These new Activity Trackers will get you moving!

“500 more steps and you will reach your goal for the day.” When the coach on your wrist says that, the decision is made GEGEN the couch and FÜR a little walk at the end of the day would be a lot easier. Because you will be rewarded afterwards not only with a achieved daily goal, but also with a good sports conscience.

Fitness wristbands, also called activity trackers or wearables, are very trendy right now. They are small, smart and sporty and therefore fit perfectly into a health-conscious lifestyle. In addition to steps, the trackers can also count calories or kilometers and tickle your ambition. Who does not enjoy topping their performance from day to day?

Do you want to buy such a smart bracelet? Here you can find a comparison of the current models and purchase advice!

What are fitness bracelets?

Fitness bracelets or wearables are small computers that are worn on the wrist. They differ from a watch in that they do not have the usual watch construction with a dial or similar, but rather look more like bracelets due to their narrow design. They also have more functions than a watch. Depending on their features, they can count steps, measure sleep duration, pulse and calories or even record the exact distance and pace.

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What features does my tracker need?

Which fitness bracelet is best for you depends on what you want to use your bracelet for. Because different functions are relevant depending on the purpose. So before you buy, ask yourself: What do I want from my fitness tracker? Here are some possible answers:

“I want to know how active I am during the day”

Your bracelet should accompany you through the day and diligently collect data. A simple activity tracker with a Pedometer . If you want to find out the exact number of kilometers, look for a GPS -connection . Especially if you wear the band at work, a narrow and unobtrusive design recommended. Some trackers are also available with fancy Jewellery band .

“I want to lose weight and be motivated to exercise more”

The Wearable is supposed to help you overcome your inner bastard? Then the regular Motion reminder the most important feature. It reminds you to take a few steps regularly and rewards you when you have reached your individual daily goal. The best way to manage the collected data is then to use well-structured app where you can chart your progress. Also motivating is a Calorie counter .

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“I want to record my training”

Some fitness watch bands are so well equipped that they can easily pass for a sports watch. Besides the GPS is the measurement of the Heart rate advantageous, because then you can train according to pulse values. In addition, make sure that the pulse rate is as high as possible. Water resistance so that the tape is resistant to rain and sweat. Speaking of sweat: Also Interchangeable wristbands are recommended for sports use.

What else should you look for when buying a fitness bracelet?

As big as the mass of fitness tracker providers is, so big are the differences in quality. Pay attention to the following criteria when selecting products:

  • Processing: The wristband, usually made of plastic or silicone, should feel valuable and be well assembled with the fasteners and the display case.
  • Connectivity: Before doing so, make sure that your smartphone operating system is compatible with the Wearable. Also check how well you like the look of the app, if there is one.
  • Battery life: Fitness wristbands are also popular because, unlike the Smartwatch, they can run for a very long time without having to connect to the charger cable. However, the more features the device has, the shorter the battery life.

Fitness wristbands are light and affordable motivational tools for everyday life. It’s worth comparing the different functions before buying, because the right tracker can help you analyse your movement patterns and make your everyday life more active.