These are the most innovative food novelties 2018

The Good Food Award is a guarantee for good food. Since 2016, we have been using it to distinguish the best food from the supermarket in around 30 different categories. In order to give the whole thing a new twist in the third year, this time we have fully concentrated on innovations in the food sector.

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In addition to the quality of the product, other criteria also decided who received the award, such as special social commitment on the part of the manufacturing company or its demands on and specifications for the manner of production. Furthermore, the award was given to products that created a completely new category and to already known foods that were made from other, unusual ingredients. But read for yourself. Have fun with the winners of the Good Food Awards 2018 – Curtain up!

Whether high in protein or low in carbohydrates: these foods have it all © PR

1. lactose-free: Skyr from Minus L

Finally, the popular protein quark in the Icelandic style is now also available in a lactose-free version. The extra-fine, slightly sour taste and creamy consistency have convinced all along the line. The jury gave the high protein content (11 grams) and the low fat content (only 0.2 percent) a big plus. Skyr is also a great source of calcium – just a 200-gram portion covers a third of your daily needs.

Package size: 400 grams, price: around 1.30 Euro

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2. muesli: sprouted Carob-POWER -Muesli from Goodsport

If grain has germinated, it contains many times more protein, vitamins and minerals. Only germinated seeds were used for this muesli. Because it is so rich in nutrients, it is ideal as an energy supplier for athletes, but also provides the basis when top mental performance is required in the office.

Package size: 500 grams, price: around 9 Euro

3. low carb: Mozzarella wrap from Bavaria

This has really never been seen before: a gluten-free and low-carbohydrate wrap made of mozzarella – a real innovation in the refrigerated section. However, you don’t eat it like a wrap, it’s best eaten like one: Roll out the wrap, cover it, roll it up again and cut it into 2 cm wide pieces. This will give you small round mozzarella morsels that you can either quickly nibble away yourself or serve to guests as a party snack or appetizer.

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The rolled out mozzarella plate is also excellent for baking casseroles.

Package size: 130 grams, price: for EUR 1.50

Only innovative products are put on this table © PR

4. nut smoothie: cashew shake from Nature Tom

Until now, only fruit-based smoothies were known, at best with a small proportion of vegetables. This drink is now the first of its kind based on nuts. It tastes delicious and is nutritious, provides quick energy after exercise or serves as a quick breakfast. You should not confuse the shake with a drink – thanks to its 435 calories it is a complete small meal and makes you feel full.

Package size: 500 millilitres, price: by 3 Euro

5. pesticide-free: Emmental from Goldsteig

Cheese as innovation? No, of course not that. Still, Emmental can score points and win a trophy. Manufacturer Goldsteig focuses on sustainability and prohibits all supplying farmers from using the weed killer glyphosate. This agent is suspected of causing cancer and is also considered to be partly responsible for the worldwide death of insects. This cheese is produced without genetic engineering, and feed from overseas is not used. This is sustainable, environmentally friendly production.

Emmentaler is available in pieces and in practical slices – mozzarella produces Goldsteig according to the same principle as Swiss cheese.

Package size: 400 grams, price: around 4 Euro

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6. protein powder: Goat Whey from LSP Sports Nutrition

You do not like the special aroma of goat cheese? No problem – Goat-Whey passed the taste test in our editorial office with flying colours, because it leaves only a very slight hint of goat on the tongue. In addition, the testers judged the powder to be much more digestible than the cow’s milk variant. And: Goat-Whey convinces with the fact that it consists of only 3 ingredients – with many other varieties the list of ingredients hardly fits on the can.

Package size: 600 grams, price: around 25 Euro

Broth, biscuits and muesli in a different way © PR

7th trend drink: Organic drinking broth from Escoffier

Probably the most original superfood is celebrating a revival: as a new trend drink, broth is conquering the world’s metropolises, making coconut water, coffee & co. look pretty old. These 3 broths (vegetable, chicken and beef) from Escoffier can be enjoyed to go for the first time – cold or hot. For the latter, simply unscrew the lid, heat the broth in the microwave and then enjoy. The drinking broth is not only delicious, but also really light, with just 6 calories per 100 millilitres.

Package size: 235 millilitres, price: around 2 euros

Broth is really so healthy

8. snacking without remorse: protein guys from KICHERKERL

Eating cookies without a guilty conscience? No problem with Protein-Kerlen: The innovative Soft-Cookies contain neither sugar (but xylitol) nor wheat flour, hardly any fat and only a few carbohydrates. Instead, they score points with plenty of vegetable protein and healthy fibre from chickpeas. We are particularly fond of the chocolate variety, the taste of which reminds us of mini-brownnies.

