These are the 5 best straightening irons on the market!

When hair is bouncing in all directions in the morning or when a special occasion is coming up in the evening, many people like to reach for a straightening iron. To prevent the hair from being damaged by heat styling, a high-quality appliance is a must. You know of course, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up with our test.

But you are probably asking yourself whether it is worth spending a lot of money on a straightening iron or whether a cheap device will do the job. We have tested stylers in different price ranges to help you find the best straightening iron.

For explanation: A product can earn a maximum of 5 stars per test category and in the worst case only one star. In the general overview below you will find the test results of all straightening irons in comparison.

GHD -Smoothing Iron Experience Report

Giuliana Ventura tests the “Gold Styler” from GHD for 199 Euro

“My hair is long, rather slightly wavy and rather dry. I straighten it every now and then in everyday life to create different looks or for special occasions. However, I tend to use straightening irons on a whim, not every day. It’s just been too much time on my hands so far.

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What does the manufacturer promise?

Smoother, more supple and healthy hair thanks to dual-zone technology, two heat sensors and an optimal styling temperature of constant 185 degrees Celsius. It is designed to heat up in 25 seconds for versatile, kink-free and easy styling. For added safety, the styler automatically switches to sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use. In addition, further styling such as curls and waves should also be possible with the GHD -Stylers may be possible.

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Straightening iron review: Does the “Gold Styler” from GHD what he promises?

“A first plus is for heating up. In any case, the 25 seconds promised by the manufacturer apply here. The iron is nice and narrow, but the material is also a bit slippery. That’s why I’m still a bit hesitant at first. But after a short acclimatisation a swing is enough and the strand is smooth. I always take one about two finger-wide sections after the other. And even though I separate the hair so meticulously, the straightening is much faster than I am used to with other tools. Wow!

Because the iron is nicely rounded, you can also use it to style waves into your hair. But I need much more time for this than with a curling iron. But this is only because I still have to practice the right technique. What I noticed positively when curling: The outside of the straightening iron gets warm, but not so hot that you can’t touch it. By the way, you can’t adjust the temperature.

The GHD -Researchers have proven that 185 degrees Celsius is the ideal styling temperature for styling hair perfectly without damaging it. I can confirm this! My hair feels great even after weeks of testing. But I always use heat protection.

But there is one catch: the cooling down process takes quite a long time. Maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but I wait at least 10 minutes until the iron is only slightly warm in my hand. “I don’t dare leave the house until it’s warm.

Conclusion: “The iron doesn’t need a lot of frills, is super easy to use, heats up very quickly and is nice and light in the hand. I can recommend it to others, even though I find the cooling time quite long and despite the high price, the device doesn’t have as many extras. But it does what it promises: gentle and fast styling, whether smooth or curly. At this rate, I’m gonna style my hair more often from now on!”

Brown smoothing iron in test

Claudia Sommer tests the “Satin Hair 7 SensoCare straightening iron” from Braun for 99 Euro

“I have very thick and relatively straight hair. So I only need to straighten it when it has become independent overnight and I get up a little tousled. Otherwise I mainly use a straightening iron when I want to style waves or curls. I find the result more natural than with a curling iron.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

Braun’s “Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Straightener” scans the hair while straightening. Special sensors built into the ceramic plates of the straightening iron are designed to detect the moisture content and condition of each strand of hair. The temperature is adjusted 20 times per second to avoid unnecessary stress on the hair.

Does iron keep its promise?

“The device sits comfortably in the hand, and I was surprised how light it is. The ceramic plates heat up in less than a minute and glide easily through the hair. It also cools down almost as quickly. But the outer tip stays cold. This makes it possible to touch the front of the straightening iron without burning your fingers. Perfect if you want to style curls like me. I also like the rounded edges. The waves look very natural and don’t have any unattractive creases.

The special thing: While I am pulling a strand, the display gives feedback on the speed and residual moisture of the strand. Damp hair should not be straightened. Straightening hair for too long puts a strain on it, too fast has little effect. But since I don’t look at the display during use, I can’t get anything out of the feedback function. It doesn’t matter, because even with one or two strokes I get perfectly straight hair – and the temperature adjusts automatically anyway.

Speaking of adjustment: The iron can even be programmed correctly, a user profile then shows how long and thick the hair is and whether it is coloured. I think that’s a cool feature!”

Conclusion: “Since my hair still feels beautifully soft and smooth even after weeks of regular use, I am convinced that it is gentle on my hair. As I have become a huge fan of the rounded edges, I would recommend the straightening iron to any girlfriend who would like to bring waves and volume to her hair. But the straightening also works great.”

Cloud Nine: Flat Iron Review

Kathleen Schmidt-Prange tests “The Touch” from Cloud Nine for 160 Euros

“My hair is long and naturally quite straight. I only straighten it when it is particularly unruly and simply does not fall nicely. On special occasions I like to make curls with the straightening iron. I expect from a good appliance that my hair does not hang down dry and limp afterwards, but shines and still has volume. I also wish that I don’t have to walk over a spot umpteen times to get it straight and that I can make curls well with it”.

What is promised?

The world’s first fully automatic styling iron that is immediately ready for use after insertion. The temperature can be adjusted with a click system:

a) Click the plates together 1 time 195 degrees (thick, normal hair)

b) Click the plates together 3 times for 165 degrees (fine hair)

c) click 2 times and it is 195 degrees again

Can “The Touch” convince in a straightening iron comparison?

