This is how real tattooed eyebrows can look

You wish for beautiful full eyebrows, but unfortunately nature has XS -variant equipped? Or your eyebrows only grow sparsely because you used to pluck far too much? Then you can either painstakingly repaint the bows every day or simply get a new pair “tattooed” using microblading.

Women’s Health Social Media Manager Elina Wiesner has tested the procedure with an absolute luminary in the field: Jette Scherzer, owner of the Chi Chi Club in Hamburg. Read here what the microblading expert reveals about the treatment, for whom it is worthwhile, what it costs and whether Elina’s new eyebrows are successful.

What is microblading anyway?

A permanent make-up for the eyebrows. With a microblading, gaps can be filled in easily and naturally – without the dreaded bar effect. “With wafer-thin blades – so-called blades – fine strokes are carved into the skin, which, with a successful result, can hardly be distinguished from real eyebrow hair,” says Scherzer.

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For whom is microblading suitable?

The same applies here as for tracing the brows: the more your own hair, the more real the result will look in the end. Mircoblading also works if you have almost no eyebrows by nature or if they don’t grow back at all due to excessive plucking or an illness.

How does a microblading session work?

First anaesthetic cream is applied, then the colour gets under the skin: but not with a tattoo machine, but with a kind of pencil with many fine blades. “After 8 to 12 weeks there is a second appointment. Then prematurely faded areas are repaired and the eyebrows as a whole are given more depth by more “hairs”,” says Jette Scherzer.

How are colour and shape determined?

Die optimale Augenbrauen-Form Before it gets serious, Jette Scherzer determines the optimal eyebrow shape © private

“The microblading treatment usually consists of two appointments. In the first session, the customer is first asked about her ideas, whether she prefers it more defined or more natural, and how she normally applies her make-up,” says the expert and continues: “Then the later eyebrows are drawn out very precisely with a fine pencil and the shape is determined.

If the preliminary drawing is correct, the color is mixed individually so that it matches the hair color and the natural eyebrows perfectly.

Is there anything to consider before microblading?

“The most important thing is that you do a lot of research in advance and find a good beautician who already has a lot of experience in this field,” emphasizes Jette Scherzer. How do you recognize this? “Recommendations from friends or acquaintances are particularly meaningful. But it’s best to check the person’s Instagram account as well.” Are there many convincing customer pictures in the before and after comparison? Are the pictures fresh or of healed eyebrows?

Only the latter are really meaningful.

Also the price can be an indication of quality and experience, you should rather refrain from cheap online offers. But there are not only big differences in the quality of craftsmanship, but also in personal style. “Microblading is also an art and the individual handwriting of the beautician should suit your taste and suit your type”, explains Jette Scherzer.

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Microblading experience report: How does it feel?

Microblading im Test The colour is “carved” into the skin with a mini scalpel © private

“Not at all as bad as you would think,” says our Social Media Manager Elina, who has tried microblading at Jette Scherzer. “Thanks to the anaesthetic cream there is no pain to feel. Good beauticians like Jette also refresh the anaesthetic between the individual steps so that the effect does not suddenly fade. I really do not feel anything. The whole appointment feels more like a hairdressing appointment to me: No pain and I look better afterwards,” says Elina.

And the result speaks for itself! “If you hardly have natural eyebrows like I do, you’ll have lots of worries afterwards: sweating during sports? No problem! Going swimming? I’d much rather do that now. But the very best thing is: I can theoretically leave the house right after getting up and don’t have to paint my eyebrows first. I really did that every single day before…”

Microblading im Vorher-Nachher-Vergleich On the left Elina’s painted brows in front of it, in the middle the make-up removed and on the right the microblading result © private

How long does a microblading last?

After the second session the microblading lasts for about 1.5 to 2 years and then fades more and more over time. The fact that it does not last a lifetime, unlike tattooing, is due to the special type of colour and the depth of the skin layer into which the pigments are engraved. Jette Scherzer explains: “That the eyebrows do not last forever is the intention. After all, not only do trends and beauty ideals change over time, but sometimes hair color and face also change due to age.

By regularly refreshing the hair, shape and colour can be easily and individually adjusted again and again. Practical!

Why does microblading sometimes fade faster than expected?

Sometimes it happens that the colour simply doesn’t hold during microblading and fades much earlier than it should. There can be several reasons for this. One possible problem is iron deficiency in the body. “If the body doesn’t have enough of its own iron, it takes it from the iron-oxide-containing pigments used in microblading, and the color fades more quickly,” explains the expert.

Anyone who is affected should therefore take iron supplements as a precaution and continue to take them regularly to prevent premature fading. The technique and lack of experience of the cosmetician can also be a problem, for example if the color is not deep enough and the color is not applied to the right layer of skin. “But it must not be too deep either, because the pigments can then run off,” says Scherzer.

To ensure that the color lasts, however, the fresh microblading must also be cared for appropriately.

How do you care for the skin after a microblading treatment?

Because, similar to tattooing, the affected area is actually a wound, you must first keep it clean after the treatment. If the new eyebrows are not dabbed with warm water regularly (= every two hours, preferably even more often with oily skin) during the healing phase, a crust will form on the skin and the colour would simply fall off together with it after a few days. For this purpose’s has a special skin protection cream that you should use daily in the morning and evening.

Microblading-Ergebnis The result is impressive: Elina’s eyebrows look like real © private

“When they have healed so far, you should tattoo the brows UV -protect from strong sunlight to preserve the colour pigments for longer. Even with facial treatments like fruit acid peelings, you should be careful to avoid the eyebrow area,” says Scherzer.

How much does a microblading cost?

The prices vary very much. Therefore we will simply give you the prices of our expert Jette Scherzer:

  • Price for the first treatment 550 Euro
  • Refresh from about 250 Euro
  • More information at

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Yeah, microbathing isn’t exactly cheap. But think about how many eyebrow pencils and above all how much time and stress you will save in the next years(!)! Our editor thinks that the treatment is definitely worth her money!