The 7 most annoying questions from men – and what you should answer

Of course you want men who prefer asking questions rather than judging you hastily or making strange announcements. But many a question really does provide an eye roll factor of 1000, not only in the phase of getting to know each other, but also after years in the relationship. These questions about men are the most annoying. Arm yourself!

“Where are your wings?”

In a moment he will tell you that he thought you were an angel who fell from heaven, and that is a very creative pick-up line. Don’t.

There are many such helpless digger questions, all of which reveal more than they ask, they say namely: “I’m not really interested in you, at most in your body, and I’m just looking for a particularly clever way to get into conversation with you, and then prove to you what a funny guy I am.” If he were really interested in you, he wouldn’t come up with a made-up, made-up bullshit question, but an honestly interested one.

These 6 sayings are to be countered by men


What you answer to that: Nothing. Go away. Or no, stop, in which case you could say, “Oh, my wings! You’re right, I left them at the dressing room. I’ll get them and then FLIEGE ICH GANZ SCHNELL WEG !” Or do you actually think he’s quite nice? Then you say: “Please don’t try to pick me up. Ask me a serious question. Or tell me something interesting about yourself.” That clears the air and allows for a second attempt.

This is how you respond to the most annoying manly sayings

“Honey, can you put this in your purse?”

It’s so typical. All the time guys make fun of your handbag – “Unbelievable what you’re carrying around!” Or, “If there’s a black hole on the ground, heave!” But as soon as he has something that doesn’t fit in his bulging trouser pockets when we go on a trip together, he comes in with a sneaky grin on his face and holds it out to you. Preferably with a “It’s not that hard, and you’ve got the bag anyway.”

This is what he means by “take care of yourself”

What you answer to that: “Sure, no problem. If you carry the bag.” Of course, at best you should go for the model with the flowers or the glitter trim.


“Something always goes wrong with me, can you do the laundry?”

Using their own alleged incapacity as an excuse – men strangely enough do this mainly in the household. It would never occur to anyone to say to his colleagues: “I can’t do this with Excel, who can do it for me?” Or in sports: “I always miss, does somebody else take the storm?” The flirting with one’s own incompetence is only brought out when it comes to unpleasant tasks. Not nice!

What you answer to that: “No. You can do this. Practice makes perfect.” But before you do, put your expensive woolen sweaters in a safe place.


“Are you quite, quite sure about that?”

Of course, he doesn’t ask that once, he asks it over and over again. First he inserted a “whole”, then the second. Okay, at least he’s past the stage of trying to patronize you clumsily. Maybe he’s worried. Or maybe he just wants to make sure that in the end it’s yours, so… GANZ ALLEIN IHRE and if it goes wrong, he’s gonna want GANZ KLAR can say that he was against this from the beginning. Besides, of course there is the intention behind it to make you a little bit insecure again.

But ultimately, in addition to all this, there is a refusal to accept that you are making decisions for yourself. Even those that don’t suit him or that he thinks you will regret later. But isn’t that somewhere the sense of independent decisions – that they are also made independently of him?


What you answer to that: “The question must surely be, why are you trying to rattle me You think I took the easy way out? Trust me or leave me alone!”

It’s a different way to say “I love you”

“What program do we always use for the dishwasher?”

Yeah, it sucks. That he can never remember. That it should always be your primary responsibility to know or determine such things. But at least he’s obviously realized that it could be his job, too. So: encourage and challenge. Until he gets it. Or have him flush it by hand…


What you answer to that: “Wait, I’m writing it down. UND DANN KLEBEN WIR DEN ZETTEL NEBEN DIE MASCHINE .”

“You’re on the pill, aren’t you?”

In this question such a supernova is full of unpleasant truths that it should take your breath away.
Statement one: “I’m not in the mood for condoms.” or “I don’t know how to use them.”


Statement two: “I’m not interested in sexually transmitted diseases.” Three: “Contraception is a woman’s job. They get the pregnancy thing, not me.”

Statement 4: “Hormonal contraception is first and foremost completely practical, I am completely indifferent to the health consequences for women”. You don’t really want to go to bed with someone like that, do you?

What you answer to that: “What for? I use different forms of protection. Among other things with idiot alarms. So, ciao!”

“Wow! DU can program?”

Alternatively, it could also be about electrical engineering, DIY or the tax return. The stupid thing about the question is the surprised tone. He may even mean it in a complimentary way. But behind it all is usually the unspoken statement, “And as a woman!” It’s so ’50s.


What you answer to that: “Well, well. I can do a lot of things – just not spend any more time with you.”

“You look so great, what do you need make-up for?”

Of course he’s trying to pay you a compliment in some roundabout way. It’s meant kindly. But in the end, the question is also a sign of how little he cares, how you feel comfortable and what image of yourself you want to present to the public. Maybe he needs a little coaching there.


What you answer to that: “Thank you, but I don’t want to look like I did with you in bed every morning.”

Not all stupid questions about men are mean or crudely sexed up. But if you want to weed them out, you have to respond with clear messages. In the end this helps everyone, because then there is more time for the important questions of life.