The best tips for great eyebrows

The swing over the eyes is more than some people might think. Not only does it accentuate the eyes, but it can also optically change the entire shape of the face. How to pluck your eyebrows and apply make-up correctly is explained in our guide.

Why do I even pluck my eyebrows?

Of course, you don’t have to do anything. But let me tell you: Eyebrows influence the expression of your face immensely. “Eyebrows that grow too close to the root of the nose make you look unfriendly, while eyebrows that are too far apart visually enlarge the nose,” explains Jared Bailey, Global Brow Expert at Benefit. It is therefore worthwhile to optimize the shape of the eyebrows a little.

Anastasia Soare, founder of the “Anastasia Beverly Hills” label and brow expert for megastars such as JLo and the Kardashians, also thinks: “Everyone looks better with a brow shape!

What are the eyebrow trends 2019?

Remember three years ago when everyone XL -Brows like Cara Delevigne’s wanted? “As bushy as possible is out now,” Jared Bailey said. “While I was constantly reminded during the Cara era, but please don’t pluck too much, my clients now want to get more and more shape in their brows. This is much more flattering to the face than just letting the hairs sprout wildly!”

“And whether you like it or not, brewing will continue to get thinner, thinner and thinner over the next few years,” Bailey predicts. Because if there are two trend laws, this is it: 1. Everything comes back in time. 2. Every trend is followed by a counter-trend. “What was old a moment ago is suddenly sold as new.”

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How do I find the right eyebrow shape?

Of course, the tastes are different as far as the shape of the eyebrows is concerned. But as a rule of thumb, “If you have a broad nose, a high forehead and large eyes, you can wear broad brows well. Small eyes and a snub nose go better with narrow brows,” explains Anastasia Soare.

How far should I pluck my eyebrows?

You’re not sure exactly how much or little you can take away? If so, the following chart and explanation below will help you determine the most flattering brow shape for each face.

So finden Sie die perfekte Augenbrauenform Phitpibul2014 /

A: Place a pin vertically on the wing of the nose – exactly on the spot where a nose piercing would otherwise sit. “Where the pencil meets the hair, the eyebrow should begin. Everything in front of it is plucked,” says anastasia Soare.

B: The pin remains on the nostril but moves from the vertical position to the pupil. The expert explains: “The highest point should be where the pencil cuts the eyebrow.”

C: Important for the perfect eyebrow is also the end point. You can determine this by placing the pencil on the wing of the nose at the outer corner of the eye. “Where he crosses the brow, it should end. If the brow ends too soon, the face looks round”, Soare knows.

D: To get a really perfect eyebrow shape, place the pencil on the lower border of the eyebrows. The pencil should be as horizontal as possible, because then the eyebrows are straight. This step should be repeated while plucking to avoid removing too much.

It also applies that the inner root of the eyebrows should be thicker and from the highest point (B) it becomes narrower and narrower and finally runs out.

Professional tip: “It may help to paint the optimal form first. So you can see exactly which hairs sprout outside this area. Only these hairs you should pluck,” says Anastasia Soare.

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How do I get a nice swing in my eyebrows?

The upper line of the brow defines the swing that opens the eye. If you pluck at the top (too much), you often ruin it. So: Leave the natural shape above the eyebrows for a beautiful swing.

Hairs that grow within the selected eyebrow shape, but protrude, do not pluck, this will create unsightly holes! It is better to comb up with an eyebrow brush and then shorten with nail scissors. You can see exactly how this works in this video:

How does the plucking hurt less?

The perfect time for plucking is after the shower. The hot water opens the pores and plucking is less painful. If you want it to go faster, you can also use a washcloth dipped in hot water to dab the areas around the eyebrows. Before you start plucking, the spots should be dried, otherwise the tweezers will slip easily and it will hurt. The right way of plucking also influences the degree of pain. This is how’s right:

  1. Ideally, you should pull the skin apart with your thumb and forefinger so that it stretches.
  2. Then always pluck the hairs in the direction of growth, and as quickly as possible.

Does it still hurt? Then briefly run an ice cube over the irritated skin. The cold has a slightly numbing effect. And don’t worry: the more often you pluck your eyebrows, the less sensitive your skin becomes. While tears will still come to your eyes the first time, a few weeks later you will only feel a persistent tweezing.

Tip: Avoid plucking your eyebrows just before an important appointment! Plucking causes red spots to form on the skin, which take some time to subside.

What do I have to pay attention to the first time I pluck?

If you are planning to get your eyebrows in shape for the first time, it is best to take it very carefully. While plucking your eyebrows, you should always take a few steps back from the mirror, because up close your eyebrows look different than from a distance. This is to make sure that you don’t suddenly pluck too much away. Oops!

Tip: An appointment at a beauty salon or hairdresser is worthwhile, especially for beginners. The professionals will give the eyebrows the right shape, so you only have to pluck the hair that grows back.

What do you do when you’ve plucked your eyebrows?

