These 9 fitness classes are real calorie killers

Why are you exercising? Okay, you like to learn new sports, improve your endurance, get stronger or learn new skills. But if you’re honest, you too sometimes enter the gym with the aim of burning a few calories as quickly as possible – and what better place to do that than in a classroom full of sweating like-minded people?

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the gym courses that burn the most calories. That means: courses that at least have the potential to burn as many calories as possible. Of course, the courses also pay off on all the other goals mentioned.

Which fitness course suits me?

But before you scroll directly to the biggest calorie killer course, remember that the number of calories actually burned during a workout varies from person to person. For example, you may burn 500 calories in a spinning class, while your class mate on the bike next to you may burn 600. Unfair, yes. Why is that? Because calorie consumption depends on a handful of factors such as body weight, metabolism, genes and – not to forget – your effort.

In turn, your commitment depends on your personal fun factor. So make sure you try out different courses and trainers and give each course more than one chance to convince you. If things don’t go well the first time, don’t give up, but try again. To challenge your muscles again and again and bring variety into your training – that is the key to success in sports and fun.

These exercises burn calories quickly

Which 9 fitness courses are the most effective calorie killers?

Just because you have signed up for a 1000 calorie killer course, you will not automatically burn them. Sorry to burst that dream like a bubble. In order to burn calories properly, it’s called: powering through! Here are the most effective ways to do this.

1. HIIT burns up to 900 calories per hour

A study by the Human Performance Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse showed that a HIIT -A high intensity interval workout – with squats, burpees, lunges and short recovery periods between sets – burns an average of about 15 calories per minute. Not for nothing is HIIT the fat burner workout number 1.

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2. trampoline fitness burns up to 890 calories per hour

The courses, which run in fitness studios under the name “Jumping” or “Bouncing Fitness”, have meanwhile become a trend sport again. No wonder, because while the beats set the pace, trampoline jumping burns up to 890 calories per hour.

3. fitness boxing burns up to 800 calories per hour

Studies show that a person weighing 70 kilos can knock out up to 800 calories in a boxing class. Besides, you get your head clear and do something for your self-confidence. Time to lace up your boxing gloves – we are so ready to rumble!

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4. crossfit burns up to 780 calories per hour

Researchers at Kennesaw State University found out that a tough crossfit session with chin-ups, push-ups and knee bends consumes up to 13 calories per minute. And all that without weights! But especially with the Crossfit it depends a lot on your effort. It’s best to find other students who have a similar level of fitness to yours, then you can cheer each other on. Crossfit is known as a sport with a high community factor, so the motivation kick usually comes all by itself.

5. spinning burns up to 634 calories per hour

In one hour of spinning at medium intensity (meaning: you can chat with the training buddy on the side) a 70 kilo person burns about 600 calories. No walk in the park, but still worth the effort. Because cycling not only heats up fat burning, but also gets your bottom, legs and arms in shape and improves your endurance.

6. in the running group you burn up to 606 calories per hour

Anyone who manages 8 kilometres in one hour burns around 606 calories. You run faster? Then there’s more. The ultimate booster for calorie consumption (and your endurance) are intervals, i.e. short fast sprints filled with trot breaks. For example, you can run 6 times 200 meters at a brisk pace (70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate) and trot loosely for 200 meters in between. Just suggest it the next time you train your running group and you can push each other to their best performance.

7. bouldering burns up to 584 calories per hour

If you climb along an uneven wall for an hour, you can burn a lot of calories in the process. Bouldering is also an ideal strength training for the whole body. It not only builds muscles, but also improves balance, coordination and body awareness. Have you already tried this trendy sport?

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8. circuit training burns up to 547 calories per hour

Of course it depends a lot on the exercises, but a crunchy circuit training or boot camp can really fire up your fat burning and burn over 500 calories per hour. The great thing about circuit training is that the various stations strengthen the muscles throughout the body – and do so in a short time. Because with circuit training, the breaks between exercises are usually short, especially compared to classic strength training.

9. the new fitness trend Barre kills up to 415 calories per hour

Just a little dancing? Like hell! This ballet-inspired fitness course is not primarily about sweating, but about feeling your body and movement. Nevertheless, you’ll burn over 400 calories per hour during the barre with pliés and dance moves.

Found your favourite course? Great! If not: Go on to the course you enjoy most! Because, as already mentioned, the calorie consumption depends on your effort – and the more fun you have, the greater the effort.

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