“It keeps what it promises: I insert the iron, fold the plates once, and within 1 second it has the operating temperature of 195 degrees. Even the smoothing itself is lightning fast! Once over and that was’s. Top! The iron fits perfectly in the hand, is comparatively light and has a 360 degree freely rotating cable.

Caution: The hair is very, very hot immediately after straightening. If I hold the strand at the bottom while straightening it and then reach up to straighten it over again, it is uncomfortable. It’s good that you only have to go over with the cloud once. So the problem takes care of itself.

The hair feels super good and looks even better: great shine, ultra smooth. Thanks to the rounded full ceramic plates I can also twist curls wonderfully – even if I have smoothed the strand before. That somehow never works for me. After 30 seconds of inactivity the device switches itself off. There is no off button, no other buttons to press, everything is automatic. But it takes a few minutes until the iron is really cold.

Conclusion: “I am thrilled and can definitely recommend the iron to others! I like the buttonless operation, the fixed readiness for use and the great shine after smoothing. Sure, it is really expensive. But it’s money well spent, and it’s not every day you buy a straightening iron.

Philips straightening iron: Field report

Sarah Parzer tests the “Moisture-Protect-Smoothing Iron” from Philips for 85 Euro

“My hair is shoulder-length and by nature already relatively straight, but it always turns outwards due to its length. I do not like that. That’s why I straighten my hair about every third day, whenever my hair is freshly washed. That usually lasts until the next wash.

Sometimes I make beach waves. Therefore it is important to me that I can form curls well with a straightening iron. It should also heat up as quickly as possible and be easy to hold. A manual temperature control is also important, because my hair needs a lot of heat to be tamed”.

What does the manufacturer promise?

It is promised to gently straighten the hair and prevent it from drying out. Sensors are to determine the ideal temperature for the hair structure. A special ion technology is to prevent electrically charged hair.

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Straightening iron review: Does the Moisture-Protect device keep all promises?

“The straightening iron is extremely light. The appearance is very attractive and it fits well in the hand. The iron heats up quite quickly and cools down quickly. The manufacturer recommends a temperature setting of 175 degrees for my hair structure. However, this is not enough and I had to increase it to 200 degrees as there are only three settings (150, 175, 200 degrees).

Despite the high temperature I have to separate very thin sections and glide over the strands three or four times to make them really smooth. This means that I need a little longer than usual. On the other hand, the result is really good and I don’t have to re-smooth until the next wash. The hair is definitely not affected and feels very soft.

The integrated ion technology ensures that the hair does not become charged. Really works! The shape is not optimal for curls, but beach waves could be shaped very well with it”.

Conclusion: “The hair is optimally protected, I like that. The smoothing result is good and lasts a very long time – but only if I work very thoroughly and smooth out several times. I would therefore only recommend the straightening iron if you want to straighten particularly gently and would like to invest more time for this”.

Remington flat iron: Review

Tove Hortmann tests the “Air Plates Compact” from Remington for 49 Euro

“I have rather straight hair with very slight waves, especially in the tips. The ends get dry and split quickly, so it is important to me that a straightening iron does not put unnecessary strain on the hair. Because I only occasionally smooth or curl, I want an iron that is easy to handle – whether for smoothing or curling”.

The manufacturer promises

A compact straightener that styles straight to curly looks as well as a “normal size” straightener. Thanks to the innovative styling plate suspension of REMINGTON the styling plates adapt optimally to the hair area and thus provide efficient styling results. Ready to start at 200 degrees in just 30 seconds.

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Straightening iron review: Does the “Air Plates Compact” keep all promises?

“As soon as I release the transport lock, the device heats up and actually reaches the promised 200 degrees within a minute. Unfortunately it is not possible to set a different temperature. At first I was afraid that the iron could damage my hair. In fact, even after several weeks of testing, they still feel quite soft and look healthy.

The real highlight: The 10 centimetre long “styling plates” (i.e. what gets hot on the product) are not fixed to the housing, but “hang” freely in the housing. This has two advantages: On the one hand, the plates are not directly connected to the housing, which really doesn’t heat up and deserves the name “Cool Touch”.

On the other hand, the flexible plates adapt exactly to the “trapped” strand of hair. This is great for straightening! Because the plates are quite small, I need a bit longer than with a conventional iron. But the result is the same. When I try to style curls in my hair, I can’t really deal with the flexibility. Cooling down takes much longer than heating up – you should allow about 5 minutes for this.”

Conclusion: “All in all, the ‘Air Plates Compact&apos is a good straightening iron that – if you allow a little more time – can easily compete with a normal sized styler. For travelling I will always pack it from now on. But when I want to style curls, I prefer to use a curling iron.”

We have a test winner

…the device “The Touch” by Cloud Nine. The straightening iron convinces with ultra-fast heating within one second, rapid straightening and optimal hair protection. But it also has a proud price.

If you want to invest a little less money and more time, the Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare straightening iron is the perfect choice. In the middle of the price range is the styler from GHD which is ready for takeoff a little faster.

In the end, all the stylers were able to convince us in principle when it came to smoothing. No wonder, because straightening irons are not new – the technology is now correspondingly sophisticated by all manufacturers. So read our test reports in more detail and then decide which factors are most important for you. Maybe your personal winner is a completely different model.