The 5 best shorts for the summer

This time we’s short and sweet: Which shorts are trendy now and how they can be combined in style

For many women, shorts have a rather difficult position. They are considered comfortable and functional, but not exactly très chic. If you want to dress nicely, you’d better choose an airy little dress or a skirt.

Sure, these are safe handles – but always just dresses and skirts are boring at some point, aren’t they? These 5 unbeatably cool trend shorts prove that shorts can look at least as stylish:

1. jeans shorts are the most popular shorts for women

If you don’t already have a pair of denim shorts, it’s best to grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut the legs of old trousers. Done! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be accurate. There’s no need to re-stitch – frayed ends, like on these Levis shorts, are part of it and make the look perfect.

Tip: If the legs become slightly shorter on the outside than on the inside, i.e. are cut off at a slight angle, this conjures up visually longer legs. Sounds good, right?

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2 . White is really hot in summer

As a stain magnet, white shorts may seem quite impractical at first. The fact that the light-coloured fabric is worth doing without tomato sauce and the like is proven when the temperatures break through the 30-degree mark. Because while dark fabrics heat up in the sun, light fabrics keep cool longer.

Tip: The cool-down effect is particularly intense with breathable, lightweight linen shorts. How to combine? For example like influencer Brittany Xavier above: with a light blazer and a dark blouse. Such black and white looks always look classy.

3. elegant short trousers with ruffles

Getting really dressed up doesn’t only work with dresses, but also with shorts. And with those that are decorated with flounces on the waistband or hem and on the side pockets. The embellishments give shorts a feminine, elegant twist.

When it comes to styling: The pants are the eye-catcher and should remain so. The combination with a coarse-meshed cardigan or knit sweater looks casual. Unagitated sandals and a plain blouse are a good choice for formal occasions or the office.

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4. sporty cycling shorts for fashionistas

Skin-tight cycling shorts used to have the same bad image as fanny packs and trekking sandals: pure trash. As I said, so far. Because all these things are just trendy. No kidding. I wonder if the reason for the cycling shorts is the ongoing spinning hype. Be that as it may: If you want to wear cycling shorts in everyday life, you need a little fashion sense and combination skills. A rather plain pair of trousers without padding is available from Odlo, for example: Bottom Short.

Our styling suggestion: As a break in style with a loose-fitting sweater and striking sandals, the skin-tight shorts look mega cool and not as if you just came from a soul cycle course.

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5. high waist-hotpants with flower print

Trends come, trends go. And some stay for years. Flower patterns are definitely one of these perennial favourites. This summer it blooms especially often on highwaist shorts. It looks particularly cool when a colour from the pattern is repeated in the top.

Also extremely stylish: two-piece set – consisting of shorts and blazer – in a matching flower pattern. Plus a plain bag, discreet sandals and the trendy look is perfect.

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In the end you are spoilt for choice: Which of these 5 shorts are your favourite? Elegant flower shorts or cool denim hot pants? You’ll look stylish in all of them!