Package size: 120 grams, price: around 4 Euro

9. healthy soy: protein flakes from Foodspring

Soya flakes are often the main ingredient of protein mueslis, because they are incredibly rich in protein and fibre. So are the protein flakes from Foodspring, which provide a whopping 53 percent protein and 21 percent fibre. The innovation? The phytoestrogen content of the vegetable flakes could be reduced by 90 percent by means of a natural process. The protein flakes come from 100 percent German organic soy, and are also produced without genetic engineering.

Package size: 300 grams, price: around 10 Euro

There is no room for conventional foods here © PR

10th vegan snack: hummus sandwich from Wasa

Vegan, hearty snacks are (still) in short supply in the supermarket, and a handful of nuts is not always the right thing to eat. This nibble sandwich with hummus is available in a triple pack and is perfect as a quick snack when you’re on the go. The crispbread is made from wholemeal rye flour, contains just under 18 grams of fibre per 100 grams. Together with the creamy hummus it makes a healthy snack, free of preservatives and additives of any kind.

Package size: 3 x 20 grams, price: around 2 Euro

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11. meat substitute: Sunflower mince from Sunflower

There really has never been anything like this before: a vegan minced meat alternative made from 100 percent sunflowers. This is not only extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly, it also tastes great and was found to be good and deceptively genuine by the meat fans in our editorial office. The fact that it is soya-free was considered a further plus point by many.

And it’s also very easy to prepare: simply pour water over it, heat it up and then use it like real minced meat, for example for bolognese sauces, lasagne or meatballs. The sunflower mince is available pure and in 3 combinations with spice mixtures: chili sin carne, bolognese, mushroom pan.

Package size: 76 grams, price: around 4 Euro

12. vegan dessert: hemp pudding from soyade

Pudding in healthy? That works! This cream is made from hemp seeds and is therefore a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. The organic cocoa is fairly traded, all ingredients come from local producers in France. The hemp is also grown there. What’s more, everyone who delivers the product is trained to drive in a fuel-efficient manner, thus reducing vehicle emissions by 10 percent.

Package size: 2 x 100 grams, price: around 2 Euro

Those who consciously shop do not only do something good for themselves but also for the environment © PR

13th regional: Home Sweet Honeycomb from Ben & Jerry’s

With the purchase of the new variety Home Sweet Honeycomb you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for others, because: Ben & Jerry’s supports the Union Resettlement Framework The EU -Among other things, the draft law aims to create safe escape routes for particularly vulnerable persons.

As if that were not enough, half of the honey used for the ice cream will be provided by the Munich start-up Nearbees: With every purchase, consumers support local beekeepers and contribute on the way to more biodiversity and a flourishing nature. And of course to good honey. Pretty sweet, pretty crunchy, pretty creamy and ziiiemlich delicious – that’s the best way to describe this ice cream, it melts on the tongue.

Package size: 500 millilitres, price: around 7 euros

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14. new milk alternative: flaxseed milk from Ooomega

Soy milk or nut milk has been around for a long time, but this one, based on linseed oil, also contains a lot of alpha-linolenic acid. 1 glass (240 milliliters) covers 60 percent of the requirement for omega-3 fatty acids. The linseed drink contains the rarely found vitamins D and B12, and in terms of calcium it can also be taken up with cow’s milk.

Package size: 1 liter, price: around 2.50 Euro

Chicken chips? Liquid salt? 2018 will bring some novelties © PR

15th chip alternative: Chicken chips from Grillido

The absolute hammer in terms of taste – and a real world first: a special drying process almost completely removes the water from the meat, ensuring a crispy consistency. The list of ingredients is crisply short and free of additives. But the best thing is the nutritional value: this crisps alternative contains a full 77 percent protein, 7 percent fat and only 0.5 percent carbohydrates – and is therefore also ideal as a snack for paleo and keto fans.

Package size: 25 grams, price: around 3.50 Euro

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16. for on the road: fitness quark from Mein Q

Q like curd in a squeeze bag – that’s just for kids? Not at all! This quark cream is especially beneficial for athletes and people who want to lose weight, because a Quetschi contains 90 grams of pure protein power, which you can now enjoy on the go. In addition, the healthy protein shot provides little fat, hardly any carbohydrates and only 61 calories per sachet – just the way we like it!

Package size: 90 grams, price: around 1 Euro

17. practical: spray salt from Bad Reichenhaller

Himalayan salt, Fleur de Sel & Co – salt comes in an infinite number of varieties. But do you know salt for spraying? This innovative product contains pure natural salt from the Alps, which spreads as a fine mist on the food. The advantage over a salt shaker is that the liquid salt is distributed much more evenly and binds more quickly with the food, so that you need less salt overall.

Package size: 120 millilitres, price: around 5 Euro

These new foods are definitely worth their money. Many products promise to be innovative, but only very few food innovations really have something of high quality and unique about them.