The perfect combination for a slim waist

Both low-fat curd cheese and linseed oil are excellent foods in themselves and should be on your menu regularly. While low-fat curd provides the body with plenty of satiating protein, linseed oil scores with an unbeatable content of omega-3 fatty acids . But the combination of the two “Superfoods” should be the real deal.

Together with the nutritionist and food journalist Inga Pfannebecker found out what this hyped-up power couple can really do.

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But before we discover how healthy quark together with linseed oil really is, let’s look at the two foods separately and reveal the benefits you can gain from losing weight.

Linseed oil: the best source of omega-3 fatty acids

Linseed oil contains one thing above all: omega-3 fatty acids. And plenty of them, 53 grams per 100 grams. Linseed oil thus beats even the classics olive oil and rapeseed oil by far. The unsaturated fatty acids must be taken in with your daily diet, as they are essential for life but cannot be produced by the body itself.

Above all, omega-3 fats have a blood pressure-lowering effect and ensure a healthy, strong heart, strengthen the immune system as antioxidants and are the ideal brain food. With one to two teaspoons of linseed oil per day your brain can work optimally.

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“In addition, linseed oil ensures a slim line, because the healthy fats from linseed reduce the rise in blood sugar after a meal. Or in other words: You stay full longer”, explains nutritionist Inga Pfannebecker.

Linseed oil contains the most omega-3 fatty acids among the oils. © Fascinadora /

In addition, your body needs omega-3 fatty acids to build muscle. The fats support protein biosynthesis, a process in which the protein from food is converted into the body’s own protein. And as you know, muscles burn calories. So they are an important factor in terms of losing weight.

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Low-fat curd: Low-calorie snack with lots of protein

Low-fat curd cheese is the perfect food for losing weight, because it contains hardly any calories, little fat and just as little carbohydrates. In contrast, low-fat quark provides one thing above all: plenty of protein. Your body needs quite a lot of it, because the amino acids contained in protein are an important building material in the body. They are involved in numerous metabolic processes, including the building of muscles, bones, organs, skin and hair.

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Low-fat quark is the perfect source of protein, as it contains a proud 13.5 grams of protein per 100 grams. In addition, your body can more easily utilise the animal protein from the quark than vegetable protein such as that from legumes, grains or nuts.

Why combine low-fat curd with linseed oil?

Eating quark together with linseed oil is a really good idea, because the combination of both foods has many more advantages than the individual foods have. The positive properties of quark and linseed oil not only complement each other perfectly, they even enhance each other.

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Our expert explains what this means: “The mix is a great combination that keeps the blood sugar level low due to the high-quality fat and the high protein content and makes you full for a particularly long time. In addition, the fat from the linseed oil ensures that the digestion of the protein is slowed down”.

Pimp curd and oil with fruits, seeds & co. © Madeleine Steinbach /

Fat supplies the body with proteins more slowly, but for a much longer time. This reinforces the satiating effect of the low-fat quark and thus ensures that no ravenous attacks occur.

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The combi has another positive effect, because: “The sulphur-containing amino acids from the low-fat curd mean that the high-quality fatty acids from linseed oil can be better absorbed and used by the body,” says Inga Pfannebecker.

When should you eat low-fat curd with linseed oil?

When you want to eat the Dreamteam, you can decide completely by yourself. You can eat curd cheese with linseed oil for breakfast to stay full for a long time, or treat yourself to the dynamic duo as a power snack for in between.

Simply take 200 grams of low-fat curd cheese, mix it with 1 tablespoon of linseed oil and 1 teaspoon of linseed, add some fresh fruit and, depending on your mood, a few nuts or oatmeal.

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Or how about a tasty dip made from curd cheese, linseed oil, fresh herbs, a little garlic and lemon to go with potatoes in their skins? Alternatively you can of course use the good linseed oil for salads.

Perfect with boiled potatoes: a dip made from curd and linseed oil. © Cora Mueller /

Make sure not to heat high-quality linseed oil! Otherwise the omega-3 fatty acids will be destroyed and converted to the harmful trans fatty acids.

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Tip: It is best to buy linseed oil only in small bottles, because it quickly becomes rancid. Store opened bottle in the refrigerator and use it up within a month.

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Low-fat curd cheese with linseed oil is the perfect snack, not only for those who want to lose weight. The high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids of linseed oil supply the body with a lot of protein and high-quality fats over a long period of time.

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