These products are good for you – and the environment

Would you peel your face with a grated yogurt cup? Stupid question, of course not! You don’t want to rub your body with some plastic. Uh, well, sorry. You do from time to time.

In fact, something similar happens quite often, in the form of harmful microplastics that are found in many cosmetics. As long as their use is legal and not regulated, you must take action yourself to avoid exposure. We will tell you how.

What harmful effects does microplasty have?

On the one hand, tiny plastic parts in cosmetic products pollute the environment for a very long time, because they are only broken down very slowly. On the other hand, the plastics often contain harmful substances that can not only get onto your skin but also into your body through it. The problem is that in a green packaging or behind an “organic” in the name there is not always an organic product.

How can I tell if a product contains microplastics?

Unfortunately, the term “natural cosmetics” is not protected, and very few people know the names of all harmful plastics by heart. However, the environmental protection organization Greenpeace recommends the labels of and of BDIH because these products are guaranteed free of it. They have also created this checklist of ingredients that will help you recognize microplastics.

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To make your bathroom microplastic-free, we show you here which products do not use plastics:

1. shampoo without silicones and parabens
2. plastic free shower gel
3. face creams without plastic
4. plastic-free body lotion
5. sun creams without microplastic
6. plastic-free toothpaste
7. no plastic peelings

1. shampoo also washes without silicones and parabens

Many people have been using the same shampoo for years because everyone else makes their hair strawy, dull or greasy and just doesn’t feel right. That’s why it’s especially hard to get away from such a favourite product.

But it is still worthwhile to look for natural alternatives: many shampoos without microplastics do not contain any silicones or parabens, which damage the hair and scalp of some people or even cause allergic reactions.

Refreshing shampoo from lavera

Lavera Shampoo Minze Zitronenmelisse Refreshing with mint and lemon balm: The lavera shampoo for greasy hair. © Amazon

The lavera brand produces many natural cosmetic products which you can buy without hesitation. The shampoo with lemon balm and mint foams just as well as a conventional shampoo and is particularly suitable for greasy hair.

Caring shampoo from Urtekram

Soothes the scalp: Shampoo from Urtekram with tea tree oil. © Amazon

If you are prone to dry hair or irritated scalp, you can try the care shampoo from Urtekram. It contains tea tree and lavender extracts, among other things, which soothes the scalp and gently conditions the hair.

Ecological hair soap from Savion

Nettle power for dry hair from Savion. © Amazon

Hair soaps are often particularly simple in their ingredients and therefore perfect for all those who want to shop consciously and without plastic. Due to different compositions there is something for all hair types, for example the nettle soap from Savion is suitable for normal to dry hair.

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2. plastic-free shower gel foams less, but smells great

Just because you want to avoid microplasty in the shower doesn’t mean that you have to use only dirty curd soap from now on. There is a whole range of shower gels and soaps with different scents and care properties, just go to the store and see if you like the scent.

Shower cream from Weleda

Nourishing beauty shower with pomegranate from Weleda. © Amazon

The natural brand Weleda offers shower creams without plastics. They foam a little less, but leave a great feeling of care on the skin and smell wonderful. The pomegranate wash lotion is also said to regenerate the skin particularly well and provide it with moisture.

Sustainable Aleppo Soap

Aleppo soap is DIE traditional and ecological soap. © Amazon

More discreet, but with ecological packaging and caring ingredients is the Aleppo soap. Here the smell may take some getting used to, but it is completely organic and traditionally produced.

Rich shower oil from natyr

Shower, care and scent: All in one with natyr shower oil. © Amazon

The BIO Shower oil from natyr cares for your skin particularly richly when showering and relies on natural and fairly traded ingredients from prickly pear and argan oil. In addition, no animal testing is carried out during production. It may not foam as much, but it smells great and you even save yourself the trouble of applying cream afterwards.

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3. face creams without plastic are often also vegan

With face creams it is similar to shampoo: Often you have been looking for the perfect product for years and don’t dare to try a new cream. After all, the face is particularly sensitive, so you don’t want to experiment wildly. However, you should look for a natural alternative so that the sensitive skin is not burdened with microplasty.

Vegan cream from naturschatz

Precious face cream in natural packaging from naturschatz. © Amazon

The creams from naturschatz are completely vegan and care for different skin types with natural ingredients and without mineral oils, parabens or perfumes, which SALVIA Face cream, for example, is perfect for dry skin. The packaging is also made of ecological material. The whole product is vegan, but it also costs a little more.

Regional natural cosmetics for a better skin appearance of CMD

Minerals for a better skin appearance of CMD . © Amazon

The creams from CMD are cheaper, but also contain only natural ingredients, for example the mineral cream with Rügen chalk. It is especially suitable for oily skin and helps to get rid of skin impurities. In addition, the cream mattifies a little so that you get a clearer complexion immediately.

Ecological creams and make-up from Uoga Uoga

Cosmetics and make-up for all nature lovers by Uoga Uoga. © Amazon

The Uoga Uoga brand offers ecological face creams as well as a wide range of make-up made from 100 percent natural ingredients. You can also use the vegan moisturizer as a foundation, the cherry lipstick emphasizes and cares for your lips in a completely natural way.

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4. plastic-free body lotions are available for every skin type

Unlike face and hair, you can experiment more easily with your body lotion. In general, the drier your skin, the “thicker” and richer your lotion should be. However, please note that some body oils should only be applied to moist skin, otherwise they will extract the moisture more easily.

