The 6 best food hacks with protein powder

Protein powder is only something for women who want to build up muscles? No! Protein foods and protein shakes are also really good for losing weight. In addition to natural protein sources such as eggs, fish or tofu, protein powder can be an additional supplier of the important macronutrient, especially when’s should go fast. We explain how and why.

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How does protein powder help with weight loss?

Unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein saturates much better and also helps to keep your blood sugar level constant. In other words: ravenous appetite has no chance with protein-rich food! If you regularly eat protein-enriched food, you avoid feelings of hunger and still have enough energy for training & Co.

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Which protein powder helps you lose weight?

To lose body fat and build muscle mass at the same time, it is best to use casein protein powder. Casein is the main component of milk protein. Milk protein consists of approximately 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey protein, which most people know as whey.

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The biggest difference between the two types of protein is the speed at which the body absorbs them. Your body will consume casein for a much longer period of time, as it enters the bloodstream much more slowly and the essential amino acids only gradually enter your body via the gastrointestinal tract.

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Casein is therefore the best choice for losing weight. Alternatively, a multi-component powder consisting of whey and casein proteins can be used.

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How do I use protein powder if I do not want a protein shake?

So, to sum up: Protein is top for losing weight and helps you to reach your feel-good weight. But you don’t necessarily have to slurp shakes to achieve this. With a few tricks, the powder can easily be smuggled into breakfast, lunch or dinner, which increases the protein content of your meals. These 6 everyday hacks will help you do this:

Is protein powder useful for women?

1. pimp the protein content of your porridge

Oatmeal, better known as porridge, shines with its satiating carbs, relatively high protein content and low fat. This mixture alone makes it a breakfast favorite among athletes. The final kick is provided by a spoonful of protein powder, which you simply mix into the porridge. This also makes your porridge even creamier.

Porridge + Protein = Best weight loss combination par excellence. © virtu-studio /

Furthermore, the same applies here: Depending on the variety you can vary the taste of the oatmeal. Add a few fresh fruits, nuts or seeds and you have a protein-rich super meal on the table that will prepare you perfectly for the day or your next workout.

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By the way: This protein mince also works with muesli and milk.

2. use protein powder for the coffee instead of milk

Sounds funny at first, but it works perfectly: To avoid lumps, you should use a mixer. Per cup of coffee you can add about 10 grams of vanilla-flavoured casein protein powder to your coffee.

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Everything off into the blender and within seconds you can enjoy a creamy protein coffee.

3. healthy protein pancakes for breakfast

You prefer to start the day with a sweet breakfast? Then replace Croissants & Co. with our protein pancakes.

Kalorienarme Bananen-Ei-Pancakes Protein pancakes taste even better with fresh fruit. © Elisabeth Coelfen /

Instead of flour, sugar and fat, protein pancakes contain only healthy ingredients such as oat flakes, low-fat curd and protein powder. This also allows you to vary the taste. Chocolate, vanilla or coconut go great, try it out.

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4. refine quark or yoghurt with extra casein

Low-fat curd is a real protein bomb in itself. With a little protein powder, however, you not only increase the protein content even more, but also give the relatively tasteless quark a little more pep.

Yoghurt can also take a protein kick like this, which is why the protein powder trick works wonderfully here too. It goes well with fresh fruit, as well as a few nuts and seeds.

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5. enrich soups with protein powder

Even hearty meals can be given a few extra proteins with the help of protein powder. Soups made from vegetables such as carrot, broccoli, sweet potato or pumpkin are not only healthy, but also really delicious. The only catch is that they usually don’t keep you full for very long.

Kürbis-Kartoffel-Suppe A little protein powder in the soup makes it nice and creamy. © Anna_Pustynnikova /

With a stirred spoonful of protein powder it looks quite different. The best way to do this is to use tasteless protein powder, which you mix into the soup with a blender or hand blender. Doesn’t have a noticeable taste, but works wonders.

6. prepare high protein dips

The eternal dilemma: You want to lose weight and at the movie night, at the cinema or at the girls’ evening there is no snack you can nibble away with a clear conscience. That’s over now. Now and then you are allowed to sin. So that this sin is not too great, simply enhance your favourite dips for nachos & co. with a little protein powder.

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With a spoonful of protein powder (tasteless) guacamole, hummus or salsa become a protein-rich slimming snack.

You see: Losing weight with protein powder also works without shakes. If you don’t want to sip protein drinks all the time, you can add an extra portion of protein to meals with our everyday hacks. This way you stay full longer and reach your desired weight even faster.