These are the 7 worst metabolic brakes

While the “good feed converters” among us can eat what they want, the “bad feed converters” gain weight very easily. The reason for this is our metabolism, also called metabolism. Metabolism is – simply put – the components of the food we eat, such as fats and carbohydrates, which serve the body as energy suppliers.

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A fast metabolism is especially advantageous if you want to lose weight. But age, sex and also nutrition determine how effectively the metabolic processes in our body take place. If you have a rather slow metabolism, you still do not have to accept your fate. This can be caused by certain foods or habits with which you unconsciously slow down your metabolism so unnoticed.

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In order to boost your metabolism, you should avoid these metabolic brakes in everyday life:

1. they eat too little protein

Protein-rich foods are DIE Metabolic booster par excellence. Why? Your body has to expend a lot of energy to break down the proteins into their components, the amino acids. The effort involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats is much less. Protein also satiates for a long time, as it remains in the stomach for a long time, thus preventing ravenous appetite.

Gebackene Avocado mit Ei Eggs are excellent protein suppliers © Anna Shepulova /

It also regulates your blood sugar level so that it does not go on a roller coaster ride due to fluctuating insulin levels. Another plus point, because the hormone insulin can paralyse your fat burning.

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Your metabolism is effectively stimulated by eating eggs, fish and meat, tofu and pulses.

2. you paralyze your metabolism with too much sugar

Everyone knows that sugar is unhealthy and does not help you lose weight. The reason: sugar bombs, like soft drinks and sweets, slow down your metabolism. After eating a pack of jelly babies, your body is literally flooded with sugar and your blood sugar level rises rapidly.

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The pancreas then releases insulin. The hormone ensures that the sugar from the blood reaches the cells where it is needed.

Zuckerbombe Gummibärchen Jelly babies are basically just sugar and that is poison for your body © kirill_makarov /

It can happen that the pancreas “overshoots the mark” a little and in the end too little sugar remains in the blood. The result: hypoglycaemia. Concentration and performance decrease and ravenous appetite attacks are the result.

3. they inhibit the metabolic activity by irregular meals

If you opt for “dinner cancelling” when losing weight, you are more likely to achieve the opposite: if you skip whole meals or eat very irregularly, your metabolism slows down.

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After all, your body is dependent on a regular supply of nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins to keep vital metabolic processes going. If you fail to do this “refill” and do not supply enough calories every day, the body switches to economy mode.

Es gibt zahlreiche natürliche Lebensmittel, die Ihren Stoffwechsel pushen und so beim Abnehmen helfen A bowl of oatmeal with yoghurt and fruit is ideal for breakfast © David Prado Perucha /

Especially in the morning it is important to supply the body with new energy, as your stores were emptied overnight. A healthy breakfast is now a must, preferably a combination of high-quality proteins (for example from eggs, yoghurt or quark) and complex carbohydrates, in the form of wholemeal bread or oatmeal.

Eat breakfast at the latest 2 hours after getting up to boost your metabolism.

4. you do not drink enough water

Unbelievable but true: our body consists of about 70 percent water. Without the liquid fuel, almost nothing runs in our body, because water is needed for numerous, vital metabolic processes. However, if you drink too little water, your metabolism slows down automatically, because it is on a low flame due to the lack of water. Just think about your digestion: water stimulates it, without water there is a risk of constipation.

8 causes of digestive problems Trinken ist wichtig, vor allem im Sommer Do not forget to drink enough – and do so daily! © Jacob Lund /

How much water should I drink daily? 30 to 40 ml of water per kilogram body weight. Example: You weigh 60 kilos? Then an average of 2.1 litres of water per day (1.8-2.4 l) is ideal for you. In summer and when you do a lot of sport, your fluid requirement increases even more.

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5. too much alcohol inhibits your metabolism

If you want to lose a few kilos, it is best to avoid alcohol. There are several reasons for this: Alcohol is a real calorie bomb. Want an example? A glass (0.2 l) of red wine can produce around 170 kcal, a glass (0.2 l) of sparkling wine 160 kcal. Even worse are cocktails and long drinks like Caipirinha or Cuba Libre.

Legen Sie öfter mal eine Alkoholpause ein Drinking less alcohol has many positive effects on our body © AndreyCherkasov /

In addition, the alcohol literally paralyses your metabolism. After a glass of wine, your body is primarily busy breaking down alcohol. Carbohydrate and fat metabolism come to an almost complete standstill. The sugar in sparkling wine & co. also causes your insulin level to rise rapidly and fall back into the cellar even faster.

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In other words: Your metabolism is slowed down by alcohol, your fat burning is inhibited.

6. you eat too much junk food

Not only do burgers and fries have lots of calories, but your body can hardly extract any useful nutrients from junk food. You will not find any essential vitamins, fibres etc. here. What you will find are additives of all kinds, as well as many unhealthy, saturated fatty acids. Fat inhibits our metabolism and makes digestion slow and sluggish.

Nobody has to forbid themselves a burger, but you should not eat fast food every day © Bogdan Sonjachnyj /

Even worse are the so-called trans fats, which are produced, for example, during deep-frying. They increase blood fat levels, raise your cholesterol level and even increase the risk of cancer.

7. you do not exercise enough

Sitting for long periods and generally too little movement in everyday life are the worst metabolic brakes of all. During such breaks the body shuts down its activity mode and the metabolism slows down. As a result, your muscles burn fewer calories and you gain weight faster. The solution: exercise!

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Sport is simply the best and most effective way to stimulate a slow metabolism. A mix of strength and endurance training is ideal. This not only allows you to burn fat, but also to build muscles at the same time. Muscles have the advantage that they consume energy even when resting. More muscles thus increase your basal metabolic rate.

Tipps fürs Krafttraining Strong is the new skinny: Muscles are not only sexy, they also help you lose weight © Jacob Lund /

Which of these 7 metabolic brakes lurk in your everyday life? With your new knowledge, you can now easily get your metabolism up to speed. All you need to remember is: lots of exercise, little sugar and alcohol, lots of protein, no fast food and always drink enough water – that is basically the secret of a fast metabolism.