This breakfast will drive away the hangover

Whether birthday, New Year’s Eve or wild evening with friends: There are many opportunities to sip a few glasses of wine, prosecco or other things in a relaxed atmosphere. And from time to time something is thrown overboard. You usually get the receipt a few hours later, in the form of a weak stomach plus a headache: the hangover is here!

That’s how you know you drink too much alcohol

But complaining won’t help now. But a really good hangover breakfast and plenty of water. This way you can supply your body with the most important nutrients it urgently needs to regenerate itself optimally.

Anti hangover food: Your body needs it now!

After a night of drinking not only the skull but also the belly is buzzing with hunger. No wonder, after all, your body needs new energy now to break down the alcohol and recharge its batteries.

Das Katerfrühstück vertreibt den Hangover nach der Party-Nacht A good foundation can alleviate the hangover. © oneinchpunch /

Especially minerals and electrolytes washed out by the alcohol should be added. Whether you prefer to eat something sweet or salty is entirely up to you, with salty foods driving away the hangover faster. Salt is lost through dehydration, which is caused by alcohol consumption.

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But listen to your desires during the hangover breakfast and follow them without a bad conscience. Usually your body knows itself what it can use (and keep with itself).

What does a good hangover breakfast look like?

Rollmops, matjes & co. are the classics of the hangover breakfast, the fewest get them down after a wild night. We’ve looked around for more appetizing alternatives for you, and there are plenty of them – from sweet to savory. If you need to be quick, you’d best make a quick broth and grab some pretzel pastry, which is nice and salty. Also ready in seconds: a fresh, green smoothie – perfect after a night of drinking.

10 delicious recipes for green smoothies. Try them! Grüne Smoothies sind beim Detoxen Pflicht A green smoothie is the perfect drink the next morning. © Maridav /

Does pickled herring really help against hangovers?

Yes, but this is not due to the recipe (herring roll preserved in cucumber and onion), but to the ingredients: A rollmop contains a lot of salt and magnesium, as well as protein, iodine, phosphorus and potassium. In other words, important (mineral) substances that have been removed from the body by the consumption of alcohol. But you can also replace these in other ways than by cold fish rolls. We will tell you how.

Recipe ideas for your hangover breakfast

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, or maybe you prefer the cold pizza from last night? If you can’t decide, just eat your way through. And if you’re still looking for inspiration for your hangover breakfast, we’ve got some ideas to help you after wild party nights.

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1. chocolate cocoa pancakes

Chocolate always works – even for breakfast. Especially if your body is slightly hypoglycaemic due to alcohol consumption. Our tip: fluffy chocolate pancakes. They make you forget any headaches and drive away the hangover mood.

For the double portion of chocolate happiness, you can top the American pancakes with chocolate sauce. Otherwise, fresh fruit, honey, maple syrup or jam are also suitable.

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2. omelette with vegetables and salmon

Your hangover is more in need of something hearty the morning after? Well, fire up the frying pan. The classic egg omelette gets colourful support here and is pimped again for the hangover breakfast. Tomatoes, spinach and smoked salmon go into the healthy filling. All together they provide minerals, vitamins and healthy fats.

3. Baked Oats with berries

A few oatmeal can’t hurt with a hangover breakfast. They provide high-quality carbohydrates and a lot of vegetable protein. Berries are rich in antioxidants that protect your cells. Warm from the oven with honey and almonds, we couldn’t resist the baked oats either. This recipe is just the thing:

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4. bagel with scrambled eggs and bacon

Even at the hangover breakfast it can be hot. At least when it comes to warm scrambled eggs and Siracha ketchup.

This is accompanied by crispy bacon, which spreads an irresistible aroma throughout the kitchen even while roasting. All of this provides salt, proteins and the healthy ingredients of the chillies in the sauce. The whole combination then wanders onto a bagel and you feel better.

No matter how long the evening was: Our hangover breakfast relieves all aftershocks of the humid and cheerful party and drives away the hangover in no time. Important: Drink plenty of water! We wish you a good rest.