Nourishing body oil from Primavera

Activating body care with mint and cypress from Primavera. © Amazon

For particularly dry skin, you can also use body oils such as Primavera’s. With the scent of mint and cypress, it has an invigorating effect, while almond and jojoba oil nourish your skin particularly richly, and all this with 100 percent natural ingredients.

Light Aloe Vera Care by SatinNaturel

The Aloe Vera Gel from Satin Naturel is body lotion, primer and aftersun in one. © Amazon

SatinNaturel’s nourishing gel is a little lighter. With aloe vera and hyaluronic acid it gently cares for your skin and can also be used as an after-sun lotion. It also comes in an ecologically sound glass bottle and is completely vegan.

Fairly traded body lotion from Fair Squared

Fair Trade body lotion with chocolate scent from Fair Squared. © Amazon

Fair Squared’s products are not only based on natural ingredients without parabolic or microplastic ingredients, but also on good working conditions at the producers. The body lotion with cocoa therefore not only has a certificate for a vegan and natural product, but also the Fairtrade seal. It is particularly suitable for normal or sensitive skin and cares for it with a gentle scent of cocoa butter.

5. sun creams protect reliably even without plastic

Wonderful, the summer is here and you can let the sun shine on your stomach on the beach. On a creamed stomach of course, after all you don’t want to risk wrinkles or skin cancer. But many sun creams also contain plastics or chemical sun filters.

Natural sunscreen from Suntribe

Sun protection with zinc and without environmental concerns from suntribe. © Amazon

Suntribe’s sunscreen protects against the sun with zinc oxide without containing the questionable nanoparticles. It is also waterproof and harmless to the sea and reefs, making it perfect for beach holidays. It also smells slightly of coconut and cocoa, but leaves a small white shimmer.

Vegan sun protection from Omuci

Without animal testing and without danger for corals: vegan sun cream from Omuci. © Amazon

Omuci’s sun cream is also completely natural and vegan and protects against the sun with zinc. Nevertheless, it does not leave stains on clothes or bags and is easily absorbed. It is not really waterproof, but it is absolutely harmless for beach and corals.

Reef-friendly sunscreen from New Layer

With New Layers sunscreen, you can be afraid of UV -radiation or pollution. © Amazon

New Layer sun protection not only protects the skin naturally, but also provides it with a portion of vitamin D. Furthermore, the container is made entirely from recycled material and production is completely free of animal testing. So you and the beach stay plastic-free.

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6. toothpaste should not contain plastic but fluoride

If the plastic is already in your mouth, the way to digestion is not far away. So that no harmful ingredients get into your body when you brush your teeth, you can look for a natural toothpaste. But it is important that it still contains fluoride! Numerous studies have proven that this substance is harmless in the amounts absorbed when brushing your teeth, but that it effectively protects your teeth against caries.

Safe toothpaste from Logodent

All-round protection without plastic, but with fluoride from Logodent. © Amazon

The organic toothpaste from Logodent feels like a normal toothpaste, foams easily and tastes like peppermint oil, but contains no harmful ingredients. But look carefully at the list of ingredients at Logodent, some products do not contain fluoride, you should avoid them!

Ecological dental care with happybrush

Plastic-free oral hygiene with lavender toothpaste and bamboo brushes from happybrush. © Amazon

The nature brand happybrush offers everything for ecological and animal-friendly dental care. For example, they offer a natural toothpaste with lavender flavour and without microplastics. They also sell plastic-free bamboo toothbrushes. They are completely biodegradable, but you first have to get used to the feeling of the rough handle.

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7. plastic-free peelings care for the skin naturally

Peelings are the classic in the discussion about microplastics, because the plastic particles can even be seen for once. Natural granules clean at least as well as the artificial ones.

But be careful not to use the same product for face and body. The skin on the face is much more sensitive and should not be peeled with the coarse grains, which on the other hand make the skin on the body look baby soft.

Activated carbon peeling for the face of BINU

Peeling with bamboo and coal from BINU . © Amazon

As a facial scrub you can use the vegan facial soap from BINU It contains activated charcoal and bamboo and is intended primarily for oily skin. The soap is suitable for face and body, but because of the higher price we recommend to use it only for face.

Gentle face scrub from Cattier

Soft and ecological peeling with Cattier healing clay. © Amazon

Cattier’s peeling contains white healing earth and cleanses the facial skin particularly gently, making it suitable for more sensitive types. With a slight smell of mint, it gently improves the skin texture and is slightly less expensive.

Ayurveda body peeling from Rituals

Exotic peeling experience with rituals. © Amazon

For the body you can try Ritual of Ayurveda Body Scrub by Rituals. With Himalayan salt you clean and care for your skin and afterwards you smell of Indian rose and almond oil. With the brand Rituals you should pay special attention to the ingredients, some other products contain microplastics!

Noble body scrub from Caudalíe

Noble body care without environmental concerns from Caudalíe. © Amazon

The Caudalíe Divine Scrub also does not use plastic and provides the skin with particularly intensive care with grape, argan, hibiscus and sesame oil. The fragrance is the trademark of Caudalíe and is particularly noble and at the same time discreet.

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Switching to plastic-free cosmetics is first of all a change, because many things do not foam as much or leave a different skin feeling. You can choose how much you want to invest in terms of price. There are alternative products that are hardly more expensive than the usual ones and luxury products that require you to dig deeper into your pockets.