The best tips for beautiful, defined curls

There’s no question, curls are beautiful – but if they are not cared for properly, they can quickly turn into a nightmare: dry, stubborn and simply out of control. How to care for and style curls properly so that they curl beautifully and which haircut brings out the best in natural curls, we will tell you here.

Why do some people have curls and others straight hair?

Whether hair is curly or straight is in the genes. Their DNA determines the cross-section of your hair: the rounder, the smoother the hair is and the more oval, the curlier it grows. The angle at which the hair grows out of the scalp is also decisive. If it is vertical, the hair comes out straight, if it is inclined or curved, the hair grows wavy or curly.

Why are natural curls drier than straight hair?

Curls are naturally drier than straight hair. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Due to the natural curvature of the hair, the outer cuticle layer does not lie flat, so moisture from the inside is lost more easily – at the same time, the hair reacts even more sensitively to harmful external influences such as heat and hair colour.
  2. Curls stand away from the scalp and do not lie flat. As a result, they are less well supplied with sebum, which makes hair more supple.

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Do I need a special curl shampoo?

Curly hair needs more intensive care than straight hair. In principle you can also simply use a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. However, special curling products have the advantage that they not only provide intensive care but also promote the bounce of the hair. This is especially important if your hair is not only curly but also rather fine. In this case, products for dry hair could be a burden and make your hair look even thinner.

How do I care for natural curls properly?

Basically, when it comes to care, curly hair loves to be particularly rich. Nevertheless, over grooming is possible. Because once there is too much care in the hair, the curls will get loose. Andreas Wild, hair expert at John Frieda, therefore advises: “It’s better to start with less and to rework if necessary. Serums are always good. But you can also simply not wash the conditioner out 100 percent. This way, a light conditioning film remains in the hair.

Benjamin Becher, hair expert at Garnier, additionally recommends to apply a rinse-off treatment once a week for short curly hair and twice a week for long hair. And do it like this: After washing, comb the hair, divide it into two halves by parting it, spread a hazelnut-sized amount of treatment on each side in the palms of your hands and twist the lengths towards the tips to the roll.

Stick them up, soak a towel in hot water, wring them out and lay them over your hair, leave them to work for 20 minutes.

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My curls soak up care, how do I dose?

Your hair is rather frizzy than curly, it absorbs everything like a sponge, and after an hour it already feels like there is nothing in it? This also has advantages: “Then the hair never gets greasy,” says Becher. The hairdresser recommends argan oil as an all-round care product. It has a regenerating effect and builds up the hair. It’s best to always have the oil with you and knead it into the curls in between.

How do I blow dry curly hair?

Anyone with curly hair knows this: air-dried hair looks great, after blow-drying it puffs up and you look like a burst sofa cushion. A nightmare turned hairy! But letting your hair air-dry for hours on end is not always possible either. So if you’re blow-drying, it’s best to use the diffuser on a small fan and heat setting. The attachment distributes the air evenly: this reduces frizz and ensures better defined curls. Here’s how: “Put a thick strand of hair in and let the diffuser work.

Intervene as little as possible by yourself,” says Wild. So don’t knead it or let the hair dryer spin. “Then very slowly lead it to the scalp. For more volume, work the curls upside down with the diffuser.”

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How do I define a natural ruffle?

As mentioned: With a diffuser and the right care. “With a curling iron, you can do a great job when dry, to help define the curls.” It’s also very important not to brush your hair after it’s dry. Then comb out the bundled curls and the hair looks shaggy and puffed.

How do I comb curls properly?

“Best only directly after washing your hair and with a wide-tooth comb. Until the next hair wash, try not to brush the hair any more to preserve the natural curl structure. Because that’s how curls look best,” says Andreas Wild.

Which haircut goes well with curly hair?

Depends on what you want: The shorter the hair, the better the bounce. Steps ensure that long curls continue to bounce beautifully and don’t unhang. But be careful: never cut the top hair too short. Otherwise an 80s memory effect is imminent. If, on the other hand, you want the curls to hang out a little and your mane to appear a little smoother, you should wear your hair as long as possible and in one length.

Before you blindly walk to the nearest salon, you should first ask other women with curls which hairdresser they go to. Because cutting frizzy hair is actually an art. “It should definitely be someone who knows a lot about curls,” advises Andreas Wild, John Frieda Senior Stylist. “And it is always a good idea to leave it longer first and, if necessary, trim it again when it is dry, as curls always contract a bit when dry”.

Bangs and curls, does that work?

Andreas Wild’s clear yes: “Curly hair with a fringe is super trendy”. Instead of blow-drying the strands and pulling them through the straightening iron, you can simply let them air-dry and get them into shape with some styling cream.

Important: Let the fringe cut correctly and not too accurately. The middle part should reach to the tip of the nose when wet, so that the hair falls loosely over the brows when dry. Outwards the curly pony should merge gently into the longer hair.

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How do I manage to keep curls in shape for a long time?

Hands off! “Try to lengthen your hair as seldom as possible and not to comb it between hair washes”, advises Wild. “For even more and longer-lasting bounce you can help yourself with a curling iron.”

Always open hair bores me: How can I style curls differently?

“Bandanas look great in summer. Hair clips can also look beautiful and add a romantic touch,” says expert Andreas Wild. His favourite is scarves that wrap you casually around the curls in 70s style.

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Conclusion: curly hair needs a lot of care! Because curls are naturally dry, you should use a rinse with every wash. Afterwards, you can gently massage in a generous amount of hair oil – and it’s best to let your hair dry in the air. Then natural curls will show their best side.