That’s what the costume of your Halloween flirtation says about him

Halloween fancy dress parties are becoming more and more popular in Germany as well. And of course the flirt factor is high. Hidden behind a mask, people are getting braver, also and especially when it comes to flirting with strangers.

The only problem is that you often can’t see what kind of guy is waiting for you behind the disguise – and in the loud party bustle you can’t even ask the usual flirt-check questions. It seems quite funny when you yell at Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to ask a zombie what he does for a living.

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But hey: No problem! We’ll tell you what you can expect for characters behind the classic Halloween costumes. Anyway, most likely.


That’s a piece of cake. He’s stinking lazy. In other words, he’s lazy a lot, always wearing the same clothes and watching “Walking Dead” and the spin-offs that go with it. But he is also a real survivor with taker qualities. If you’re up for Netflixes over pizza and beer, he can do that.

The way you address him when you like him: “Hey, lazybones, wanna share some apocalypses?”



Romantic and evil seducer or greedy bloodsucker? Either one. Whoever chooses this costume is aware of the erotic component. And they don’t let go that easily. If you get involved with him once, you’ll be stuck with him all evening. Careful: The conclusion is obvious, that would be a guy with a bite at least. But often there is a split personality behind this costume, who on the one hand loves the big entrance, but on the other hand also likes to cry. Toothache or something.

And the question is whether he’s still there the next morning. Guys like him shy away from daylight.

The way you address him when you like him: “Hello, Count Zahn. How about a Bloody Mary with me?”


The Frankenstein Monster

He looks a little stupid and has a much too big head with screws in it. First the absolute increase of unsexy. But if you know your way around and look deeper, you know that this terrible giant has his heart in the right place. He’s a good-natured guy, a monster-like dancer, but who becomes an animal when he sees injustice. Not the worst companion for the way home on a dark Halloween night.

The way you address him when you like him: “Frankie baby! You’re so green, you feel sick? Wanna go out for some fresh air?”


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A modest person who not only gives the shirt off his back, but who makes himself shiny to the bone. But he is also vain: he knows that the black skeleton garment makes a slender foot. He knows that (bone) rattling is part of the trade, because flirting is a bone job. It seems as if such a man has no secrets, after all, he lets you see right into his ribcage. But that’s not true.

The way you address him when you like him: “Hey, Klappertelze, you know bones. But what about snogging?”



Sure, he looks sexy with his mask, cape and breastplate. But the name says it all: he’s the “want to be in your bed man”! But maybe that’s what you want too. Then let him save you from the dance floor. But slap him on the wrist if he wants to bring Robin, too.

The way you address him when you like him: “Hello, Mr. Wayne. I know it’s you. So take off that ridiculous mask.”



Outwardly close to the zombie, but much more aware of history and traveled further. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s an old treasure. He knows many stories and is also very knowledgeable about skin care and balming beauty products. Unfortunately, he smells a bit strong, but you’ll get used to that quickly. Just don’t talk to him about his age – that is his weak point!

The way you address him when you like him: “Okay, buzz kill. Give me the end of your bandage, and I’ll wrap you around my little finger!”


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Horror Clown

He’s not funny. Anyone dressed up like that is trying to scare you. He plays like his idol, Pennywise the Clown from “ES “, with the ambivalent feelings a clown causes in people. He is always unpredictable and always prefers the effect to the true feeling. In short: The guy is horror. But he also has something of Heath Ledger as a wild card – and he was somehow quite horny.

The way you address him when you like him: “Well, bubble nose. Are you gonna make me laugh or do I have to give you an F for “missed”?


Now you are ready for any flirt at the Halloween party. If you are not quite sure about a man, ask him to take off the mask. Everyone should do that in love anyway. Enjoy the party!