The most beautiful open shoes for the summer

Summer is approaching in large steps, the last rain clouds will soon disappear. High time to say “Adé” to your thick winter boots. Your feet can look forward to airy sandals in beautiful styles.

What is the difference between sandals and sandals?

Now, before you set off on a shopping trip with your best friends, a little bit of bragging rights first: Flat, open shoes are called sandals, sandals are the variant with heel. Would you have known? If you want to score with even more fashion know-how, you’ll find the latest sandal and sandal trends with lots of clever styling tips.

1. fine straps are DER Sandals trend 2019

For sandals, the current situation applies: The thinner, the cooler! Fashionistas prefer to wear sandals with such fine straps that they are hardly visible. Which is why these fine shoes are also known as naked shoes and floss heels. The designer label Celine has set the trend for narrow straps – sorry, it had to be done. Meanwhile there are’s fine strappy sandals but almost everywhere. And that also in cheap.

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How to style strappy sandals or sandals: Whether heeled or flat, the filigree look is particularly feminine and reminiscent of the early episodes of Sex and the City. It’s best to combine the shoes in the same way that Carrie and Co. would have done it: In everyday life with colour-coordinated jeans, for the office with a chic trouser suit, for going out with a cocktail dress.

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2. angular soles are the stylish icing on the cake

You already know that fine straps will dominate the sandal trends this summer. And I’ll tell all you fashion nerds: Double points on the Style account goes to’s in a combo with square soles. “Square Toes” with angular toes are really hip at the moment – both on flat sandals and high sandals.

Sounds totally retro? That’s right! The trend is not new, originally comes from the seventies and experienced a mega-revival in the nineties. After that it became quiet around square shoes. So it’s high time for a comeback!

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How to combine sandals with square soles: The square soles make the shoe a statement. Square Toes value simple Jeans-T -shirt combinations, but they also go well with elegant night out looks and in the office. What is important for all sandals is brought into focus even more by the angular shape: the perfect pedicure.

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3. trekking sandals are trendy now

You’re not into fine straps? Then you might still get your money’s worth this summer. After “Ugly Sneakers”, “Ugly Sandals” is now in the starting blocks.

Ugly sandals? What does it look like? Well, for starters, like those cliché tourists at Malle. Clumsy trekking soles meet wide Velcro straps. Seriously? I know, it’s probably the most controversial shoe trend this summer. But the tourist trekkers can look pretty cool if you combine them properly.

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How to style trekking sandals as an it-piece: Better not with stockings in your shoe. That much should be clear. Better: Rough trekking sandals as a break in style to a stylish dress and nicely painted toenails.

4. transparent details let your sense of trend shine through

A trend that many overlook: Sandals with see-through elements. Transparent straps and plexiglass heels are only noticeable at second glance – but then nobody can take their eyes off them.

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So you can combine transparent shoes elegantly: Granted, see-through sandals can quickly look like strip club. Influencer Xenia Adonts shows you how to avoid this: Wide cuts and natural shades like beige and brown balance the shoe. The white cat-eye sunglasses match the soles of the shoes, making the look round and elegant.

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5. flip-flops make a comeback

Yes, really! After all, nobody would have thought that Birkenstocks would one day become a trend shoe. In 2019 the cork slippers will be replaced by toe separators. Especially trendy: models with thin leather straps – the trend circle is complete. But you can now also wear the colourful rubber slippers that are usually worn after a pedicure or on the beach!

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This makes flip-flops roadworthy: Best as a break in style to otherwise elegant looks. In this way you show that you are not just running out of the nail studio, but that you are wearing the slippers deliberately. For the office, however, the look is still rather nothing.

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Whichever sandal or sandal is your favourite for the summer of 2019: To feel comfortable in your new shoes, comfort should always be more important than the look. What good is the most beautiful shoe if you don’t like putting it on and are punished with blisters and pain?