The best tips against eye wrinkles

You always get those charming little wrinkles around your eyes when you laugh heartily? That’s great! But if the lines don’t go away, we’re talking about crow’s feet. It’s unfair, really. In fact, numerous studies show that a few wrinkles around the eyes even make you more sympathetic – just like freckles. Nevertheless, many women prefer to do without them.

Now before the little things spoil all the fun in life, let us tell you how to handle them. Here you will learn all about crow’s feet and what you can do about them.

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What exactly are crow’s feet?

“These are the wrinkles on the side of the eyes. They are mimic wrinkles that are caused by the movement of the facial muscles,” explains Dr. Christian Merkel from the Skin and Laser Center at the Opera in Munich.

If the fine lines are not yet permanently visible, they are laughter lines. If the skin would not give way when laughing, it would also look quite strange. In the course of time, the sympathetic wrinkles with the unflattering name will develop. By the way, this actually comes from the feet of crows: the radial wrinkles remind us of the footprints of birds.

Why are crow’s feet only on the eyes?

With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and certain lines remain on the face. The eyes are very susceptible to this. This is because the muscles under the facial skin are particularly active here – when you laugh, look angry or concentrate hard, for example. At the same time, the skin around the eyes has less fatty tissue than the rest of the facial skin. Its elasticity is therefore lower, meaning that it is more susceptible to wrinkles.

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When do I start getting crow’s feet?

Wrinkles only come with age? Wrong! “The first wrinkles can appear as early as the 1920s. The treatment against crow’s feet is often one of the first beauty treatments that are also carried out on young patients”, the expert reports.

But not everyone is affected so early on. Whether and how young someone gets crow’s feet depends, like so much in life, on genetic predisposition and your lifestyle. One of the most important things: Do you smoke? Do you have a lot of stress? Do you often drink alcohol?

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Can I have crow’s feet prevent?

Not in principle, time takes its toll. But you can slow the process down. With a healthy lifestyle and the right care, you can at least prevent premature skin aging. With these expert tips from Dr. Merkel you can prevent crow’s feet:

  1. Wear sun protection – always, every single day! UV -Light is the main cause of skin aging.
  2. Put on sunglasses: Does the sun shine unfavorably on your face, just squint your eyes? Not wrong, but in the long run this also leads to eye wrinkles. That’s why never forget your sunglasses in summer!
  3. Get a good night’s sleep: How much sleep is sufficient varies greatly from person to person. Just test it on holiday and rely on your inner clock instead of your alarm clock. Wonderful!

  4. Healthy diet: You can probably already guess it: fast food and sweets are rather bad for the skin.
  5. Proper skin care: If the skin is well moisturized, wrinkles have a bad chance! All moisturising products, for example with urea, are particularly suitable for this purpose.
  6. The right application technique: The eye area needs especially much love.

    To apply creams, concealer and the like, it is best to use the ring finger or little finger (both have the least strength) and gently tap the products in. Heavy rubbing or too much pressure would make wrinkles even more pronounced. Remember this also when removing make-up!

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What can I do for crow’s feet?

Prevention is all well and good. But you probably already have the wrinkles around your eyes. Otherwise you wouldn’t have looked for tips on how to prevent them and ended up here. Good news: Even if crow’s feet are already there, there are still ways to reduce or even remove them completely.

This helps against crow’s feet:

  1. Special eye care: The skin around the eyes has special needs. It is thinner and very sensitive. In addition, there are only a few sebaceous glands, so it dries out faster. Eye creams are perfectly adapted to this. Tip: When UV -Make sure the filter is a mineral filter. Chemical filters can irritate the skin around the eyes and thus have exactly the opposite effect!
  2. Retinol: The trend ingredient against wrinkles also helps against crow’s feet.

    Important: Because the skin around the eyes is so sensitive, retinol should only be used in an appropriate eye care product. There are many different types of retinol. It is better not to use the normal facial care, the retinol it contains could irritate the skin around the eyes. Because the concentration is usually too strong.

  3. Vitamin C: … should not be missing in the diet but also in the anti-wrinkle care! It has an antioxidant effect and thus helps with cell renewal.

  4. Collagen: Occurs naturally in the skin and is responsible for its elasticity. Unfortunately, the collagen storage is further reduced with age, as a result of which the skin becomes flabbier with time. But: Collagen as a food supplement can slow down the breakdown of the body’s own collagen storage. And applied externally, collagen helps to store moisture, making the skin look fresher and firmer.

How can I have crow’s feet removed?

It is as it is: you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but unfortunately, unfortunately, you cannot cream them away completely. To get rid of them completely, you have to go to a beauty doctor. Dr. Merkel explains which treatments the doctor can use to permanently remove crow’s feet and what they cost:

  • Botox: A safe and effective treatment option. By using botulinum toxin (full name), the muscles around the eye solidify. The effect is simple: no movement = no wrinkles. Cost: From 200 Euro.
  • Hyaluronic acid: If the crow’s feet are already more pronounced, treatment with hyaluronic acid is suitable. It fills wrinkles in the depths. However, as it binds water and thus can cause swelling, the treatment should only ever be carried out by an experienced doctor. Costs: From 300 Euro.
  • Microneedling: The treatment can be carried out by dermatologists but also by good cosmeticians. The body’s own production of collagen, hyaluron and elastin is stimulated by small mini injuries with a needle prick. In addition, nutrients from subsequent care can better reach the deeper skin layers. In this way the skin can regenerate itself and wrinkles are reduced. From 100 Euro per treatment.

Do home remedies for crow’s feet help?

There are of course a number of possibilities. Great moisturizers are DIY -Masks with avocado or curd. But also Aloe Vera – applied pure – and of course the famous cucumber slices provide the skin with moisture. Try what works best for you!

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Crow’s feet is an unfriendly word, but the laughter lines can be very pleasant. However, if you have enough of the wrinkles around the eyes, you can counteract them with a healthy lifestyle, proper care and simple household remedies. But aesthetic medicine also offers possibilities to get rid of the eye wrinkles.