The 6 best playlists for your training

We asked trainers from 6 sports for their best music tips. There is certainly something for your sports playlist

Kristin loves Spanish and Brazilian beats: Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton. “All songs with proper beats and basses make me climb stairs faster on the Stairmaster or really go full throttle in the super set”, says the Stuttgart girl. Her playlist is used in the free weight area as well as in the course room.

Why music motivates sport

2. the workout playlist of personal trainer Theresa Trübenbach

Thess likes 90s hip hop, German rap, electro and house. “My playlist gives me the right amount of power and inspires me to create new choreos for my dancefit classes,” she says. Her favourite song for a relaxed running session: “Had some drinks” by Two Feet, during weight training with heavy weights: “Turn down for what” by Lil Jon.

3. the Shavasana playlist from yoga teacher Hie Kim

Are you looking for something quiet to get down? Then Hie is the right place for you! At the end of each yoga session he uses this harmonious music to bring the session to a wonderful close. His favourite song: “Passage” by Garth Stevenson. “The song describes the gentle change from one state to the next,” says Hie.

That’s why music makes you happy

4. the outdoor workout playlist from trainer Laura Helser

To the participants of their team LOA To keep outdoor workouts happy and to drive them on, Laura has put together a colourful mix of dynamic, motivating rock, hip hop and house songs. “A few oldschool songs to sing along with are also included. Everything that motivates and cheers you up,” says Laura. Her personal push song, which cheers her on to a few additional stair sprints: “When a fire starts to burn” by Disclosure. “I start dancing around and want to run away.

The best outdoor sportswear

5. the kickbox playlist of DJane Hanna Hansen

Hanna has house music! From deep house to techhouse, the kickboxer has everything. “My playlist is the perfect musical background for my kickboxing training – from warm-up to full power”, says Hanna. Her absolute favourite song: “Cola” by Camelphat & Elderbrook.

6. the push songs of fitness trainer Nico Airone

When Kraftcoach Nico switches on the Beastmode, there is no stopping. On his playlist there is hard sound for hard training! “With ‘The way we do this’ from Ape Drum you will surely get out one or two more repetitions”, says the personal trainer.

With this inspiration for your sports playlist, you are optimally prepared for the next workout. Use the musical motivation boost.

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