The 4 coolest party make-ups from natural cosmetics

How now? Natural cosmetics for party makeup? Yes, that’s possible. Okay, Bio-Beauty may have a somewhat dusty image – according to the motto: only nude tones, no trend colours and certainly no glitter.

This is complete nonsense! Because by now it has long been banging colourfully and shrilly on the Bio-Beauty shelf too. There are really intense colours and much, much shimmer.

What are the advantages of party natural cosmetics?

Everything feels just as beautiful as normal make-up, lasts a whole party night – but puts much less strain on the skin. No one has to resort to conventional chemical cosmetics anymore. Especially the glitter in typical products, which should not be missing at any party, is often really harmful to the environment – but more about that later!

Here are first 4 enchanting party make-ups with step-by-step instructions on how to apply make-up with natural cosmetics

1. radiant skin makes every party make-up shine

The perfect basis for any evening make-up is a subtly shimmering complexion. If you like, mix a drop of liquid highlighter with the foundation. Then the skin will look just great on any party photo, I promise! Then you can set specific highlights.

There you go: Glitter is fun and seduces to take too much. Therefore, the following is clearly true here: Better start small and build up as needed, than apply too much directly. Because you can achieve great effects even with small highlights. To do this, take up some cream highlighter with your index finger and spread it over the cheekbones.

Afterwards drive with the glitter rest on the finger once over the bridge of the nose. Would you like a little more? Pick up some highlighter with your index finger and dab it into the corners of your eyes, under your eyebrows and onto the heart of your lips to add some small highlights.

Why is Natural Cosmetics Highlighter the better choice?

If you want to make up a glittering party make-up, it is especially important to pay attention to natural cosmetics. This contains shimmering particles of natural minerals such as MICA or pearl luster.

The sewage treatment plants do not manage to filter out the tiny plastic glitter granules from conventional cosmetics from the wastewater. They therefore end up in the water and cause massive damage to the environment.

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2. with glitter eye shadow you attract all eyes

When going out, the eyelids in particular can really sparkle – and in all imaginable metallic shades. It looks especially cool if you consciously choose eye shadow in contrast to your outfit. So wear golden eye shadow with your silver party dress. Match it with nude lips, a touch of golden highlighter and little jewellery – the eyelids sparkle enough already.

There you go: For the look in the photo, apply lilac shimmering eye shadow up to the crease of the eyelid. Works best with your finger or a soft eye shadow brush. Tip: Dampen the brush hairs slightly beforehand, then the colour becomes even more opaque! Then apply a thick layer of mascara to the lashes, that’s it!

Why should I use organic glitter?

Just like the highlighter: because of the environmental impact. Shimmering eyeshadow contains even more small glitter particles, which are certainly biodegradable in the eco-version.

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3. red lipstick makes even the simplest make-up suitable for parties

You don’t feel like dressing up for the party forever? Then why don’t you put on some deep red lipstick? With no other make-up product can you look party-ready so quickly and so easily.

There you go: With strong tones you should always border the lips first with a contour pencil that matches the colour of the lipstick. Otherwise, the colour quickly runs out through the fine lip wrinkles and the kissing mouth looks frayed and badly made up. Then apply the lipstick from the middle of the upper and lower lip outwards.

Why should I use natural lipstick?

Pay attention to how often you have to reapply the lipstick during the evening, because you lick your lips or put a drink to your mouth and the color is carried down your throat. Is it healthy to swallow cheap mineral oil, parabens and perfumes all the time? I don’t think so.

Fortunately, such ingredients are not needed at all in a good lipstick. So: shop for a natural lipstick based on vegetable oils and fats. You can use especially pure natural cosmetic products with shea butter, castor oil or beeswax without hesitation.

Dry lips? That helps!

4. filigree metallic patterns make the nails a piece of jewellery

Make-up’s on. All that’s missing is the right manicure. Then simply paint fine lines on the nails with shimmering varnish. This is an unobtrusive eye-catcher that looks great even in everyday life after the party.

Extra style points are awarded’s if you match the paint to the colour of rings and bracelets. So silver to silver, gold to gold, rose gold to rose gold. This makes the manicure look like part of your accessories and therefore particularly classy.

There you go: Don’t worry, this little work of art looks much more complicated than it actually is. First, prime the nails with a transparent base coat. Leave to dry well.

Then stick two strips of tape lengthwise onto the nails, leaving a gap of about one to two millimetres between them. Coat them with glitter lacquer and remove the adhesive strips as soon as possible so that they do not dry out. Allow to dry, seal with overpaint, and that’s it!

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Is there actually organic nail polish?

I’m sure you know there’s a lot of chemistry in nail polish. You can smell it as soon as you open the lid. The answer to the question is nevertheless: Completely natural nail polishes are unfortunately not (yet) available.

But meanwhile more and more brands are ridding their products of the most toxic substances. These so-called “non-toxic coatings” are known as 3-free, 5-free, 7-free or 10-free. What does this mean?

  • 3-free = without formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalates
  • 5-free = like 3-free but also without formaldehyde resin and camphor
  • 7-free = like 5-free but additionally without animal components and animal testing
  • 10-Free = like 7 free, but additionally without parabens, fragrances and xylenes

With make-up, it is often said that “less is more”. But if you want to celebrate, you can put on thicker! Bright colours are desired, everything should sparkle. Don’t be shy! Our party trends can also be combined very well!

So, did we inspire you? With these products you can start right away and redo the dazzling party make-ups: