This is how the Van Life

The complete guide to the dream life on four wheels: We’ll tell you how you can escape your stress and enjoy freedom in a van

Jack Kerouac demonstrated it over 50 years ago: In his novel “On the Road” (On the Road, 1957) he tells of a life in between, never arriving, always on the road in search of new impressions and adventures. Kerouac was not the first and will not remain the last: We all dream of leaving social conventions behind and breaking out.

Finally, take a breath. Feel the life around us. Be it for a short trip over the weekend or for a longer period. For the time after university before the seriousness of life demands our attention. Or later, for the sabbatical, to take a break from the demands of everyday life for a moment.

The best travel companion for this undertaking: the Bulli. Today, it is available in as many features, shapes, colours as there are names. But whether it’s a van, a van, a minibus or a camper, it always has only one goal: the freedom of its occupants. Your individual dream of van life, of life on the road.

Here you will find, among other things, tips on the best places to park your camper when you are on the road and of course information on cool destinations. In addition,’s News tells you where you can rent a camper, so you can get started right away, and much more. Have fun!