These things you must never forget

The vacation is booked, the anticipation is huge. Only one problem remains: Pack the suitcase. Tops and shorts are not enough. After all, it could be cold or raining.

Since you can’t just shrink the contents of your wardrobe like Mary Poppins, here are the best tips on what and how to pack so that you are always perfectly equipped for your holiday.

How do I pack garments without creasing and in a space-saving manner?

There are space-saving tricks for each part, here are the best ones:

  1. Roll clothes: For many parts it is sufficient to fold the ends and roll the parts tightly together.
  2. shirts/trousers at the end fold once in the middle and lay on top. This way you save space and the parts remain safely crease-free.
  3. Long things on the flight: It’s a bit colder in the cabin anyway.
  4. Wrap socks in T-shirts . For even more space in your suitcase: Simply put small pieces, like hair ties, into your socks and roll them up with you.

  5. Fold sensitive parts together put it in an extra bag and put the bag in the case. Stuff the case around it with rolled up parts.
  6. Accessories to the sides and between the clothes.
  7. So shoes not to stain your clothes: Get shower caps and pull them over your soles!

This is the best way to do sports on vacation

How do I get my cosmetics?

Whether drugstore brand or luxury product: most of it is also available in travel size. But you can also easily refill the products in small refillable travel containers. It’s much more sustainable than buying everything twice anyway.

This way the holiday tan lasts longer

Your valuables are safely stowed away

It is safest to take your laptop, wallet and smartphone with you in your hand luggage. You should also not give up smaller valuables such as jewellery and your money. You can put earrings on a 4-hole button and then store them in the cosmetic bag. This way you will find them faster. So chains and bracelets don’t get tangled up: Thread them through straws and close them. If necessary, shorten the straw.

I’ll put this in your hand luggage

Unfortunately, we can’t protect you from lost luggage, but with the right hand luggage you will have a few worries less. Then you can get by without your real luggage for a few hours or days if necessary.

This should be on the plane:

  • Wallet
  • Toothbrush and underwear
  • Snacks for the flight
  • Moisturizing care, because of the dry air
  • Wet wipes for the hands
  • A smaller handbag
  • electrical devices like the expensive camera or the laptop

How do I manage to travel with hand luggage only?

Traveling with hand luggage only is a challenge in itself. But especially with cheaply booked flights, there are surcharges for each piece of luggage. If it’s only a week in the warm, you can get there easily with hand luggage. All you need to bring is the following clothes:

  • 2 short trousers
  • 1 skirt
  • 2 tops
  • Underwear better take one too many
  • 3 bikinis (you wear them most of the time)
  • 1 pair of mules or flip flops
  • 1 pair of sandals

With these essentials you can put together several outfits. A long pants and a light jacket for colder days, as well as sneakers can be worn on the flight.

Important: When it comes to cosmetics, really only take the small sizes with you and, if necessary, buy the essentials on holiday or use the products from the hotel. If something gets dirty, rinse it in the sink and let it dry quickly on the balcony in the sun.

Hip summer shoes

What’s the point of packing for a…

… Beach vacation?

Simple example! Most of the time you spend in swimwear anyway, which fortunately doesn’t take up much space. In case it does get colder: Wrap up long pieces of linen. Even on warm days you won’t sweat as much as in other fabrics and you can wear them if necessary. Hand luggage is thick enough.

… Sports Holiday

Leggings and Co. can be folded to save space. In addition, the activewear is usually so comfortable that you like to wear it between sports units. This leaves room in the suitcase for sports shoes and equipment.

… City trip

Muted colours can be combined well. So you can create numerous outfits from just a few pieces. You can also put on dresses: They can be rolled up especially small and you save directly on trousers.

Once again for safety: The ultimate checklist!

With a good plan you can save a lot of time and space in your suitcase! With this packing list, you will definitely have everything you need with you and still not have to be afraid of the suitcase scale:

The most important thing when packing is a good plan. With our tips, you now know how to save space and even travel with hand luggage only! Now nothing stands in the way of the perfect holiday!