The 7 most beautiful clothing trends for the summer

What would the warm season be without pretty summer dresses? Right: Only half as pretty. But which designs are actually trendy this summer? We will tell you here.

This much is already revealed: uncomplicated T-shirt dresses, classic wrap dresses, elegant shirt blouse dresses and romantic maxi dresses with long sleeves are definitely among them. Now you are spoilt for choice: Which of these 7 trendy dresses is your favourite?

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1. wrap dresses can be styled sporty or elegant

You want to rebond this summer? Guaranteed to work, I promise! And with the new wrap dresses. They are currently available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and lengths. From subtle to brightly coloured, plain to wild patterns, in mini, midi and maxi lengths. Common to all is the lacing in the middle. It emphasizes the narrowest part of the figure and conjures up a curvy hourglass silhouette. This makes wrap dresses the ideal choice for every figure type.

Shopping: wrap dresses are also available at, for example with V-neck and polka dots or with a slightly transparent all-over print.

How do I wear wrap dresses? For example as in the Insta picture gallery above – so with also hip beaded bags, shell jewellery and square sandals. If you like sports, you can also style chucks or vans with tennis socks to go with your wrap dress.

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2. button-down designs determine the summer trends

Being buttoned up gets a positive meaning this summer. Buttons from the collar to the hem make dresses into cool retro penguins. Narrow? On the contrary: the button facing gives dresses something playful and casual.

Finally, the stylish button-down dresses are strongly reminiscent of the 90s. They were already in vogue back then. By the way, you can collect extra points on the Style account with large mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell or wooden buttons.

Shopping: Light dress with stripes and a striking button facing or casual button summer dress in blue.

How do I style button dresses? Button-down dresses up to the collar look particularly good. Depending on the occasion, you can of course decide how far you unbutton the dress. In the office rather closed, for going out more open. The combination with fine sandals and a trendy basket bag looks elegant. It gets casual with rough boots and a backpack.

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3. jeans dresses are the perennial favourite among summer dresses

Also jeans dresses are mega hip again this summer. If you bet on a model in button-down design, a shirt dress or a T-shirt dress made of denim, you will score twice on the style account. For the summer, of course, variations in light denim are ideal, for example in white denim or pastel shades.

Shopping: Classic denim dress by Vero Moda with straight cut and patch pockets.

How do I wear jeans dresses? Dresses made of denim always tend to look relaxed. Sneakers underline this look. High shoes or elegant sandals make the dress suitable for the office. For going out it is rather nothing.

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4. t-shirt dresses are perfect for those who do not like clothes

As the name suggests, it is a long-cut shirt with short sleeves. Tip: You can also just buy a t-shirt a few sizes too big or borrow one from your boyfriend and place a belt in the waist. That way’s doesn’t look too baggy and the waist is emphasized.

How do I style a t-shirt dress? T-shirt dresses are even more relaxing look than jenas dresses. For the office and for going out they are therefore rather unsuitable. But they do well in everyday life – for example at barbecues, ice cream lunches or shopping trips with friends. It’s best to combine the no dress dress with equally sporty accessories. A rucksack, sneakers and a baseball cap are a good match.

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5. shirt blouse dresses are the perfect choice for the office

You must have often wondered what to wear in the company when the thermometer climbs over the 25 degree mark, right? Our suggestion: shirt dresses are the perfect combination of business look and airy elegance. You will definitely be in line with the latest trends and dress code. It goes from the office to the bar? No problem in a shirt blouse dress.

How do I wear shirt blouse dresses? Gladly in combination with androgynous derbies and light stockings. You prefer it feminine? Then high sandals also fit. The station wagon with sneakers is suitable for leisure. Because the sneakers make a cool break in style.

6. long-sleeved maxi dresses provide the ultimate hippie look

We cannot say it often enough: Never sort out the maxi dresses! They really go every summer. If you don’t have one yet and want to get one, the best thing to do is to invest in a long-sleeved, high-necked model in an 80s look.

Yes, such a little dress with sleeves is not necessarily the perfect choice for midsummer – but it is perfect for balmy summer nights, for going out and also for elegant occasions. Are you still invited to a wedding in summer? Then a long-sleeved dress is just the thing!

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How do I style long sleeve dresses? Preferably without much chichi, so you should avoid opulent jewelry and let the dress work for itself. Discreet sandals go well with it – no matter if high or flat. By the way: In autumn or on cold summer days you can also pull the maxi dress over a pair of jeans so that the trouser legs stick out at the bottom. The layered look is mega hip right now!

7. mini dresses now come in negligee -Design

You probably remember slip dresses from last summer. The straight or A-line cut little dresses come with wafer-thin spaghetti straps. The look is reminiscent of negligees. Right, the little nightgowns. Hence the name Slip Dress. The little dresses are available in mini or maxi length. What you choose is a matter of taste and maybe the weather.

How do I wear the mini dresses? When going out, you can wear the tight little dresses alone. But: In order not to get in your pants when changing from the bedroom to the street, we recommend wearing a T-shirt during the day. Otherwise’s will quickly look too naked. Elegant as well as sporty shoes and accessories go with it.

Tip: Long-sleeved tops or narrow turtlenecks are also perfect for layering – and incidentally make the slip dress weatherproof for cooler temperatures that we don’t even want to think about now.

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Which dress trend is your fashion heart beating for? An extravagant flower dress or a cool denim shirt dress? No matter which trend dress will finally accompany you through the summer, you will look adorable either way!