It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. “Gaps in the arch can be filled relatively unobtrusively with a brow pencil,” advises Jared Bailey. It becomes more difficult if you pluck your brows too far apart. Because if there are no hairs at all over the painted brows, it quickly looks very artificial.

Where can you get your eyebrows plucked?

At the hairdresser, the beautician and in special brow bars. Where the last option should be your number 1 contact point. The employees here do nothing but eyebrows all day long. If the ratings on the web are right, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

In addition, the professionals can also correct totally plucked eyebrows and help you to ensure that your eyebrows regain a more beautiful shape that matches your face in the long term. “It is important that you go there regularly – about every 4-6 weeks – and don’t go home and do any more work,” recommends Bailey.

What helps if you used to pluck too much and now your hair doesn’t grow any more?

Couldn’t your eyebrows be thin enough in the 90s and 2000s? It was the fashion. It’s too bad if the hairs don’t grow as thick as you’d like them to.

“In principle, the hair grows back again and again after plucking. If that doesn’t happen with you, it’s because you plucked the hairs incorrectly,” says eyebrow expert Jared Bailey and explains: “If you don’t pluck the hairs at the right angle (at a slight slant) and quickly from the skin, but instead pluck them properly, you may destroy the root,” explains Jared and adds: “You can see this by a small bloody spot where the hair was previously sitting.

Whenever you see that, you can be sure that no hair will ever grow here again. This also applies to waxing on the body, by the way.”

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How do I make painted brows look natural?

Just because you hold a pen in your hand doesn’t mean you should start painting. So don’t draw any bars, but always only small, fine strokes, so that a natural result is achieved.

Professional tip: “It’s best to press the face completely flat on a piece of paper once, this creates a fine edge on the side. If you now hold the pen at an angle of 45 degrees, you can draw very fine lines with the edge – it looks deceptively real! By the way: In addition to the right technique, the colour is also crucial for a successful result.

How do I find the right colour to repaint the brows?

As a rule of thumb: “The brightness must match the brows, not the hair colour you wear on your head”, Anastasia Soare knows and adds: “In 70 percent of all cases, this is a much darker shade than you think. Even blondes often have dark brows. But somehow many women are afraid that the dark color might look unnatural. But this is not the case if you imitate fine hairs with a pencil, as described above.

It looks rather strange if you use a too light shade that stands out clearly from the eyebrow hairs.”

In addition to the depth of sound, the reflex is decisive for a harmonious result. This is where the hair colour on the head comes into play. “If you have brown hair by nature, but wear it, for example, platinum blonde, i.e. in a cool tone, you should not use a blonde but an ashy tone,” explains Jared Bailey.

What alternatives are there to eyebrow pencils?

Eyebrow pencils are ideal for filling larger gaps and small uneven areas in the eyebrows. With micro liners with an especially fine lead, this works deceptively real. But if you can’t cope with this, or if you want a more discreet or more intense result, there are other ways to emphasize your eyebrows.

Clear eyebrow gel brings full brows into shape

If you already have very dense eyebrows by nature, you do not need to repaint additionally. Simply style your brows with a transparent gel or brush to bring them into shape. The gel also gives a light and natural shine. Apply it in the direction of growth to fix your brows.

You can fill up sparse eyebrows with brow mascara

The shape of your eyebrows is right, but only a few hairs grow and there is a lack of volume? Then an eyebrow mascara is ideal for you. This is the tinted version of the gel. “In addition to the colour, there are often small fibres in it that resemble the eyebrow hairs. When mascara is applied, a three-dimensional, particularly natural effect is created,” says the benefit expert.

Powder makes the brows look fuller, but is subtle

Compared to pens, eyebrow powder is only slightly pigmented and therefore particularly discreet. “It’s practically the safe zone, so even beginners and gross motorists can’t go wrong with it,” says Jared Bailey. He recommends: “Use a bevelled brow brush and two tones. Apply the lighter one in small strokes up to the highest point. The darker one to the end of the brows. This gives a very natural look and gives the face more contour.”

With pomade you can accentuate your eyebrows especially intensively

You always wear eyeliner and false eyelashes or lash extensions? Just as dramatic eyebrows go with it. “Pomades are highly pigmented, so you can draw your eyebrows with a deliberate exaggeration.” Simply pick up with a bevelled brow brush and brush the colour evenly into the brows.

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What do you do when your eyebrows turn grey?

Dye! It’s just like hair for the head. At the drugstore… DIY -kits (e.g. from BeautyLash and Swiss-o-Par) in which a small spiral brush is used to comb the hairs first with the paint and then with a developer liquid. And don’t worry: Because the colour only works if both phases react with each other, it is virtually impossible that you will also colour the skin around it. So you would have to paint over twice in exactly the same place to make the slip visible. Sounds like you?

Then off to the Brow Bar. That’s where they dye.

With the right plucking technique and some practice in tracing, you will get the most out of your eyebrows. But: Stay true to yourself! The natural basic form will suit you best. Of course you can optimize it, but you should not change it fundamentally – it rarely looks good. Now you know how to pluck and repaint your eyebrows correctly and naturally.