The 10 most beautiful lunch boxes for the desk

Everyone loves Meal Prep. And it’s even more fun with fancy lunch boxes to carry the treats to the desk. Envious looks from colleagues are pre-programmed here – because by now lunch boxes are anything but dull and uncool, but stand for a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s urgently time to get a new one!

1. biodegradable, plastic free, BPA -free – this bentobox is good for food and conscience

Avoid Waste Lunchbox Wheat straw lunch box from Avoid Waste. © manufacturer

A reviewer at puts it in a nutshell: “With many of the products of others I have had the problem so far that a positive expression of one of the three characteristics (quality, practicality and sustainability) was at the expense of another: Either the lunch boxes were of high quality and well cut, i.e. practical, but made of conventional plastic. Or the products were well cut and sustainable but disintegrated in the dishwasher after the first few passes.

Or the boxes were of high quality and made of sustainable raw materials, but cut so stupidly that not even a loaf of bread could fit in them. The present box is convincing in that it combines all three characteristics. Hence, clear recommendation to buy!”

What fits? 900 ml in two separate compartments
Order where? Avoid Waste Bentobox at

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Two. You want to cut ingredients fresh at your desk? Then this bread box with boards is ideal

Lunchbox Neuetischkultur Lunch box of neo-ethical culture. © manufacturer

Sometimes fruit, vegetables, cheese, sausage or bread should only be cut on the spot. Then it is practical to have a board right there. This lunch box from Neuetischkultur is a clever idea, because here the cutting board is also the lid. With an elastic band the whole thing holds securely, but is clearly more suitable for the sandwich than for a curry.

What fits? 19 cm x 12,5 cm x 6 cm
Order where? lunch box NKT at (6.99 €)

Three. You make eye food? Then put it in this designer lunch box!

Prepd Lunchbox Prepd Box from Prepd. © manufacturer

Prepd is the name of the Kickstarter project, which received one million dollars from its supporters three years ago. So the prepd principle must be quite in tune with the spirit of the times. Anyone who orders for 69 dollars gets a box made of bamboo – functional, slim and yet classy. So to speak the iPhone among lunch boxes. Inside are one large and two small food containers and cutlery that holds in the box with magnets.

What fits? 300 ml in 3 separate boxes
Order where? (from 69 USD )

4th canteen 51° north fetches with Stainless steel boxes On the way eater into the plastic free boat

Kantine 51 Nord Lunchbox Stainless steel lunch box from canteen 51° North. © Manufacturer

The world has a plastics problem. Against this background, the German manufacturer Kantine 51° Nord is taking a step in the right direction and relies on stainless steel for its entire product range. This is not only very environmentally friendly, but also really practical. Especially if you tend to forget your food in the can for a few weeks. Stainless steel doesn’t bond with the food at all – leftovers can always be removed without leaving any residue.

What fits? 1400 ml (one variable partition)
Order where? Lunchbox Classic Pro at

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5. okay, actually these tins are in owl shape for kids… But they are just sooo cute!

YukioHomeFun Lunchbox Owl lunch boxes from Yukio HomeFun. © manufacturer

The cute owl lunch boxes are dishwasher and microwave safe and have two separate compartments. In the evaluations, the deep cut of the tins was particularly emphasized, so that there is always enough room for bread and fruit.

What fits? 17 x 14.7 x 7.5 cm

Order where? Yukio HomeFun lunch box at

6. Avocado and watermelon are “in”? Anyway, we have a heart for this Bento box with pineapple print

Natumo Lunchbox Lunchbox from Natumo. © manufacturer

Another special feature of this box, which comes in a two-pack with a smaller version, is that it is made of bamboo. Anyone who now thinks with horror of the little boards that fade and warp in the dishwasher is wrong. The boxes are explicitly dishwasher-safe. “At first I found the textile strap fastener to be quite unusual,” says a reviewer at, describing the closure system with a strap. “But in the meantime I find it very practical.”

What fits? 18.8 x 12.6 x 6 cm
Order where? Natumo Premium Lunchbox, set of 2 at

7. these cereal bowls-to-go finally put an end to your soggy cereal porridge

Lunchbox Mepal Granola cup-to-go from Mepal. © manufacturer

Especially when things have to be done quickly, muesli with yoghurt or porridge is a great alternative for the office: quickly prepared, varied and filling. It’s only silly if the delicious crunchy muesli becomes mushy in the course of the morning or the juice from the fruit soaks through the porridge. The solution is a lunch pot with a separate compartment in the lid.

An Amazon reviewer writes about this set from the popular manufacturer Mepal: “I have been using the cups almost daily for several weeks now. They are absolutely tight and robust. The size is enough for a good portion of muesli – highly recommended.”

What fits? 200 ml in the lid, 500 ml in the cup
Order where? Mepal Lunchpot, set of 2, at

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8. the adventure calls you every lunch break? This lunch box is the right thing for everyone with wanderlust!

Maloja Lunchbox Stainless steel tin from Maloja. © Manufacturer

The summit motif on this stainless steel tin will make you dream. And when you open the wonderful oldschool closing mechanism, you can almost feel the mountain wind in your hair. Okay, maybe that’s a bit thick, but in any case this lunch box is a nice and simple alternative to the trendy and colourful Bento boxes.

What fits? 18 x 12 x 5 cm
Order where? Maloja PlatzeranM . Lunch box at (34,95 €)

9. Oishīdesu! (“Delicious” in Japanese) CasaBento supplies traditional Japanese bentoboxes

CasaBento Lunchbox Japanese bentobox from CasaBento. © Manufacturer

The trend “Bento” which is appreciated by many Meal preppers actually comes from Japan and has a rather long tradition there. Since the 5th century, food has been served there in boxes with partitions. This principle of course fits perfectly to today’s Meal-Preppers, who also want to transport many different dishes together without mixing them. If you want to be particularly authentic with the bentobox, you can order a hand-painted box with a traditional Japanese motif.

What fits? 500 ml in two levels stacked on top of each other

Order where? Hanagasumi bentobox at (12,50 €)

10. if you like it rustic and close to nature, take this wooden lunch box

FakeFace Lunchbox Wooden box from FakeFace. © manufacturer

Guaranteed softener-free and more environmentally friendly than any plastic lunch box, this box is made of ash wood. Another not to be sneezed at advantage: While Edelstal likes to rattle and squeak during transport and eating, this wooden box is whisper quiet and simply gives you a good feeling while eating!

What fits? 500 – 800 ml
Order where? Lunchbox from FakeFace at

A nice lunch box motivates for a healthy lunch! No matter if wood, bamboo, stainless steel or environmentally friendly plastic – an own lunch box is in any case more sustainable than using disposable packaging. The more beautiful the box, the more fun the (pre-)cooking is.