These 6 professional tips increase your motivation

With her Wimbledon victory in 2018, Angelique Kerber became Germany’s tennis queen and sportswoman of the year – and yet the 31-year-old remained completely on the ground. Even after a long day of shooting at RunBase Berlin she patiently answers our questions and proves once again that she knows how to keep going – even when it gets long and exhausting.

You wish you were that disciplined? Even if you’re far from a professional tennis career, these motivational tips should still be learned from the athlete:

1. a personal goal is the best motivation

“Of course there are times when my motivation is not quite as high,” Kerber admits openly. “Then I try to think about my goals and how good it feels at the end of the day when I’ve pulled the plan through. It’s days like that that make you feel even more proud that you actually did it.”

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2. fixed training routines make unmotivated days easier

Angie’s training day starts at 8 am with the first tennis session. This is followed by endurance training and a lunch break before continuing with a second tennis session and a second endurance training. “In the evening I have several regeneration treatments, a good dinner and go to bed early so that I can be back on the court at 8 am the next morning. This routine forms a stable railing that gives her support and direction even on less motivated days.

3. concentration is everything

Do you also like to distract yourself by watching serials for hours on end? For many people, this welcome distraction is part of relaxing from stressful everyday life. But in competition phases this is not an option for Angie! “On match days, it’s very important for me to focus on the game. My preparation begins the night before: Instead of distracting myself with other things, I’m fully concentrated and ‘in the tunnel’,” Kerber explains.

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4. leave perfectionism behind

Many ambitious people have a problem: they are rarely satisfied with themselves and their own performance. “I am also very self-critical and always want to do everything well,” says Angie. Every athlete has to work hard to find the right way to deal with her inner critic, otherwise she quickly makes life difficult for herself and motivation turns into frustration.

“There are always ups and downs in life. It’s just important not to define yourself too much by your job. Then it doesn’t matter if things are going well or badly. At the end of the day, I’m still the same person who happily goes out to dinner with his friends, whether I won a tournament or lost in the first round.

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5. regeneration and breaks are important to stay fit

In your everyday tennis life, regeneration is of course very important in order to be able to cope with the many training demands and to stay fit in the long term. Just as important as physical recovery is Angie’s mental recovery: “I regularly reward myself with time for myself. Then I do nothing for 3-4 days and spend Quality Time with friends. That’s incredibly important to me in order to recharge my energy batteries and to be able to continue motivated afterwards,” says Kerber.

6. remember moments of success

When she talks about Wimbledon, her eyes shine. The memory of her first Grand Slam in Australia also brings a smile to her face. At the latest now it is clear why Angie is doing the hard training so disciplined – for this feeling: “That was very moving! There are many great moments that I remember with pleasure.” This, too, is part of the secret of her success: not only to look doggedly at future goals, but also to look back and see what she has already achieved.

This gives her strength to continue.

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You don’t have to aspire to a tennis career to be inspired by Angelique Kerber’s motivation tips. In the long run, motivation is always the result of a healthy balance between ambition and recovery.

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