This is how chic you look in Chunky Sneakers

Clunky sneakers in often shrill color combinations are DER Sneaker trend at all. Sounds weird? Depends on how you combine them.

Have you noticed a lot of sneakers in the store or on the street lately that looked like a science fiction writer and a toy manufacturer were having a party in a design lab? You must have stumbled across some Ugly Sneakers. And it’s a mega trend.

What are Ugly Sneakers?

The trend goes by many names: Ugly sneakers, chunky sneakers or dad sneakers – whatever you want to call them, they are chunky retro sneakers that are not beautiful in the classic sense. On the contrary: Ugly sneakers usually have super thick soles that make the foot look pretty big. The colors of the leather and the laces bite each other consciously.

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Why should I wear Ugly Sneakers?

You’re probably thinking now: “Deliberately putting on ugly sneakers – that doesn’t make sense?!” Understandable. But have you ever heard of “Anti Chic”? Here, fashion designers deliberately play with the boundaries of good taste to attract attention. And this is exactly what has been happening for several seasons now with the Ugly Sneakers trend. Whether it’s cool or not – that’s where the opinions differ.

The crazy thing is that you often only need to see trends often enough to find them good at some point. Fashion-wise, you get used to quite a lot. And suddenly ugly becomes beautiful. In the beginning, almost everyone thought leggings were strange. And now countless women wear sports tights in their everyday life.

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Where does the trend come from?

Pioneering the trend is the super-hyped “Triple S” from luxury label Balenciaga, which has become the favourite shoe of bloggers and celebrities. All other designers and sports manufacturers then followed suit.

Where can I buy Ugly-Sneakers?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get heavily into debt in designer boutiques to keep up with the trend. Meanwhile sneaker brands like Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike and Puma have jumped on the trend. And even H&M , Zara and Co. have meanwhile stylish ugly sneakers in their repertoire. You can find many hip models in our sneaker gallery:

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What do I wear with Ugly Sneakers?

Preferably something nice. No joke, even if’s sounds stupid! But who wants to wear clunky dad sneakers XL -jogging pants to button up, looks trashy in them. Much more stylish is the break in style with classically pretty pieces such as a noble skirt or a maxi dress. Breaking with style is the magic word here.

Who’s rather likes casual, but can also combine it with a hip mom-jeans. Put the shirt in, pull the beautiful belt through and bang, and you’re ready for a stylish everyday look.

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No, those chunky sneakers really don’t make a slender foot. And because they’re pretty, nobody buys them. But a little rough edges never hurt an outfit. Try them on – Chunky sneakers are always comfortable.