These cocktails also convince without alcohol

In times when superfoods are booming and a healthy lifestyle is more popular than ever, mocktails are absolutely in vogue. We explain what a mocktail actually is and provide you with recipes to make it yourself.

What is a mocktail?

A mocktail is basically nothing more than a cocktail without alcohol. For the name the term “cocktail” was combined with the English word “to mock”, which means fake, forgery or imitation.

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They’re just overpriced fruit juice blends, you think? Nope. Mocktails are definitely worth their money, because the “Virgin versions” of Caipi & Co. are not only for pregnant women.

What ingredients go into a mocktail?

Alcohol has no place in a mocktail, that much is clear. With everything else, you can let your imagination run wild. Similar to the classic cocktail, the non-alcoholic drinks are created by mixing fruit or vegetable juices, pureed fruit, syrups and soft drinks. Spices are also suitable to give the delicious non-alcoholic cocktails a very special note.

Genießen Sie ein paar Mocktails zusammen mit Ihren Freunden Whether fruity or tart: everything that tastes good is allowed in mocktail mixing © Jacob Lund /

What is used to replace the taste of alcohol?

Basically, the mocktail trend is not just about replacing alcohol, but about conjuring up completely new taste creations in the glass. Some spirits have little taste of their own anyway, so that their absence from the cocktail is hardly noticeable. And for the rest, fruity, sweet or sour notes help to create completely new taste experiences.

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Also helpful are syrups that imitate the taste of various liqueurs. However, these are usually only available in well-assorted supermarkets or in specialist shops.

Are mocktails healthier than cocktails?

A cocktail without alcohol has a number of advantages, after all, alcohol is calorically thick as a fist behind the ears: A gin and tonic (200 millilitres) provides around 140 kilocalories and a mojito (300 millilitres) even has a proud 215 kilocalories. But alcohol has even more unhealthy side effects: It depletes your body of water, leaving your skin looking pale and gray.

Sleep is also disturbed, the immune system is weakened and you kill a few brain cells with every sip, because alcohol is and remains a nerve poison.

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If you replace the alcoholic drinks on cocktail evenings with the girls more often with mocktails, it looks quite different. At least as far as the recovery time and the hangover afterwards are concerned. But even the non-alcoholic drinks are not really healthy.

Less alcohol, more sugar: sugar trap mocktail?

Juices, syrups and soft drinks – the main ingredients of a non-alcoholic cocktail – are real sugar bombs. To avoid the sugar and calorie trap, you need to invest some time. Lemonades and syrups are just as easy to make yourself. There are many recipes for them. Of course, you should also keep an eye on the sugar content. But if you make it yourself, you can control it better and reduce it if necessary.

Cocktails ohne Alkohol sind nicht schlechter als das Original Mocktails do not contain alcohol, but unfortunately a lot of sugar © Jacob Lund /

There are also many mocktail recipes that use few ingredients and little added sugar without compromising the taste. Our tip: puree fresh fruit and mix it with, for example, lemon juice (which by nature has a lower sugar content than other fruit juices) or mint. With mineral water and crushed ice, you can conjure up a simple and healthy mocktail in no time.

5 recipes for mocktails that you will love

For the next cocktail party you can leave the spirits on the left. Few ingredients, fewer calories, no alcohol but at least as much taste. With these recipes you will become a mocktail queen:

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1. non-alcoholic mango mojito

A cocktail night without a mojito? Unthinkable! Fresh mango, pureed with mint and lemon juice, provides the extra kick here. The whole thing is topped off with mineral water and crushed ice. This way, a few ingredients – and no extra sugar – make a healthy drink that you can sip all evening.

2nd Virgin Piña Colada

Piña Colada almost tastes like a holiday. The secret in this recipe: the frozen banana. Together with pineapple, coconut milk and yoghurt, it makes a creamy Piña Colada – just as you know it. Only without alcohol.

3. grapefruit-rosemary drink

In terms of colour we are already addicted to this combination anyway. But the drink does not only look nice, but also convinces in taste. Normally we only know rosemary with potatoes, vegetables or meat. But here it proves that it also perfectly complements the slightly bitter note of grapefruit.

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4. shirley temple without alcohol

This mocktail also proves that only a few ingredients are needed to create a delicious, non-alcoholic cocktail that your friends will remember for a long time. Grenadine provides the beautiful red colour. Add lemon juice, ginger ale, home-brewed sugar syrup and some orange zest for the eye.

5th mocktail recipe: blueberry mojito

A Mojito variant with which you alone attract all the attention in terms of colour. The blueberries are accompanied by some mint, which makes the non-alcoholic drink nice and fresh. Only coconut blossom sugar is used for sweetening. You can adjust the amount according to taste or leave it out.

Mocktails are the healthier cocktails

Mocktails are a great alternative for all those who either don’t like alcohol or are not allowed to drink it for certain reasons. If you avoid sugar syrups or soft drinks, you will also save a lot of calories and can drink one or two more mocktails without having a guilty conscience.