also worth comparing here: there are usually several codes per shop. With some of them you only save on shipping – yes, unfortunately it’s not free everywhere – often there are also really good percentages. Sometimes you can even save on products that are already on sale. A little research before shopping is always worthwhile.

4. disabling cookies and shopping incognito saves money

Have you ever noticed that the price has risen for a product that you have looked at several times but not yet bought? Nasty! E-shop algorithms are programmed to push up the price for those who are seriously interested in buying. The motto is: You’re buying anyway, just thinking about it and you’ll probably make a move soon, so it won’t become even more expensive.

So: Delete your cookies and switch the browser to incognito mode. This way you will be spared from the price madness in the future.

5. with patience and time you will go far

Okay, okay, this is now in contradiction to the tip before, but sometimes the exact opposite helps: don’t buy immediately, but practice patience. If the goods are still slumbering in your basket for a while, a few days or weeks later a mail with the subject “Exclusive discount on your shopping basket” might flutter into your mailbox.

For this to work, however, you must be logged in with your shop account while you are putting the goods into your basket and have allowed the shop to send you messages.

And you know what? To avoid mispurchases, it’s smart anyway to sleep on it more than one night and think carefully whether you really need the new part. Maybe in a couple of days, it’ll even be at the next mid-season sale.

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6. whoever follows favourite shops will be rewarded

You’re not going yet? Then hurry up! Because in the Insta Stories and on the Facebook page’s constantly gives hints on mega discount actions and sales. In addition,’s often offers really cool competitions for the community. Mostly you don’t have to do more than follow the page, link a post and mark a friend.

7. those who give feedback often get a thank you

After ordering, almost every shop wants to know if you were satisfied with the shopping experience. Sometimes still in the browser window, but sometimes also afterwards by mail. Do you always ignore? Sure, nobody really wants to. But in the future, please take 2 minutes and click through the questions. Because sometimes a mini-voucher or discount code for the next purchase is waiting for you at the end as a thank you.

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8. for the birthday there’s discounts

Private data on the Internet is a sensitive topic. But be honest: If you order clothes to your home, the provider already knows your real name, address and bank details. And if you already subscribe to the newsletter anyway, you can also enter your date of birth.

Because many online shops surprise newsletter subscribers with exclusive special offers on the day of honour: this can be a small voucher for 5 to 10 euros or even a discount – for example on this item that has been in your shopping basket for a long time and has not been ordered yet…

Auf dem Handy werden höhere Preise angezeigt Better not to shop by hand! The prices are higher there! © /

9. shopping at the desktop is cheaper

Sounds totally stupid at first. But: Those who order new clothes on the phone while on the subway often pay more than those who shop at their desktop at home. Why this is so is quickly explained: The shops take advantage of the fact that it is difficult to compare several offers at a glance on the small display. Therefore, more expensive prices are often indicated or the high prices are displayed further up. So the best offers slip through your fingers.

10. competition monitoring drives down prices

You think that you have to click through all the shops to find the dream part at a reasonable price? Save yourself the effort! Price comparison portals such as “”, “” or “” will do that for you. Simply enter the exact product name and the internet services will compare the prices of all suppliers by themselves.

If the cheapest price is still too high, some price comparison sites even allow you to send an e-mail or SMS -You can set up a notification that sounds an alarm when the price falls below your limit. Convenient, isn’t it?

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11. the right timing helps to save

Would you have known? The day and time you shop is the determining factor for the price. Studies show that the early bird catches the bargain worm. In the morning between 8 and 12 o’clock – preferably during the week. Saturday and Sunday prices tend to be highest.

So with our tricks and a little luck you can save a lot of money when shopping online, which makes the yield even happier, right?