These professional tricks will fix your beauty glitches

After a beauty mishap the nerves are shattered. But before you call in sick at work and write to all your friends that you are spontaneously away (duration uncertain): keep calm, don’t worry!

In this article you will learn how you can easily repair small and larger beauty problems. The experts Raphaela Hurter, Product Manager at Catrice, Kérastase expert Stefan Pauli and beauty tuber Olesja reveal their best tips for beauty emergencies!

1. lubrication alarm: what to do if the lipstick runs out?

The new lipstick looks so great, of course you want to present it to the world immediately. The matching lip liner is not at hand? Who hasn’t thought, “You can do without it.” Unfortunately not. The color runs out, and you’re out of here.

Now what? Expert Raphaela knows the answer: “Before applying, simply powder the lips with a transparent or skin-coloured powder. So nothing stands in the way of a radiant lipstick – which really holds – even without lip liner!

How to find the right lipstick

2. oops, the new foundation does not fit the skin tone at all

Every woman knows that! It is also not so easy to find the right make-up colour. If you reach for the shade next to it, the skin unfortunately quickly looks chalky (make-up too light) or orange (foundation too dark). Annoying, but not necessarily a reason to throw make-up away.

Now what? “If your make-up is too dark, you can simply dilute it with a few drops of your day cream. If the tone is too light, a bronzer will help to adjust the foundation to the skin tone,” advises Raphaela. Whew!

3. the skin looks totally dry after the make-up

Day Cream, Concealer, Foundation: For going out you have put a lot of effort into your make-up and – self-praise stinks, but never mind – it looks better than ever. To keep it that way all evening, you have to powder. You know, of course.

Problem: There’s only a fine line between just enough powder for the artwork to hold and too much of a good thing. If you get too much powder, your skin will quickly look like a dry cake. In the USA it’s appropriately named “cakey.” Is that still salvageable, or do we have to take it all down now?

Now what? Expert Raphaela’s advice: “A fixing spray not only improves the hold of the make-up, but can also be used to make the foundation supple again! In this way, it is possible to blend again and remove the excess product”. Olesja’s tip if no fixing spray is at hand: “Simply moisten a make-up sponge, dab it over the face and the excess can be spread or removed.

Apply Foundation naturally: This is how’s works

4. too many layers of nail polish: impossible to dry!

A lot helps a lot? With nail polish this is definitely not true. The fifth layer can no longer hold – if you improve your nail polish for the umpteenth time, it will end up with a tough mass that almost slips off the nails by itself and takes not only the freshly applied but also the complete nail polish down with it.

Now what? “It often helps to hold the nails under cold water for a few seconds. That way the nail polish hardens faster,” says beauty professional Raphaela. “If that doesn’t help either, harder guns have to be fired. Special “Speed Dry Drops” – for example from CATRICE – additionally support the drying process.”

5. Oops, dry shampoo not brushed properly!

In the morning the hecticness breaks out: Much too late and with your mind already at work, you try to brush your hair with dry shampoo. Looking in the office mirror, you notice the snow-white layer at the base of your hair – how unpleasant! Rinse your hair quickly in the sink? Not an option!

Now what? Stefan Pauli’s advice: “Mostly white residue is due to the fact that the dry shampoo has not been brushed out properly. So simply brush the hair vigorously afterwards.” If you don’t have a brush handy, your fingers will do it in an emergency. Massage the dry shampoo with your fingers like a real shampoo and pluck the hair back into shape afterwards.

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6. the mascara is dried out and the lashes look like fly legs

Are you one of those people who always forget half of what they buy and instead buy ten things they don’t really need? Don’t worry: You are not alone! Most people know that it’s only in the bathroom in the morning that you notice that you wanted to buy a new mascara. Now the only choice is between fly-leg lashes and no-make-up look, isn’t it? Nope.

Now what? Simply dip the bottle in hot water for a few minutes. This makes the mascara liquid again and you can apply it as usual.

Attention: “The small jar symbol on the package indicates how long the product will keep after opening,” reveals Raphaela. Expired mascara really only belongs in the barrel – otherwise there is a risk of nasty eye infections.

7. help, the eyebrows are totally plucked!

It goes so fast: Here a little bit of touching up and there a little bit of adjustment and suddenly you have plucked away too much eyebrow. Help, now you need brow power!

Now what? This is how you can save the mishap: “Brush the remaining hairs upwards and fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil,” advises Raphaela. For precise strokes, Olesja recommends a liquid eyebrow pencil. “A dark eyebrow mascara gives additional fullness and ultimately fixes the look,” says expert Raphaela. Her tip: “A special growth serum works wonders in terms of eyebrow and eyelash filling!

8. crap, the hair at home totally discolored!

Hairdressers are either too expensive, have no appointments at suitable times or both. So why not try dyeing yourself – after all, there’s plenty of choice waiting for you at the drugstore. And a few hours later’s happened: The chestnut brown turns out to be deep black, between the mahogany red the natural hair colour still shines out in big spots and the bleaching has not only sucked the natural colour out of your hair but also the whole life. Only the hairdresser can help? It’s best…

Now what? “For slight discoloration, even a wash with deep cleansing shampoo can help. Otherwise, go to a professional,” advises hairdresser Stefan Pauli. In order to conceal the discolouration until the next available appointment, Olesja recommends different hairstyles: “Best with large accessories such as hair bands or hair ornaments. An irresistible make-up draws the eye away from the hair. Besides, a simple but effective tip: Just put on a nice hat or cap!”

Colour your hair yourself like a professional

9. pony cut by myself – missed!

It can’t be that hard to cut your own bangs… Oops. Unfortunately it is! On the topic of “Cutting your own bangs” there are’s at least as many fail videos as tutorials. But of course that doesnŽt keep us from daring to do it ourselves. Did it work out? Great! If not: Follow professional advice!

Now what? “Various parting and blow-drying techniques can help. But also different hairstyles, which hide the bangs a bit, help to bridge the time until they grow back”, Olesja reassures. Stefan Pauli knows how: “Start with a thin strand of hair at the crown and twist it in along the contours of the face. “When twisting, add more and more hair. Then fix it with a nice clip.” Especially great are the trendy braces with pearl details!

Beauty snafu’s always happening. Fortunately, there is almost nothing that cannot be saved! Even total colouring disasters or a supposed horror make-up can be fixed. So take it with humor!