These jackets are totally hip in winter 2019 / 2020

The temperature is falling, the winter is slowly showing its cold side. To help you get through the cold season in style, here are the winter jacket trends 2019/2020!

It’s getting cold outside! Once the temperatures start to drop, winter is not long in coming. And then the same question will come up in many years to come: Which winter jacket is at the same time super-stylish and keeps you nice and warm?

So that you are perfectly prepared for the cold days, we have selected the best winter jackets of the season. Which ones they are and how you style them, we tell you here.

Which winter jackets are in 2019/2020?

There is hardly a greater choice of jackets than in winter. But what style is actually trendy this season? From down jackets to fur and wool coats – this winter there is a lot on offer.

We guarantee: These must-haves not only look great, but also keep you cuddly warm!

1. down jackets in XXL

The down jacket is the classic among winter jackets. That’s why it is available in all possible variations – from long coats and oversized cuts to the classic designs. The great thing about the buffer jacket is that it keeps you warm even in icy temperatures and the deepest winter. No worries: For animal lovers, the jacket is also available with an alternative lining made of synthetic fibre.

Styling tip: To XL -down jacket you best choose a narrow cut trousers like leggings or skinny jeans. This way the figure will not get lost.

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2nd Teddy Coats are the super trend

No one can get past plush teddy fur this winter. On Instagram the trend material can already be seen on numerous influencers. It doesn’t matter if it is a jacket or a coat – the main thing is teddy fur! The nice thing about faux fur is that no animals have to suffer for it. Not you the cute teddy bears.

Styling tip: Teddy fur keeps you so warm that it is best to just pull a thin sweater under it – otherwise the thick jacket will quickly look too bulky and bulging.

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3. leather and denim jackets are also wearable in winter

This year you can also wear a leather jacket in winter. Isn’t it too cold? Nope – thanks to the fur lining, the leather jacket is winter-proof and keeps you nice and warm even in sub-zero temperatures. The same goes for the denim jacket. A sewn-in faux fur not only looks cool, but also keeps you especially warm without having to wear a thick jacket.

Styling tip: If the jacket is cut slightly oversized a thick sweater fits under it. So you can’t get cold at all. A cuddly scarf, woolly hat and boots make the winter outfit perfect!

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4. fake fur coats are particularly chic this season

Just bring out your inner diva and wear fur jackets and coats. But of course without real fur! You are now asking yourself what is the difference between fake fur and teddy coat? It is not clearly defined: Teddy fur is only a subspecies. Fake fur comes in all kinds of variations. Short or plush, white or brown, mottled with an animal print or in brightly coloured bright colours.

Styling tip: The fake fur coat looks cool with jeans and sneakers, chic with skirt and boots.

5. classic woollen coats are going big this winter

From Paris to New York, this trend was on the catwalks at all the major shows for this autumn/winter season: Extra wide coats. Ankle-length and with wide shoulders they are an absolute must-have. The keyword is: 80s!

Styling tip: Because there is so much space underneath, the oversized models are ideal for the onion look. T-shirt, sweater and cardigan fit loosely underneath – without the jacket falling funny. So the cold definitely has no chance!

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Just as autumn ends in terms of weather, winter usually continues: rainy and cold days. And what do you wear best to be prepared for them? A winter jacket that is not only warm, but also literally won’t leave you out in the rain.

Many down jackets repel water and are therefore practical – especially with a hood. Fake-fur and wool coats keep you cuddly warm – but are more suitable on dry days and for going out, because they make every outfit more elegant. As an option, it is advisable to always have an umbrella with you.

Whether you choose the cuddly teddy coat or the down jacket to fight the cold: With these stylish winter jackets you are always perfectly prepared for the winter. So the cold cannot harm you!